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We are not the same

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what more can I say?

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2005-08-11 - Updated: 2005-08-11 - 138 words - Complete

All of my life its always been the same
People like you playing you're game
Giving me an insulting name
All because we are not the same.
You have many friends and I have none
My weapons a sword and yours is a gun.
You take what you want I take what I need
You don't like pain but I like to bleed.
I stay behind alone while you lead
You watch TV but I like to read.
Although I have honor you have none
I stay in the darkness while you play in the sun.
I sit alone while you talk with you're friends
When I come over the conversation ends.
You get rich while I stay poor
I get less as you take more.
And for one reason or another
We will always hate each other.
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