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A Feudal Midsummer

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Kagome wakes up in feudal Japan.Ok. Inuyasha and Koga are fighting. No difference. But everyone else is acting...odd. Kagome continues to wonder why this seems so similar to a story Shakespear once...

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A feudal Midsummer Night's nightmare

"Where am I?" Kagome asked herself. "Oh right, Kaede's house... where is everybody?" She asked herself as she looked around the one room hut. She got up and walked to the door, pushing the fabric away to look outside.

"What the HELL!!?" She shouted as she saw what shouldn't be there.

It was a wall.

A brick wall.

Right in the middle of freaking feudal Japan.

"What is going on here--?" She asked as she saw to her right her grandpa wearing normal Japanese clothes.

"Daughter," He said in a strict voice. 'isn't he my grandpa?' Kagome thought.
"Come, our sire has summoned us to his court to settle this--impudence" and with that he walked towards a large castle that was where the ancient well was suppose to be.

Kagome followed uncertainly, when they got out of what seemed their backyard, they were joined by two other men.

And they were staring at each other, with pure and utter hatred.

Kagome sweat dropped. "um.. Inuyasha? Koga? What are you doing here?" She asked the two men before they started tearing out each others throats.

They turned around at the exact same time, which would have been funny if not for the fact that they both had looks of determination on their faces.

Kagome's grandpa just beckoned all of them to follow him, which they did, ignoring the staring contest between the two men.

Inuyasha was at Kagome's right, while Koga was at Kagome's left. The air was practically charged with tension. Needless to say, Kagome was uncomfortable all the way to the castle.


"My lord Duke, I have come to you with a complain." Kagome's grandpa bowed respectfully. Kagome was looking around this large room. It was mostly brick and at the back of the room were two thrones.

The plush red carpet, Kagome and the two demons(Dog-boy and wolf cub) looked so out of place in this... 'castle'

"Speak" Said a figure in the shadows, his voice booming out and made even the three (Kagome, Inuyasha, and Koga) flinch.

Kagome had a vein pulsing in her head. Inuyasha had his sword at ready, while Koga was cracking his knuckles.

The source of this anger you may ask?
Kagome had found the answer earlier on.


"What are you guys so pissed about?!" Kagome finally asked, stopping both men in their tracks.

'she can be scary at times..' both men gulped, Kagome looking murderous. Then Koga cleared his throat and turn into "professional" mode.

"As you are aware, this is your life were talking about." he said looking into her eyes.

Kagome was visibly confused. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER, WOLF!!" Inuyasha yelled, drawing his sword as Koga advanced on Kagome taking her hand into his and bowing.

"She likes me and only me!" Inuyasha yelled again swinging his sword where Koga's head used to be.

"So? Her father is willing for me to marry her." Koga retorted, smirking smugly.

"She's in love with me, not you!!" Inuyasha yelled slashing the air where Koga's throat was moments before.

"That doesn't matter!! If her father says 'no' then she is mine!" Koga smirked as he jumped above their heads.

"Why that arrogant little, son of a ---!!" Inuyasha muttered angrily. He took Kagome's hand and pulled her closer to him, protectively.

Kagome's face was emotionless as she felt Inuyasha's touch.

She was still processing the information she had just learned.

Koga and Inuyasha looked back at her, noticing the stillness. "hey, are you okay?" Koga asked, waving his hand in front of her face.

Kagome took a deep breath, in which both men leaned closer to see what was wrong.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BOTH OF YOU?! YOU'RE BOTH SEXISTS!! I CAN DECIDE BY MYSELF WHO I WANT TO BE WITH!!" She shouted, making both men fall over backwards in fright.


'the's back!!' the demons both thought, as Kagome suddenly went Kaname Chidori and pulled out a giant

~end flashback~

Which explained the red marks on Koga's and Inuyasha's faces.


Okay that's all I have for you right now...the rest is in my head, waiting to be typed out:
Harisen: it's a fan. used to "motivate" students in Japan.

Kaname Chidori: character from Full Metal Panic! who uses a harisen,which pops out of NOWHERE!

Kagome: ne, Chidori san? Here. Thanks for the loan. (hands harisen back)
Kaname:oh it's alright, I think I see Sosuke-baka setting up a land mine on the track... excuse me..
Koga & Inuyasha: (gulp)
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