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Fuel For The Man Crush Flame

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He thought he looked cute (not that he'd ever tell him that, more fule for the man crush flame). Gerard racked through his memories trying to remember if anything have ever been noted about Frank d...

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Title: Fuel For The Man Crush Flame
Author: kelly joyce [obvsly].
Summary: He thought he looked cute (not that he'd ever tell him that, more fule for the man crush flame). Gerard racked through his memories trying to remember if anything have ever been noted about Frank drooling. But really, he was just enjoying the company.
Chapter Rating: family.
Pairing(s): none.
Characters: gerard and frank.
Warnings: basically it's fluff. oh and ONGZZ crotch grazing!
Disclaimer: not real. didn't happen. burrito.
Author's notes: umm. this is the first bit of fanfiction i've completed in like just under a year, so, you know, i'm kinda rusty and it might be kinda shit. idk. wow i'm cool. i'm tired, leave me alone ;]]. just read, mkay? please review.

Outside his bunk, Gerard heard a knock. A moment later his screen of privacy, his curtain, was opened a crack to reveal an oddly radiant Frank, despite the hour of the morning. He smiled coyly as he shyly climbed into the older mans bunk pulling the thin material shut behind him. He didn't even bother to ask if he could impose himself; usually as long as he didn't have any shoes on (which he didn't), he was pretty much permitted to enter. Though really, there shouldn't even be the slight possibility that he not be able to; Gerard should just be touched that someone wanted to be around him when he hadn't showered in days.

After several seconds of the puppy-dog look, Gerard rolled his eyes and pulled the blanket he had cloaked himself in up so the little guitarist could snuggle in next to him, which he did, as fast as the laws of physics allowed. There wasn't really a need for words, it was plain that they were both having one of those off days. It was a snug fit, two full grown men sheltering beneath a single sized duvet, but it was comfortable. Gerard made a sad attempt to put a 'manly' amount of space between them, for sanities sake, but failed miserably when his hand accidentally brushed rather high up against the other mans thigh region due to their proximity.

He could feel himself begin to blush profusely at his mistake but attempted to shake it off, something that proved to be almost impossible when he looked at Frank who began to chuckle and started wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Gerard thought he was being stupid, Frank on the other hand thought he was cunning, and positively stealth like. He mumbled his apologies then busied himself again with what he had been doing before he'd been interrupted; his sketching, leaving Frank to do whatever he wanted; leave, sit in silence, sleep; the possibilities were endless.

They stayed like that, for a long time, around three and a half hours give or take, not talking much, just enjoying each others company. That was the great thing about their closeness, as friends, they didn't feel that obligation to need to fill in the silences, which came in handy when you were feeling a little bummed and lonely on tour (like today), not really feeling like socialising with other people, but not really feeling like being by yourself. And that's what they were doing now. Gerard had carried on drawing the whole, fading in and out of awareness, and Frank ... well, he didn't really know exactly what he had done, something about the illusive bursts of awareness and all. Other than the occasional query or chime of criticism he had offered on Gerard's art, he'd been pretty quite and still, which was unusually for him. Poor guy must be tired as hell.

Or at least must have been tired. Gerard looked to his left and suppressed a giggle at the sight he saw. The little man had chosen to sleep, but had fallen into that state rather awkwardly. He'd moved up to take advantage of Gerard's pillow but in the process had moved closer to the wall and was now squashed, Gerard's body keeping him pressed against it. He thought he looked cute (not that he'd ever tell him that, more fuel for the man crush flame); the blanket pulled right up around under his chin, hair askew and mouth hanging slackly open. Gerard racked through his memories trying to remember if anything had ever been noted about Frank drooling.

He yawned and rubbed his eyes. Seeing his friend asleep next to him had suddenly made his eyes droop and hard to keep them open. He tucked his sketch pad and pencils away in the cubby type pocket at the bottom of his bed and flicked off the small lamp he had been using to draw (in reality it was a mini-roof light, but Gerard preferred to call it lamp). Gerard didn't bother to look what time it was as he slunk under his covers next to Frank, he had to get up early the next morning anyway and it'd just depress him to know the little amount of time he got to sleep.

As Gerard drifted off to sleep, even amongst the feelings of strong discomfort due to his bed buddy, he couldn't help but be thankful that Frank had been restless. It was always nice to have someone to be there for you when you were feeling lonesome who understood, even if maybe they did drool on your pillow.
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