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Piper just wants some alone time with Leo. Leo has a surprise for her.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story. They are owned by Constant M. Burge, Aaron Spelling and whoever else owns a hand in Charmed. This is just for fun and non-profit. I mean, like who would pay a fan fic writer?

Author's Note: Second Charmed story. Please be gentle in reviews. I figured I would write a fluffy one, because my favorite Charmed couple deserve it.

Paring: Piper/Leo fluff.

Candles by: Jess

"What were you saying about some...alone time?" Leo Wyatt asked his wife Piper Halliwell, wrapping his arms around her as she passed by.

Piper turned, made a pleased noise and smiled. "Oh? You mean earlier with the whole you, me, a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream?"

Leo grinned and kissed her cheek. "Glad to see you haven't lost your memory."

"Me, too." Piper agreed. "Why don't you go upstairs and wait on me...and I'll be right back." She promised.

"Sounds good to me." Leo kissed her again, and headed for the stairs. Piper smiled at her husband's retreating back and hurried into the kitchen.

"If you had used the right vanquishing potion, that demon wouldn't have got away." Paige Matthews, her half sister insisted in a grouchy voice directed at her full sister, Phoebe.

"Hooow many times do I have to say sorry?" Phoebe replied in an exasperated voice. "So I grabbed the wrong bottle. You had like, a million on the table. Happens all the time." At Paige's pained face, Phoebe looked sheepish. "Ok, so not all the time." She relented.

Piper tried sneaking in, hoping that the Power of Three wasn't going to be needed. She and Leo desperately needed alone time...which they hardly ever got. Piper crept toward the refrigerator, unbelieving that they hadn't spotted her. Just as her hand was wrapped around the handle, Paige spotted her. "Piper!"

Piper winced. "She's not in right now." She replied, opening the door and digging around for the strawberries and whipped cream she had used last night for a cake. She had promised to save some for Leo. "Please leave a message at the beep." Spotting what she needed, Piper grabbed the bowls.

Paige narrowed her eyes at her older sister. "Ha, ha." She said. "That's funny, really. Don't you even care that we didn't vanquish a demon?"

"Demons come in here all the time." Piper wagged a hand. "I'm sure you two can handle it?" She shot a desperate glance at Phoebe.

Phoebe quickly understood. "Of course we can handle it." She said. "Paige is just upset because I grabbed the wrong potion. If she would label them like a normal person, I wouldn't have used the wrong one."

Paige glared at Phoebe. "Hey. They were all organized by levels of power." Paige grouched. "I knew exactly what potion was what."

"Thanks for letting me in on that." Phoebe returned with a long drawl, hands on her hips. She smoothed out her pink skirt. "And Piper is right, Paige. You and I can make sure that the house stays demon free." She nodded towards the upstairs, and Paige got it.

"Oh." Paige said in a sudden change of voice. "No biggie. I saved her with this." Paige held up the correct vanquishing potion. "Packs a punch." She looked proud of herself.

"Well...if you're sure." Piper began, hoping that they wouldn't need her. She desperately wanted some alone time with Leo.

"Go, go, go." Paige wagged a hand at her. "Really, it's fine!"

Piper reluctantly headed back upstairs. "See? I told you I'd be right back." She said, walking into the bedroom. Piper paused. Why was it so dark in here? She wondered, stepping in.

"I thought I'd do something...a little special." Leo said, stepping out of the darkness.

Piper walked into the bedroom, seeing all the candles that he had set up and lit. Different aromas drifted to her, igniting her senses. She smiled softly at Leo, loving it when he tried to be romantic. "I like this." She said in a soft voice, walking over to her husband.

Leo wrapped his arms around Piper and stared down at her, his own eyes soft. He let his thumb brush over her cheek, and kissed her. It was a soft kiss, one that then grew bolder, deeper. "Like I said." Leo replied in a husky voice, full of want of her, "I wanted to do something special for you."

It made Piper smile. "I can live with that." She told him, now her turn to touch. She let a hand trail down his face, the familiar face that she had touched and stroked many nights before this. "I really like this." Piper said with a giggle.

"Oh?" Leo asked. He knelt, nibbling on her collar bone. "Which do you like or the candles?"

Piper sniffed the air, her eyes twinkling with mischief. "I don't know, you both smell good." She teased. She let her hands snake up around Leo's neck, letting them trail in his soft hair. Leo scooped Piper's small form up in his arms, and carried her to the bed, laying her down. "I don't know." Piper said as he kissed her. "How about both?"

"I can live with that." Leo returned.

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