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A Birthday Surprise for You

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Kantarou wanted haruka to celebrate his birthday with but haruka declined........sorry...its my first fiction..^_^;

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It was warmth day where the sky are clear as diamonds, the birds are chirping against another and yet there is more harmony that the nature singing the morning songs...

"Ohaiyo,Haruka-chan!!!!!!" exclaim the silver white hair men to the black hair. "Come on, its already morning Haruka..." "grumph.........leave me alone,Kantarou" the black hair respond.
"Can you go out with me today??"

"Go by yourselves"

"I don't have"

"I don't want"



"For a while?"



"I said 'no' "

Kantarou only stare at the tengu for a while, "HARUKA!!!WAKE UP!!!!" the tengu immediately stand up from his comfort futon. "WHAT IS IT!!!???" growled Haruka that still in sleepy form.

"Haruka??you seem tired......may be I should leave you alone......" 'yes, you should, idiot master...'though Haruka and curled went back sleep.

Kantarou only sight to see his tengu that ignored him and without hesitation close the door. 'I thought that we can spend more time since that today is my birthday.........'

The door was close,Haruka flip open his green eyes.

This is one of the part of Haruka plan..............


Kantarou sitting on the rock where his favorite spot when he hang out with his youkai friends. He stared at the peaceful lake and saw his image with sad expression that he couldn't hide anymore.

His youkai friends ask, "Kan-Chan? why are you sad??" Kantarou quickly turn his head and smile at his friends "Nothing......"

"Today is Kan-Chan birthday, we want to give you a present from us" said one of his demon friends happily. "Eh?" The small demons took Kantarou hand and took him to some where else.

"Where you all taking me to???"

"It's a surprise, Kan-Chan......"said his friends.

"But it's dark here and I cant see my bare hands......"

"That's why we hold you so that you didn't get lost......"

"What kind of surprise that you give me?"

"Its will find it out......"

Within the answer that given by the demons, Kantarou shut his mouth and didn't ask anymore or say a word. He just obediently follow his friends where had took him to a different world that surround by dark and chill.

His heart beating fast as they walked .He so nervous but also eagerly want to know what kind of surprise that they gave him. The little demons only following an order from a powerful demon.

Yet this a part of Haruka plan too.....


"Are you sure this will work well, Haruka?" asked the a young girl in red kimono. "Don't worry about it Youko, everything is in plan......" "Well if that so, then we probably should go now,Haruka." grin Youko.

While Kantarou was dragged by youkai, he spot something shiny at the end. "We almost there....."Said his little friends.

Soon as they arrive the spot,Kantarou eyes suddenly began wild, he stood still like sculpture and his mouth was parted. This is the most beautiful scenery that human never seen before, it was a paradise for humans even for demons as well.

The garden was sacred place,the grass welcome him,the flowers are smiling at him as if they said 'welcome' They walk further more......


Kantaro jumped up about one meter from the ground and was held by
Haruka when he lay down.Everyone were joyful when the human in the tengu hug.Kantaro face was red as ripe tomato and even more red when Haruka sealed his mouth with a kiss which is mean ' we are couple and one cant take my love from me anymore......'.

The others seem relax with the incident and accept it because they knew it a long time even althougt they protest the human and tengu relationship more over they are master and slave.

Kantaro only bend his head down,Haruka notice it and ask his beloved master "Kantaro??" Kantaro only keep silent and trembling,this even make Haruka more worry.

"What wrong Kantaro??" Still no response from Kantaro.

The crowd became silent and waited for Kantaro response and they also worry for the human...

"Kantaro,what wrong???are you sick??" asked Haruka with more concern tone of voice and shake Kantaro firmly who notice there a tears falling from his master eyes...

"I...........I was happy.........." Finally words came out from trembling Kantaro. "I never have birthday party before................Thank you........thank you Haruka.........and thank you everyone..........." Tears kept spill out from his eyes.

Everyone was touched and cheer for Kantaro,Youko step forward and hug Kantaro "Happy birthday Kan-Chan...." Kantaro gave a warm smile, "Thank you,Youko......"

Moo fly from Sugino held to Kantaro shoulder and kept moo moo moo,which mean "Happy birthday Kan-Chan" Sugino also wish him as well...

The party was simple but its was the most cheerful party that Kantaro ever had,its almost a dream and never thought that he had a birthday party to celebrate his birth.

For the years before,he always celebrated his birthday by his own and even his human friends doesn't remember his birthday.

Every guest were drunked,Kantaro only smile and laugh to see Sugino and Haruka drunk while dancing. 'They seem cute when they drunk...' thought Kantaro.

After the party was over,Kantaro gone to the lake side to have peace.Kantaro was calm and suddenly a pair of hand hold his waist.Kantaro was surprise but he know whose hand that dare to hold him this way..

"You drunk Haruka..." said Kantaro with a smile..

"So...?you seem doesn't happy with this party......" said Haruka sleepily,hugging his lover more tightly...

"I am happy and I know its you the one that organised it......I never thought that you remember it well although you were sleeping...."

"Who care when I sleep or not.."

"Thank you Haruka.........."

"Nnnghh.......I will do anything for you.........."

"Oyasumi nasai Haruka......"

Kantaro fall asleep in Haruka hold while the moon shone brightly in the middle of the night............


I know its bad.......T_T Im not good in writing......... T_T but im going to gambate ^^
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