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Paige reflects on her newborn newphew, Wyatt.

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Disclaimers: I do not own the characters in this story. They belong to Constance M. Burge, Aaron Spelling and whoever else owns a right to Charmed. This is for fun, non profit fun.

Author's note: First ever Charmed fic. I am a Charmed newbie, who has been watching the re runs on TNT. I currently own Season 1, so please be gentle when reviewing the story. Piper and Paige are my favorites, but I sympathize with Paige more. So, I decided to write a short story with her in it.

Lucky by: Jess

Wyatt was the lucky one. He got the family that I had never been lucky enough to know. I love my adoptive family, the Matthews. I love them so much, but there are times when I wish I had known the Halliwells growing up. Though, I wouldn't trade what I had with my mom and dad for the world.

Yet, watching Wyatt I realize how much I had missed out on.

I missed out on having three wonderful sisters, who could sometimes drive me crazy. I missed out on knowing Prue. I missed out on all the girl talks, fights, secrets, going to the mall together.

When Piper and Leo had been looking at the family tree for inspiration for baby names, I was sure that I would be on there. I was looking forward to seeing my name on the list.

Big not.

After all, I'm the secret baby. The one that shouldn't have been. A secret birth, which nobody got to celebrate with joy and love. Instead it was in shadows and pain, and giving up.

I might sound jealous. But really, honestly I'm not. I'm happy for Wyatt, glad that his exsistance is better than mine. Better than all of ours. He is really special.

He'll never have to deal with the things I've had, or the things I have felt.

Wyatt is truly the lucky one.

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