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Yejide and Garron

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ok no one seems to be reading this but i'll tyep it for fun! and because i have nothing better to do. anyway this is a character profile of yejide Caritas

Yejide Caritas
meaning: image of her mother
eye colour: pure blue
hair colour: shapphire blue naturally emerald green
weapon of choice: sun staff (though she dosn't like to fight)
magic abilities: cure not able to use if shes afrid or sick
normal clothes: red knee legth dress
family: both parnets(unnamed) evan and kaden


Chapter 7:

~after the concert~
They went to the concert and had lots of fun. Garron realized that he really liked Yejide. He felt for her in a way that he never felt before he was a 100% sure he was in love with her.
"Well this is my brother's house. He's a monk and all holy elves in the village were called to Kingatoney city. So he won't mind." Yejide said opening the door. "Well there are only 3 beds. Tammy and Carine can sleep in my room I'll go to my older brother's room and Timeus can sleep in my little brother Kaden's room. Garron do mind sleeping on the couch." "Nope I usually sleep in a tent with a blanket." Garron said. "Good so, its late all you kids go to bed." Yejide said unsure how to talk to children.
"Yejide why do you live with your brothers and not with your parents?" Garron asked. "My little lives at home he just has a room here when he has problems at home." Yejide said. "You didn't answer my question." Garron stated. "I live with my older brother Evan because I have issues with my mother. She won't let me go out, she wouldn't let me talk to anyone and she freak every time she caught me talking to a guy that wasn't family. You're the first guy I have talked to in so long that was not apart of my family or the princes cousin who I have to marry. I moved in here because my mother said 'my rules my house, if you don't want to follow them then leave'. Luckily my brother Evan had a house. If my mother saw me talking to you she will go crazy not only are you a guy but you're a human and__" "you talk way too much. I would have accepted you saying mother issues." Garron said cutting Yejide off. "Sorry I haven't talked to non family members in such a long time. My voice on and on and on. Sometimes I can't stop__" Garron put his hand over her mouth. "Just say sorry ok nothing else just sorry. Ok" Yejide nodded "sorry" she said trying hard not to say anything else. "See you can breathe after talking." Garron said jokily. Yejide giggled. "Yejide I like your name it's a lot more different then your brothers' names theirs seem." Garron said "my parents wanted our names to mean something." She said smiling "what do your names mean?" he asked "Evan means young warrior or well born Kaden means fighter and Yejide means image of her mother. It doesn't suit me well I look like my mother almost exactly before I dyed my hair blue." "What was your hair colour naturally?" he asked "emerald green I loved my hair colour but everyone wouldn't shut up about me looking like her. I don't be like her. What does your name mean?" Yejide said finishing off "Garron means guardian and both Tammy and Timeus mean perfect." Garron said
"Its getting late I'm going to bed goodnight." She yawning "goodnight." Garron said back. Suddenly he saw Yejide jump back "AHH!!" she screamed. "What's wrong?" Garron said jumping up next to her seeing an unknown man he assumed it was the person she talked about earlier. "Leave her alone!" Garron shouted. "You leave my future wife alone!" he shouted back. "I will not marry you no matter what. Even if we were the last two people on the planet!" "Don't be rash my sweet" the princes cousin said running up to Yejide kissing her hand. She slapped him across the face. "LEAVE HER ALONE SHE DOESN'T WANT TO MARRY YOU!!" Garron yelled "come on baby lets go" the prince's cousin said. Then he grabbed her around the waist pulling her in and he kissed her forcibly. Yejide said struggling. All of a sudden an arrow hit the wall in between them. "Ha ha you missed" the prince's cousin said laughing. "I didn't aim for you. But if you don't leave her alone I will hit you." Garron said with another arrow in hand. "You are starting to get on my nerves." He ran over to Garron and stabbed Garron's arm then grabbing it and broke it so it he wouldn't be able to use it. "Ouch damn that hurt. You're really fast" Garron said throwing a knife at him hitting his right arm. "Leave her alone or you won't live to see tomorrow" Garron said treating him. "I shall take my leave. Until later my love."

"GARRON!!" Yejide ran over to him "are you ok Yejide?" Garron asked ignoring his pain. "Yes, but your not look at your arm" She started to cry. "Clam down it doesn't hurt that much." She hugged him crying into his chest. Garron looked down seeing his blood dripping on to the ground. "YOU IDOIT WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!" "You asked me to help you remember." He said clammily. "And besides its worth getting hurt if you protect someone." "Come I should bandage that arm up for you. You don't want your siblings seeing it. Can you move it?" "No." he sighed.

Yejide cleaned the floor up and started cleaning Garron's wound. "For something that doesn't hurt you sure are twitchy" she teasing him. "Ok it hurts a lot but I've been in worse pain." He knowing Yejide would start crying and she did. "This is my fault" she cried. "No it wasn't it's was the prince's second cousin's fault." Garron said trying to stop her from crying. "I should just marry him. He already hurt my father and Evan. It would save a lot of pain." Yejide said continuing to cry. "YEJIDE SHUT UP ABOUT THAT ALREADY HE IS AN ABUSIVE FREAK AND IF YOU MARRY HIM YOU WILL GET HURT WORSE!! I'M SURE YOUR FATHER AND BROTHER DIDN'T MIND GETTING HURT TO PROTECT YOU. AND I DON'T MIND. YOU'RE A SWEET PERSON AND I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU MARRY SOME ONE LIKE THAT. Now stop crying it's annoying." Garron yelled he was out of breathe from yelling. "Sorry" he said. "It's ok your right. I don't think I should stay in the village for much longer anyway he would probably came back. Can I come with you notice how close their faces were. They both started blushing and backed away. 'How come I feel like this? My heart is pounding a mile a minute. Could I be in love with him? Nah he's a human I'm an elf but he sure is sweet and caring. He's right I do talk to a lot even to myself.' Yejide thought.
There was a tense silence and it was driving Yejide crazy. "Garron" she said quietly "yes" "can you help me learn not talk so much at once? It's driving me crazy. I'm out of breathe when I finish. And it's mostly my mothers fault she said not to talk so I didn't know that I can talk I can't stop." Yejide said starting to pant. "Ok lesson one you can just say something to the point no stories or unnecessary things. For example you cold have just said 'can you help me learn not talk so much at once?' that would be enough." "I'm sorry I can't help it I__" She was cut off by Garron covering her mouth. "Sorry" she said removing his hand. You're travelling? Unless it would be to much trouble." "Of course you can. Children can be so hard to look after I'll be happy if you came." Yejide looked up and looked into his pure brown eyes. She could see pain not only physical pain but more. She could tell he'd been through a lot. They didn't realize again their faces were really close. They backed away blushing and there was a tense silence again. Yejide broke it by saying "thank you so much." She leaned and kissed him on the cheek. Garron was blushing. If your arm hurts can sleep on the couch instead Evan will probably get mad and I might get___" "nah its ok" he said covering her mouth again. "Goodnight" "you too"


griloftheshadows (from now on GOTS):they alomst kissed twice their going to be the main couple for a while because everyone else is under 11 so far.
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