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NIghtmares and Guns

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Andy has a bad dream.

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He was pined to a wall; a man pointed a gun at him. "No don't. Please." The man snickered loving the pleas of the man he was going to kill. "Who are you?" "Honey I'm your worst nightmare." The trigger was pulled.

Andy shot up; breathing irregular. Why has this nightmare kept going? Was it because he saw his dad getting murdered brutally by a vengeful maniac wielding a gun? Probably. He also figured that it was also because he almost took his life by using a gun. But one person in the world told him not to because he loved him. "Spence? Wake up." The figure beside him stirred. "Andy... what's wrong hun?" "I had the nightmare again." Spencer propped himself on his elbows and sighed. "You did?" Looking at Andy close to tears affirmed that he was right. "C'mere you." He collected Andy in his arms and consoled him. Kissing him lightly made the older man whimper. "Spencer I can't take it anymore! I hate this so much. Why did I have to see my father be murdered?! And why did I even consider taking my life? I can't take it! I can't I can't I can't!" A sob overtook the drummer and he just let it control. Spencer just held the shaking body closer to him and almost wanted to cry with him. If it wasn't for him, Andy wouldn't even be here on earth any more. "SHH it'll be ok, I'm here." His voice choked on a sob. "Spence?" "Yea?" "Are you crying too?" "Yea." "Oh ok." And they both cried into the night. And finally when they were both tiered they fell into a dreamless sleep.

Morning came early for Andy and boy, was he ever disappointed when he found that Spencer wasn't there with him. He put on his glasses and went downstairs to the kitchen. To his surprise he saw his favorite breakfast dish, 2 eggs over medium with bacon and orange juice, waiting for him on the table. When he sat down to eat he also saw a note.

Went Birthday shopping for Patrick with Ryan and Pete. I made you your fav, I hope you like it.

Andy smiled to himself. What would he do without Spencer? He would never know, because he would stay with him for a very long time. Nothing would ever come between them. Not even nightmares and guns.
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