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The DarkAngels

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Two girls. One Egyptian, the other Atlantian. One made, the other born. They hold the power of the elements in their hands. They just don't know it yet...

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Dark Angels Ch. 1
"Hey Ruby!" the girl yelled. The one called Ruby turned around and greeted her. She slapped her a high five.
" What are we doing today?" The one with white-blond hair asked. "let's just enjoy our winter break" Ruby said. Her hair was black, darker than deep midnight.
They kept on walking in silence up until they reached a fork in the street. The younger one with blond hair ,Skylark, said, "See you tomorrow?"
" you bet!" Ruby replied.
Then they went their separate ways. Ruby walked the few blocks to her house. When she got there the door was ajar.
"hmmm.." she wondered aloud. It wasn't like her family to leave it open. She stepped inside.
A nauseating stench hit her. She stepped back in surprise as the unwanted odor washed over her.
Then out of nowhere a hand grabbed her from behind and wrapped around her head ,pressing a cloth reeking with alcohol on her face and mouth.
Darkness was imminent.

She groggily woke up.
Her captors were there with their backs turned to her. In the middle of the living room were two bodies, bound and gagged. She gasped quietly.
The bodies were drenched in gasoline, and one of the men had his lighter in his hand. The fire spread quickly eating away at their flesh.
"Mom.... dad..." Ruby whispered. she choked on her tears.
Their screams filled her head. She closed her eyes, wishing it all away.
Then she felt herself snap.
Something inside her broke. Then a force, not malevolent but still uncontrollable, took over her. Her sadness was swept away by raging tides of anger and bitterness.
She tore at her binds with strength she never felt before. "hey! She's free! Get her!" one of the men shouted. Ruby felt this new power control her body.
She launched herself at the man nearest to her, spinning and planting a hard, roundhouse kick in his chest. Oof! Was all he managed to say.
He was caught by surprise.
The other three lounged at her but she ducked and was off into the street.
Her chest was heaving, wanting rest. But still she kept running. To gain speed she bowed her head.
Then she bumped into someone, at full speed. The stranger helped her keep her balance. She kneeled holding her stomach. The man, as it seemed, smelled strongly of leather.
She looked up at him.
He wore a wolf mask and a long black leather overcoat. While she was done recuperating. He said softly so that only she heard," Your friend is in danger, hurry and save her, Blaze"
"What are you talking about-- I'm Ru-"
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" the cry rang out throughout the still air. That voice.....
It was Skylark.
Ruby turned around, then she remembered the man. "who are you--?" she asked.
He bent down next to her ear and whispered,
"Ragnor Wulfsson"
Then he was gone. Ruby stood still for a moment , and then remembered Skylark.
She sprinted, chest heaving, arms pumping at her side. She reached her house only to collide with Skylark at the door.
"RUBY!" she gasped, her face streaked with tears," they're dead... drowned.." the words were lost through the lump in her throat.
The energy that filled her seemed to increase around Skylark. They heard banging and shouting inside the house, the robbers.
"C'mon let's go somewhere else." Ruby said and started to go down the walkway. Skylark glanced back, her expression cold. "You will pay for this.." she said, in a different voice and unfocused eyes. Then she was herself.
" Wait for me!" she shouted.
They kept running, the robbers gaining at every pace. One of them had out a gun and was aiming at them.
The bullet actually[i]grazed[/i] Skylark's left leg. She fell back.
Ruby turned around with a fury, and leapt , snarling, at the one with the gun. The surge of power back, stronger than before, this time all hatred.
She threw a punch and hit his stomach. He sucked in his breath with a whoosh. And collapsed to the ground. Ruby swung Skylark onto her shoulders and started running.
We need a place to hide, and fast!

"Are you sure She's back?" The man asked. "Yes, I know Her energy. She's been reborn, we must hurry lest history repeats itself" Ragnor said impatiently.
The other man was sitting on the ledge, of a ten-story building. He wore a sleeveless undershirt and baggy pants, more like teenager.
"Stone..., save your grudge for after she gets her memory back--" Ragnor said. Stone's pointy ears quivered at the last sentence. "What do you mean, hasn't got Her memory back?" He said slowly.
"She's barely entered the mind of Her new vessel. Memories will follow later on.." Ragnor said pondering his words carefully. You could never be too careful with Stone , especially if it has something to do with the grudge against Ruby.
"Guide Her, help Her get her memories back, then tell Her everything. I want Her to be at full power when I destroy Her..."
Stone said then disappeared into the shadows.
"Understood" Ragnor said with a smirk. No matter how many times he said he hated Her, deep down he cared for Her. Although he may deny it.

"Where'd they go?!" "Who cares? Let's just go back and get rid of the evidence!" Shouted another.
They stood stock-still trying not to rustle any branches, awaiting in the lowest limbs.
After what seemed like a lifetime the men gave up and left.
Ruby turned around and looked at Skylark's leg," Is it okay? Does it hurt badly?" Skylark just shook her head no.
The energy was gone and exhaustion took it's place. They stayed there for a few more minutes to recuperate. Then they started down the tree. Skylark being helped by Ruby.
"Where you wanna go?" Ruby asked her. "Somewhere with lot's of people.... like the mall." She said very softly.
"I've still got some money left over from lunch, let's get some food" Ruby coaxed. Skylark just nodded solemnly.

The mall was a good place to get lost. Lot's of people, bustling around without a second thought for others.
Ruby and Skylark sat on a balcony on the second floor 'watching' a performance. Vaguely, though, they were both silent. Skylark watching her soda, Ruby's eyes unfocused but still gazing at the performance in the mall.
They were doing magic now. A man in a cape came onstage, Ruby heart beat faster.
He was wearing a wolf mask.
He did a handstand, then he slowly climbed the rope. Athletic ability was apparent, but the way he did it ...mesmerized you. It was as if every slow movement had some deep meaning. The man climbed rhythmically and did postures that seemed impossible to do.
He curled the rope around his leg and hung upside down. He then arched his back so he was facing the audience.
Then the strangest thing happened.
He turned around to where Ruby was sitting at .
He looked strait at her.Then he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. A roar of applause ripped through the crowd.
Ragnor Wulfsson.
That was his name . Who was he? Is he on our side? So many questions , not that many answers.
Ruby didn't have time to put much thought into it. Because of a security guard that was coming to their table.
Skylark turned, her face emotionless, but her eyes filled with silent sorrow.
"Excuse me , young ladies but I'm afraid you'll have to come with me." he said.
'And something tells me he's not taking no for an answer'
Ruby thought bitterly.

End of DarkAngels: Chapter One

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