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The DarkAngels' Legacy

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The three part Prequel to The Darkangels, another of my stories: In Ancient Atlantis, Princess Skylark is in need of a Guardian. But she will not be protected by anyone, only Isis can create the pe...

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The Dark Angels' legacy

A million years ago, there was a birthday. The little girl having the birthday was three years old, her name was Skylark Arrianna. Her father and mother were the king and queen of Atlantis. The royal family were good friends of Isis the Goddess and wife of Ra, the sun god.
Every warrior princess of Atlantis had a guardian or defender, which would protect them to the very end. The only thing Skylark was missing was a guardian, so millions of people sent their sons to the Atlantis kingdom, hoping to win the good grace of the royal family. None of the warriors sent contented the king and queen. So they turned to Isis for help. She said to wait for their daughter's third birthday.
So while the anxious parents waited, Isis started to work. She went to Set to beg for a bit of darkness. Then she made a body out of the sacred ground on which the god Ra had set foot on. The darkness held the body together. This process had taken a year, and the birthday of the girl was only weeks away, and still Isis only had and empty shell of a human.
The question of what to put in the shell eluded her for weeks until the birthday was upon her. In a hurry she put what they had given to man inside a human. Fire .
Fire was the warmth this human gave off. Fire was the breath which gave her life. And if she focused hard enough, fire was her weapon and could be used as protection. And so, newly born into the world in the form of a teenager, the girl was sent to the royal family of Atlantis.
Needless to say there was much commotion inside the palace. Little Skylark was so lonely, she wished to have someone to play with. So she went to the shore to play with sand. There she saw someone in Egyptian light armor. The kind that doesn't stop fast movements by the sheer weight of the armor. Her hair was bright red and she wore a ruby over her slanted gold belt. She was standing just barely away from the shoreline, not touching the water. Skylark went up to the girl and had impulse to hold her hand. So she did so and looked up to see her expressions.
The girl looked down is surprise and looked at her questioningly. So Skylark asked her," Will you play with me?" The other girl said slowly, as if speaking for the very first time, "what is play?"

"Where is mistress Skylark?!" the royal tailor asked. Everyone was in a flurry looking for the small girl. It was afternoon and no one had seen the princess. The queen was close to fainting, and the king was ready to start a war. Then the big wooden doors opened. Everyone stopped to look.
"-and my room is in the second floor, I have to climb a lot of steps to get there. Do you have steps in your home?" Skylark was the leading her new friend by the hand, ignoring everyone's stares. The girl seemed to submit to Skylark's will because she did everything she was told.
"Who might you be, stranger?" boomed king Gilage . Then the two girls seemed to notice everyone around them. The girl became more formal and straightened up, " I'm here by Isis' orders, I am princess Skylarks new guardian." Everyone kept quiet waiting for harsh words.
Skylark hated the thought of depending her life on someone, especially a stranger. But Skylark did nothing of the sort instead she hugged the guardian by the waist and smiled. Everyone was taken back. With this proof, the king spoke more respectfully toward the guardian.
"Tell us, what is you name?" Gilage asked. The girl stood there staring and finally said, " If you please, I would rather stick to the tradition of saying my name after I win the match" He looked surprised, but nevertheless, respected the guardian's wishes.
"The guardian you'll be fighting should be arriving any second now" the queen said, breaking the uncomfortable silence. Right then, the doors opened a second time.
He wore a solder's armor and a solder's aura. Facing everybody with an equal half-sneer. " I am the person you will be fighting."
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