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Kamui! O Kamui!

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"For wherever there is darkness, you are sure that there is light." A poem dedicated to Kamui Shirou of the X Movie. Spoils the movie's ending.

Category: X - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2007-01-03 - Updated: 2007-01-03 - 237 words - Complete

Is that Kamui?;
or is it Fuuma?;
or Seishirou;
or Subaru;
or Natiki?
No! It is Kamui.
Black hair ruffled,
blue eyes piercing,
clothes clean and neat.
Kamui! O Kamui!
You who holds the key
to mankind's destiny;
the angel of salvation or
demon of destruction?
No! You choose salvation,
Kamui, and you chose life
over the blackness of death;
the Dragon of Earth, savior of humanity.
Kamui! O Kamui!
Do you forgive Fuuma?;
Fuuma, who killed for power;
Fuuma, who slayed his own comrades;
Fuuma, whom you trusted so long ago -
with your life, your soul, your own Kotori?
But Kotori! O Kotori! Alas, she is gone!
Slain by her own dear brother,
Our Fuuma has gone wrong.
I ask you again, dear Kamui -
Do you forgive Fuuma?
No! It was you, Kamui,
who struck the final blow
leaving him quite breathless
in the tower of Tokyo.
With eyes drawn back,
and head severed clean,
he shalt not betray anymore.
Kamui! O Kamui!
You leave the Tokyo ruins
to start possibly anew?
Well, you cannot stay behind;
This damage you cannot undo.
Your country is in ruins,
indeed a broken world.
Will you stay and start again?
No! Your spirit is truly that of salvation
but you leave your home behind.
For wherever there is darkness,
you are sure that there is light.
And wherever there is a Fuuma,
there is a Kamui to find.
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