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Yet another Zexion oneshot. No pairings.

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I like the rain. Rain, clouds, darkness-

They're all the same. They all hide the pain of my past, allowing me to live peacefully with no regrets or sorrows. I don't remember much of anything anymore. Trying to remember things is like trying to look through closed blinds on a cloudy day to see the sun. Occasionally, small bits of sunlight pass through the haze, but the clouds always move, covering it up with darkness. If the clouds were ever to blow away completely, I would remember everything. But...

What if I don't want to? I fear there is something in my past that my 'heart'-for lack of a better word- doesn't want to remember.

I have no heart. I did once. The darkness took it, stole it from me, robbing me of my emotions and transforming me into a Nobody with only a few scattered memories. It's almost ironic how things work: the Heartless are called Heartless when in fact they hold hearts within themselves. Nobodies are the bodies left behind after a heart is taken by darkness. When I became a Nobody, I got a stronger sense of smell, but it doesn't help me much. However, upon joining the Organization, I started...seeing things.

Small, glittery, white shapes. They float around on an invisible breeze, careless as water or wind. They cast no glow nor shadow, for they are neither light nor dark. I don't know what they are. Black light? White shadows? They whisper without words, and I'm no closer to understanding them than when they first appeared. All I know is that they can only exist in complete darkness.

The sun is beginning to rise. Glowing golden rays snake past the blinds on my window and gleam on the pale walls. The lines of light come and go, fading in and out, telling me that clouds linger in the sky. I open the window and a soft breeze blows through, carrying with it the scent of ocean salt. I can see a large, heavy cloud in the sky, blocking out most of the sun's rays.

It will rain today. I don't have to think about anything. Not my past, dark memories, white shadows, Nobodies, Heartless, the Organization-

Nothing. Just...rain.
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