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Hated Toy

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Hated Toy I feel as if I am His hated toy.

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NOTE: This poem is not about me

In church they always say that God is watching over you.
God they say,
Has an all seeing eye
And will always listen to your prayers.
For years on end I believed this,
But now...
I am not so sure as what to believe.

I feel disgusted by myself for my sin,
But most of all I feel abandoned by God.
He is supposed to be all seeing
And all hearing,
But God has never listened to me,
And quite frankly,
I believe that he has never seen me.

I feel as if I have become the toy
You get for your birthday that you hate,
But you have to put on that false smile and
Say that you love it.
Not two minutes after you have received this toy,
It goes to the bottom of the toy box to never be seen again,
And the toy,
Through time,
Collects dust,
The seams become ripped,
Its once bright paint becomes faded.

This is how I feel about my connection with God;
I am the hated toy.
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