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And Sometimes I'll Make A Mistake...Or Two...

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From First To Last's Matt Good and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz are something of a couple. The only thing is Matt can't stop thinking about Derek, and neither can Pete. Could this be the start of a ...

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Because it was wanted...Here it is....A New Addiction Side Series: And Sometimes I'll Make A Mistake...Or Two...
This is Matt X Pete for the most part. (Sorry?) I had someone say it was needed so...IT'S HERE!

And If anyone would like to pick a story of mine...or two...I'll give you candy! Hah, no but seriously. If you people like it so much...hint hint glare glare

And Sometimes I'll Make A Mistake...Or Two...
A New Addiction Side Series
Matt Good X Pete Wentz (X Derek Bloom)
Disclaimer: None of this ever happened. I do not own Matt, Pete, Sonny, Derek, Travis...Wait, I do own Sonny...Okay, that's better. Like I was staying...I have respect for these guys (not so much of with P. Panda...he's so tiny...) so I'll make this note...once again. IF YOU DON'T LIKE GUY X GUY, FUCK OFF. DON'T READ THIS. DON'T SLANDER ME. SLANDER AND DIE.

001. Step a little closer to me {Don't make me doubt you}

Bitch, he's a fucking bitch. That's what he is! A bitch. He's a whore. He's a slime ball. He's...The guy I sleep with every night. Yet, I hate him. I make sense. Always have. Always will. But he is a slime ball. Nude pictures...TO A GIRL! How stupid. How mean. How evil. And then they went public. Knowing that he did them (before the WHOLE world did was one thing but knowing everybody had seen them...) and that's he proud. Yeah, he's proud of his six inches of 'manlyhood'. Yeah, that's right. SIX FUCKING INCHES. That's all he has! He ain't go shit on me. He barely has anything on little boys. Barely.

I never realized how bitchy I am in the mornings. Man, I'm bitchy. Why didn't anyone ever tell me? I mean...I'm a bitch from hell in the morning. Damn. And this is me being censored. Which I don't even know why I am. I'm talking in my head, to myself, and I'm censoring. WTF, WTF. Wow, I think I've been on the computer too much. I'm already talking nerd. Then again, I always talk nerd. Back to what I was saying...

I HATE PETE WENTZ. Damn, did that feel good. Just gotta convince myself that I do now. Either that or try to ignore the fact that I'm starting to see Derek in more sexual manner. The more time he's with Sommer, the more I wanna kill her and take him...then maybe tie him up. Oh, don't say that, Matty. Never say that. That's bad. Very bad thoughts. The worst thing is...I like Derek alot more than I like Pete. But then again, Pete's just really small. Now, I've only seen Derek nude once or twenty times (we're on tour, give us a break) but that boy's packed for a skinny little emo kid. Hah, Derek's hardcore emo. He sits in corners and listens to Russian metal. That's so emo.

I shouldn't think about him. He's Sommer's bitch, not mine. Petey's my bitch, my slave, my fuck monster. ¢¾ ¢¾ to him. He lets me show my kinky side when ever I wanna. And his bed so comfy. Plus he'll come and perform with us. Just come up, slap my ass, and start playing. Okay, so he's little, but I can deal with that.

"Matthew. Matthew. MATT!"

I turned my head and stared at Derek. "What?"

"Dude, did you not hear me yelling at you? I've been yelling for like ten minutes. I almost slapped you."

I lowered my head. I was too caught in my own thoughts to even realize he was yelling. "Maybe you should have."

"It would have gotten your attention faster. That's for sure."

"Then go ahead and hit me. Get my attention."

"No, I'm not going to. Just...Geez, Pete, he's somewhat awake now."

I turned my head and watched as Derek walked out and Pete slid in. "Panda, what are you doing here?"

Pete grinned, sat down and kissed me. "Nothing, just bored, figured you'd enlighten some fun."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, so...what do you want to do?"

"Why do I have to decide?"

"Because M comes before P."

I lowered my eyes and pursed my lips to the side, opposite of him. "Yeah well...Fall Out came before From First."

"Just shut up and kiss me."

"Ah, see I knew there was a catch."

"You are so annoying." Pete moved, pushed my shoulders back, making me fall over, and kissed me like I was dying. I didn't resist. I didn't want to. I was enjoying it. Really enjoying it after what I had been thinking about.

I moved, rolled him over, so we were on the edge on the bed, and pulled my lips away. "Baby, I'm hung like an outlaw." Cheesey it may be but it was our sign that we were really horny. And that was an understatement. Thinking about Pete, being mad at Pete, then thinking about Derek...headrush downstairs. He didn't say anything, just undid his belt then mine.

"Well, come on. Take it off, Matty. Panda wants screw hard. Pandas are almost extincet." I grinned, kissed him again, the undid my jeans, he did the same. This is just how it happened. We never really spoke when undressed or even touched each other. We just went for it. Pete sat up and looked at me, kinda begging, kinda annoying, kinda hot. "How?"

He reached over to the middle table. "I don't have any."

He moved his hand back. "Do you just wanna do it?"

"Um." I scratched my head. "We could."

"Fine, since you're the one who said it first..."

"Yeah, I know. Move." I sat down where he had been and then over to the edge of the bed. Pete got on the floor immedently after taking his jeans off completely. "Are you just gonna-"

"Oh please, it's been a week. I need sex." He moved and kissed me slowly. I pushed him back, almost ripped off shirt, pulled him to his feet then he (on his own [because he's learned]) turned his back to me and leaned over onto the other bed. I let him take my hand and suck on my fingers while I rubbed his mini panda (very mini panda ahem). I moved my hand away from his mouth and slowly put in one finger at a time in his hole. "Stop teasing."

"Fine, baby." Pete hissed at my comment. I pulled my fingers out and prepared myself to go in. I held onto his hips and thrust in. Pete grabbed the sheets on the bed and buried his head down into it. Even though I was having a hard time, being without lube (or even a freaking condom for that matter), I kept going, thrusting in and then stopping before starting over again. Pete started moaning softly (thank god). I thrust in harder this time, knowing that if I didn't Pete would start complaining. Pete liked hard, fast, sweaty sex. And you can't blame him. It was just better that way. When I finally came, Pete was whispering something. I pulled out of him and shoved him onto the bed, collasping myself on the bed I was on to start with. "I hated you earilier today."

Pete laid on the other bed, panting. "Why?"

I shook my head and tried to catch my own breath. "I don't really know. I just kinda did."

"You know what would be fun?" I turned my head and looked at him, rolling over on his side to face me. "If we could get Derek to do this. I mean, he'd be fun."

I glared, remembering what I had been thinking about earlier and mentally slapping myself. "Why?"

"Because. You know how it is. The best thing about virgins is breaking them in."

"We're not making Derek gay. Shove that idea. It's not happening."

"Aw, come on, Matt. It's just one guy. And we don't have make him gay. We just turn him bi. That'd be fine. We could still-"

"Pete, we're done for today. So just leave." I got, found my pants, threw Pete his own, and put mine on. I really didn't need to think about Derek anymore than I had already. There's just something about him. Something that kinda...takes my breath away. When I see him, think about him, talk to him, anything invovling him, I go crazy. Not even just horny crazy. I just kinda forget everything.

Pete moved, kissed me on my cheek and stared. "So, tomorrow, right?"

I snapped back into reality. "Yeah, just no more talk about turning anyone anything."

Pete kissed my lips before pulling his shirt back on. "Fine, I'll see you tomorrow."
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