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Luck Only Finds Fools

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Brendon Urie's New Years 2007 takes a new twist. Ideas from the Panic New Years pictures. I'VE DECIDED TO CONTINUE THIS FIC. THE SEQUEL WILL BE OUT SOON!

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Luck Only Finds Fools
Panic! At the Disco FANFICTION
Mr. Brendon Urie
One shot?
Disclaimer: I don't own. This didn't happen.
A/n: I don't know who has seen the New Years Panic pics but in all of them Brendon's the only one without a date and he looks pissed in all the pictures. So, I felt bad and I was thinking 'What if...'. And then this happened. I really wish this did happen just so he was happy in at least one picture but he wasn't. It's kinda sad...Pete didn't make him happy. In the pictures with him, Pete and Ryan, Ryan and Pete are happy and Brendon's like 'go the fuck away'. So, let's make him happy. Love would be wonderful.

[Brendon's POV {just so you know}]

"Brendy, there you are. Sorry I'm late."

I looked up at her. She was pretty, natural blonde, stunning blue eyes, pinstripe pants with a black and white striped top. Incredibly beautiful, but I had no fucking clue who the hell she was. But in all honestly, I could care less. Maybe she could lighten the mood. Keep the sickness of Ryan's obsessive cuteness with Skye from making me lose what I hadn't eaten. "Sweetie, it's fine. Can we talk?" I got out of the booth and walked away with her. "Who are you?"

"My name is Rikki. I saw that you were alone and looking miserable so I figured I'm come and see if I could lighten it at all."

"You could tell I can't stand tonight? Wonderful. I'm Brendon, you knew that though..."

She nodded kinda embrassed. "Do you want me help you have fun or not?"

I shrugged. "It would be nice."

"Fine, I'm 19. Vegan, straightedge...I work as a writer for reviews for magazines and things. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance. I like pretending to know karate. I like the color black. I'm not really morbid but I love horror films. I'm not the gushy romantic type. And not a groupie. I think that's enough..."

I nodded, trying to remember it all. "Right, so you need me to tell you-"

"Nothing, I do know your name. I think I know enough about you already. But if I don't, you will clue me, right?"

"Of course, Rikki. Can I call you Rik?"

"I'd rather you didn't."

"Fine, it's not a problem, shall we leave? Return to the table for anyone notices?"

"Of course."

I grabbed her hand, exchanged smiles with her then walked back to the table. "Hey, guys, this is Rikki. She's my date."

"Hi, why didn't you just come with us when we left?" Ryan asked putting down his wine glass filled with water.

"I was working. I feel so bad about it too."

"Don't feel bad. Sit down and join us." Jon and Cassie moved, letting us slid in. Rikki sat next to Ryan and I next to Jon. "So, Rikki, when did this all happen?"

"Awhile ago...A few months on and off."

"How come we've never heard about it before?"

"Because I wasn't sure we were a thing, so I never said anything about it." She thumped her fingers on my knee. "So, not a really big deal."

"Where'd you guys meet?" Spencer actually looked away from Hailey for the first time the entire day.

"High school, she was a bobcat."

"Sleeping with the enemy, Brend?"'

"She won't let me." Jabbed by fingernails. "Not saying anything bad." I looked at her and acuatlly kissed her. Definately taking her off guard.

"Alright, no more questions, Leave them be," Skye said slapping Ryan's head back towards her.

"Right," they mumbled going back to their own relationships.

"Good job," Rikki leaned in and whispered into my ear before kissing my cheek.

I kissed her again, almost falling for our fake routine. "You too, gorgeous."

"Hey, Rikki, did you want to order anything to eat?"

She looked up and smiled at Cassie. "No, I'm fine, thanks."

"Why are neither of you eating?" Ryan blurted out before shrinking down in his seat. "Nevermind...ignore that. Thinking aloud. Didn't mean it."

"It's fine. I've already celebrated today at work. I'm not hungry."

"Where do you work?" Hailey asked smiling huge like always.

"I'm freelance for the most part but I'm probably becoming a lead writer with Runway, so I was celebrating with them."

"Runway? Wow, that's big. Good for you."

"Thanks." She leaned in and I let myself an invatation to go for it, I put my hand on her thigh. It might not seem like a big deal. But it kinda is. "Brend, can we skip out for the rest and go see My Chem? Please."

"Yeah, what ever you want to do. I do owe you, don't I?"


I smiled and kissed her again. Jon and Cassie left to dance right when we were leaving. Hailey and Spencer didn't even notice us leaving. I think only Ryan noticed, mainly because Skye had gone to the bathroom only a few mintues before. "Where is it?"

"Where the ball is."

"I knew that."

"I thought you guys were performing."

"No, we were but we aren't."

"That sense what so ever."

"You shouldn't be so surprised." I stopped walking. "We're not getting any closer. We might as well just hang out."

"Damn Yorkers."

I grabbed her chin and moved her to face me. "I'll take you to one of their shows."

"I've already been-"

"Then you get to go again."

She smiled moved my hand. "Thanks."

"The countdown's going to start soon, do you want to see if we can get closer?"

"No, I think we'll be fine. It's only like a block away. So, it's really not that far. Plus we can see it from here."

I turned and looked at it. The timer ringed off 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I turned back and looked at her, dragging her up to my side. "Where are you going after this?"

"Home unless otherwise stated. You?"

"Same...more or less." One minute. "How about we do something?"

"Like what?"

"We could go the party with the guys."


"Yeah, Pete's having one." 30 seconds.

"Oh, I don't want to intrude."

"I swear you can't."

"Brendon, I'd love to but I shouldn't."

5 seconds. "Please."

"Brendon-" 1 second. The end. I did the traditional New Years bringing in thing. I kissed a girl I have really no idea about except what she told me. I kissed a girl who was pretending to be my date. I guess the pretending was over.

"Happy New Years, Rikki."

She blushed, cracked a smile, and bit her lip. "You too, Brendon." She exchanged the favor and kissed me again. "I guess I have no choice but to go with you."

"Good, I had a great night. Thanks for brightening it."

"Well, it's not like I had anything better to do."

"Why were you in the restraunt anyway?"

"We were celebrating. I guess everyone goes there. It's not a big deal."

"No, I guess not."
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