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Positive Outlook

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Tenchi receives a unique challenge from his grandfather.

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Positive Outlook


DISCLAIMER: Tenchi Muyo is owned by its creators, not me.


Tenchi walked alongside his grandfather as the two slowly made their way back to the house.

"You see Tenchi my lad, in order to master the art of the blade, one must first master one's emotions. Now I know that with you being so young, you have many emotions churning around in that head of yours. In order for you to accomplish mastery of your emotions, I will set several tasks for you to surmount. Once all are completed, I will teach you true mastery of the sword."

Tenchi sighed. "Very well, Grandfather. I suppose I can at least try to master my emotions. Even though it'll probably take years, it'll be worth it to be half as good as you."

Katsuhito laughed. "I think it will take far less time than you think. After all, you remind me of me at that age."

Tenchi grinned. "Thanks, Grandfather."

The two walked until they reached the steps leading up to their house. Katsuhito stopped short and turned to his grandson.

"Now, Tenchi, I must give you your first task. It will last exactly one hour, not one minute more or less. There is only one thing you must do in order to pass this first trial."

Tenchi steeled himself. "I'm ready Grandfather. I'll do my best."

Katsuhito's eyes glittered. "I know you will. The one thing you must do is this: Whatever you do, you must not show any negative emotion for the next hour. You may show positive emotions if you wish. In addition, wait here for a minute. When I return, the hour will begin. Prepare yourself."

Tenchi nodded grimly and sat cross-legged on the ground, attempting to descend into a relaxed meditative state.

Katsuhito looked proudly at his grandson. > He'll do fine. And if not, it'll still work out! Heh, heh. < He quickly ascended the stairs to the house.

Tenchi sat quietly for a few minutes, building up a cheerful spirit. He gritted his teeth then loosened immediately. > I will do this! < he thought determinedly. > I will succeed! < A grin found its way onto Tenchi's face.

"Oh, Tenchi-love!"

Tenchi's grin wavered but didn't leave. Tenchi cautiously opened his eyes. Ryoko's grinning face leered back at him. "Tenchi!" she sang. "If you frown, I'll take off my clothes!"

Tenchi forced himself to laugh, although it sounded more like a stuttering cough. "No thanks, Ryoko. Although I appreciate the offer! Ah heh heh."

Ryoko slowly started peeling off her skin-tight shirt until her shoulders were completely bare.

"Just one frown, Tenchi-love, and I'm all yours."

Tenchi breathed in hard but kept smiling.

Ryoko moved her face close to Tenchi's. "Just one frown."

Tenchi gulped but managed to laugh weakly. "Oh, Ryoko, what a card you are!"

"Tenchi, I can't believe that you would allow that harlot to sway you so easily!"

Tenchi whirled. "I'm not-" He calmed himself. "Don't worry Miss Ayeka. I'll be fine."

Ryoko leaped onto Ayeka and punched her in the stomach. "Take that, miss prissy wissy!"

Tenchi eyes widened but he laughed. "Ah ha ha, you two never uh stop! Oh boy. Oh boy!"

He closed his eyes and put his fingers in his ears. > As long as I can't see or hear them, I'll be fine. I hope no one else interrupts. And after a few more failed attempts, Ryoko will have you and my debt to her will be cleared. I don't
want to have to think about her at all anymore if I don't have to. After all, heh heh, better you than me.
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