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December 2

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Danny continues to work towards a relationship with Lindsay

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Chapter 2 - December 2, 2006

She was absolutely exhausted. She'd run absolutely everywhere today and she hadn't had a second to herself. Her bagel for breakfast had been the only thing she'd eaten since the beginning of her twelve hour shift and the case she was working on had brought not only the beginnings of a killer headache, but the way it was going, she didn't see sleep for her within the next twelve hours.

For now, she'd settle with a moment of silence off of her feet.

She stepped into her office, her hand pinching the bridge of her nose before going up to rub around the bone above her eye. This headache was shaping up to be a beautiful one.

She pulled open her desk drawer, aiming for the Aspirin she'd taken to keeping there - if she ever admitted it, for Danny as much as for her with some of the doubles they pulled - and found her hand contacting with something that was not her pill bottle.

She looked down in alarm and found a bag of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses in the colours of Christmas.

Pulling them out of her drawer with a soft smile, she almost ripped open the bag completely. Chocolate was a good way to a girl's heart. As she dove in to grab one of the chocolate bits, she felt the paper on the back of the bag. Flipping over the package she read the familiar scrawl.


Chocolate just because./ They're Christmas and you love Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the CD./


Lindsay felt her heart swell. 'Just because'? And he gave her that made CD? She wasn't going to question it at this point, simply because she was hungry and felt like crap. Unwrapping one of the chocolates she popped it in her mouth, breathing a sigh of relief as it melted on her tongue.

She didn't get much time to bask. Her phone beeped with a message and she groaned, pulling it out and checking who wanted her now. She was half way to the door before she turned and went back to her desk and the chocolates.

Danny was finally finished. He'd seen Lindsay running around all day and felt a wave of pity for her. He'd at least managed to get a few hours of sleep before being called in again. He stopped in their office to grab the jacket he'd thrown there earlier in the day. On his desk was one white, one red and one green Hershey's Kiss.

He grinned as he picked them up, noticing the note with her neat handwriting underneath.


I did enjoy the CD, thank you. These are for you.


Her pen name didn't escape him. He knew that as much as she nagged him about not calling her Montana, she adored the nickname. Lindsay was for serious situations.

He looked at the chocolates he held in his hand. He'd made himself a promise the night he created her CD and that was to do two things: 1) show Lindsay that a relationship with him wasn't going to be a bad thing, regardless of the rumours around the lab and 2) focus on the subtle ways of winning her over. If there was one thing he had learned about Lindsay Monroe, it was that she preferred small gestures to big overtures.

He dropped two of the Kisses into his desk drawer for some other time and the third he took with him. He found her in the trace lab, going over something from her case. He stepped in, gathering his courage for what he was about to do. Making sure no one was paying attention, he wrapped an arm around her, dropping the kiss into her pocket.

"These were your kisses Montana. Though I can't complain about you sharin' 'em with me." The words were soft and low in her ear. She'd tensed when his hand brushed her hip, but relaxed, marginally, when she realized it was just him.

"Consider it a thank you," she replied, looking at him sideways as he braced himself against the table.

He shot her a smirk as he pushed off the edge and headed to the door. "The real thing woulda been so much better."

He didn't have to look back to know she was blushing.

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