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Chain of Memories: A Poem

by horsie890 4 reviews

Only for those who don't like the card system of CoM. Again, no offense is intended, except toward Sora.

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor, Parody - Characters: Axel, Larxene, Lexaeus, Marluxia, Namine, Riku, Sora, Vexen, Xemnas, Zexion - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-01-02 - Updated: 2007-01-03 - 449 words - Complete

Now KH1 is over
And Sora's moving on
He's reached a really scary place
Castle Oblivion
A random creepy guy appears
And starts to talk to him
"We have something you really want
And you are really dim."

Sora and his friends arrive
At this guy's front door
It locks up right behind them
Don't look now, there's more;
First he meets Marluxia
And forgets how to fight
So he gets a deck of useless cards
And never gets it right

Axel comes and fights him
Just to get a laugh
He really could have won because
Sora is so daft
Sora beat him easily
And went on his merry way
He got a bunch of cards
That I will destroy one day

While he's sorting through his memories
That Naminé has made
Riku's woken up
And has refused Ansem's aid
He goes through basement floors
And gets an evil twin
He meets King Mickey, who throws Ansem
In the garbage bin

Sora fights like Yu-Gi-Oh
With those retarded cards
Because he can't remember
How he fought in Kingdom Hearts
His mind has turned to pumpkin mash
Because of Naminé
She's rewriting his memories
Day after boring day

So far several members
Of the 13th Order
Have kicked the bucket just because
It was their time to go
Axel murdered Vexen
Whose experiment killed Zexion
It is a never-ending chain
Of death and destruction

After all of this is over
Sora goes to Twilight Town
He doesn't quite remember it
And he starts feeling down
Turns out he's never been there
But his friend Roxas has
He would never figure that out
Because he's such a spaz

The 13th Order's down to half
Of what it used to be
This fact brings a great sadness
To gamers just like me
A few of them weren't evil
Just a bit misunderstood
However I would never say
That one of them was good

We've lost Vexen and Lexaeus
Larxene and Zexion
Marluxia's next on the block
Who knows where Axel's gone?
Sora has no memories
That are actually his
Because Naminé's been hard at work
Turning his mind into fizz

Flowerboy is gone now
So I've become content
But this is hardly what I'd call
The finish of my vent
Though this game has been better
Than the first one of its kind
It still has wreaked some havoc
On the fabric of my mind

Nevertheless it's pretty good
As far as KH goes
I've definitely seen better ones
But also had more woes
I've played it more than just one time
So don't be quick to judge
Don't think that I just hate it
Though my opinion won't budge
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