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The wedding will be next promise but it needed it's own chapter. This chapter however pulls at your heartstrings especially if your a girl and ever had a special dress before . . . it's a girl thin...

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Kate awoke to knocking on the front door. She lazily opened her eyes and groaned at the sunlight that was pouring in from the window. It was then she noticed that she wasn't in her room, or even her apartment for that matter. How the hell did she get into Patrick's apartment without Patrick she questioned herself as the person at the door grew more impatient, it was evident in the more persistent knocks. Kate shuffled to the door, she glanced down at her attire, which was her wingless costume from last night and caught a glimpse of her face in the mirror.
"Good God." She whispered to herself as she glanced at the reflection. Her face was covered in smeared glitter and eyeliner and her hair was sticking up in every which way.
"Kate My God!" The person on the other side of the door yelled obviously annoyed. Kate unlocked and threw the door open revealing a very grumpy ghost buster. His little jumper thingy was unbuttoned, the shirt portion hanging down by his waist, revealing a plain white T-shirt underneath, and his hat was lopsided.
"Patience is a virtue." Kate sang and Patrick grumbled something incoherent as he walked into the kitchen and switched on the coffee maker. Kate followed him,
"You drank last night, that's weird." She commented.
"Yeah well." He replied leaning on the counter his back facing her, he let his voice trail off.
"How come?" She questioned ignoring the fact that he was trying to avoid the subject.
"It seemed like a good idea at the time." Patrick replied getting a mug from the cabinet and pouring himself a cup of coffee.
"Yeah alright." Kate replied sarcastically while tying her hair up.
"Look I don't have to explain anything to you." He spat at her. She let out a sarcastic laugh and nodded.
"No, no you don't. You're right, my bad." She replied and walked out of the kitchen. Patrick closed his eyes and shook his head. He couldn't handle what was going on in his life right now, with him and Kate, the whole situation with Pete getting married, it was as if he was living in an alternate universe.
"Kate." He called after her but received no reply.
"Kate I'm sorry." Patrick called again now in the hallway. Kate emerged from the bedroom clutching her purse and with her shoes on.
"Whatever Patrick, you need to deal with whatever it is before the wedding 'cause I'll be damned if I let you ruin Sara and Pete's day."
Patrick just nodded in response.
"What is your deal anyway?" Kate crossed her arms in front of her chest awaiting an answer.
"I'm just stressed, I mean we're trying to put together this new album and it just has me on edge." He lied, she could tell.
"You we're never any good at lying to me." Was her only reply as she walked out the door. She hailed a cab and gave the cab driver directions to her parent's house. Once there Kate gave the cab driver his fare and walked up the steps into her house. Once inside she was bombarded with Sara bawling her eyes out in the family room. She glanced around at the other bridesmaids that surrounded her, they all had the same worried face. Kate ran over to Sara and hugged her tightly.
"Baby what's wrong?" She questioned making Sara look into her eyes.
"My" insert sob "Dress" insert another sob "is ruined." Sara broke down once more and Kate looked around for her mother.
"Mommy what's wrong?"
Mrs. Wentz sighed and pointed to the back of the dress, Pete's dog had ripped it into shreds. Kate inhaled sharply and covered her mouth. She thought for a second and then ran over to Sara.
"Sara it's ok, I can fix this alright, you just need to stop crying for me, please."
Sara looked at Kate,
"Kate you cannot fix this, this is unfixable!" she screamed and grabbed at the wedding dress she was wearing. Kate put up a finger signaling for her best friend to hold on a second and rushed up the stairs.
"She's telling me to hold on. Fantastic." Sara screamed sarcastically at the people surrounding her. Kate emerged from the staircase holding a beautiful strapless princess cut wedding dress. Sara shook her head violently,
"No Kate! Kate that's yours!"
Kate sighed and then smiled,
"Sara what do I need a wedding dress for? I got this back when, well you know." She tried holding back tears and smiled.
"Your getting married in like five hours, and we shouldn't let such a pretty dress go to waste. I want you to wear it." Kate handed the dress to Sara.
"Kate are you sure?" Sara squeaked out.
"Positive. Just put it on already." Kate laughed and wiped a single tear off her cheek.
"Alright everybody, spectacle's over, so shoo and go get ready." Mrs. Wentz cut in. Kate just mouthed a 'thanks' to her mother as she was tying up Sara in the dress. Her mother nodded and walked back into the kitchen to feed the baby.
"See." Kate motioned to a mirror and Sara glanced up,
"You're gorgeous. I told you I would fix it." She laughed and the two hugged before Kate ran back up the stairs finally letting the tears fall as she got ready herself.
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