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Won't Disappoint

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Five years have passed since the end of that war, but the struggle is far from over. With the king's recently- failing health, the peoples' push for a reliable leader has left Blaze with a startlin...

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Something about the way the sun had begun to set gently on the horizon, bringing forth pastels in all shades of blue, orange, and purple made tears press into her eyes. She blinked, trying to stop their fall; she had enough to worry about without breaking down.
She turned to the palace, the very palace that she had spent her childhood, and the palace that she would soon come into possession of. It was build so that the courtyard faced the west, where the sun would set; the balconies of the rooms were built so that they faced the courtyard. She could see the silhouette of her father, the current ruler.
She smiled a bit, but it was a smile without feeling. She waved high above her head, hoping that her father would see her. He did, and waved back before closing his curtains and obscuring himself from view.
/He's definitely getting older/, Blaze thought to herself as she saw his thin hands struggle to pull the heavy drapes. She shivered; he would retire soon. He had told her this much. Soon she would have to take the throne.
Five years had passed since the defeat of E. Nega, and four since Silver's return. She didn't know how she had lived through it all; she was surprised she had the fortune of being back in her own dimension again. She was even more fortunate, she added to herself, that she had her best friend back.
Blaze shook herself; she could not think of males without thinking of something that had to be done if she was to keep what support she had from the people. Much of the population recognized her as a worthy and capable ruler; it was not in her capabilities where the problem laid. Blaze was a Fire-child; full of passion and prone to impulse and whim. She had proven on several occasions that she was strong but unreliable.
It was for this reason that Blaze had been confronting herself with an awkward but proximate possibility.
She sighed, gently running her gloved hands over her bare shoulders; she shivered under her own touch and the cold of the winter night. Despite how much she hated the cold, she could take comfort in the loss of her long sleeves. They had represented her mourning, her weakness and loss; she didn't want to remember awful years that she had spent trying to recover from her mother's death.
A presence entered her solitude and surprised her slightly.
"What's up, Blazey?"
Blaze turned to see an off-white hedgehog, only slightly taller than her. He had an unusual crest on his forehead, a trait that had earned him the biting nickname "cockahog" during his school years. His eyes were highlighted by a distinct streak of black on the outside edge of his lids; it was one of the few attributes he had received from his Earth-child mother.
His eyes, however, were unique from either parent. While his father had had icy blue eyes, and his mother soft hazel, he had startling yellow irises. Anyone who looked into those intuitive, strange eyes might have guessed that he was calm, composed, serious.
After one saw his wide, exuberant smile - the very smile he was giving her now - however, they would infer his true personality.
"What are you still doing up, Silver?" Blaze readjusted herself so that she was facing him fully.
"Oh, just... up. Doing stuff."
"...Stuff? Very descriptive." Blaze gave him an annoyed look; she knew he would not take it seriously. He never did.
Silver shrugged, then beamed. "Well, someone's gotta fix up our city. Three years since Eggman Nega, and the damage still isn't fixed." Blaze looked closer and noticed that he still had a slight clue aura emanating from him, and he seemed to be slightly fatigued. She tried to shoot him an exasperated look, but he only winked at her. "What sort of people did you assign to clean this mess up, your Majesty?"
Blaze frowned, not wanting to think of her soon-to-be coronation. She pretended to be concerned with other matters.
"Why aren't you indoors, resting? Don't you have better things to do?"
"Better things to do then what? Rebuild my city?" Silver gave her a weird look. "What exactly are your priorities? Should I go do something else? I could run up to our old classmates and yell like a loony, if you want..."
Blaze couldn't help but let a smile crack over her face; Silver held himself a little more proudly. "There we go, I just did something else. And I made Blazey smile, by the Keeper...!"
Blaze tried to force down her smile. "It's nice to be in the company of a friend; and you especially are so immature that I can't help but snicker on occasion. Is it really that unusual for me to show some good humor?"
"Lately, yeah. It's been kinda weird to see you happy. You're so tense all the time." He paused, as if thinking. "...Is everything okay, by the way?"
Blaze shrugged. "Sure."
"Liar, liar, pants on fire..." Silver teasingly sang, looking pleased with the pun.
Silver yelped as flames kindled at his ankles, flickering up his legs and flaring menacingly for a moment before they faded with the sunset. He flailed a bit and fluorescent blue light illuminated him for a moment before he realized that the fire had already died.
Blaze raised an eyebrow and spoke casually. "Care to run that by me again?"
"Touch-y!" Silver patted his legs frantically, making sure that all the flames had completely dissipated without burning him. He took on a more whiny, childish tone. "You have a cruel sense of humor, you know that? What did I do?"
Blaze paused; her brain was drawing up a blank card. She glanced away, trying desperately to think of some sort of smart reply: nothing. She raised her shoulders instead, shrugging off her friend's question. When she looked back up, she was rewarded with one of Silver's rare serious looks. He quirked his head a bit, looking somewhere between curious and concerned.
"Blazey, girl, what's up?" He stepped up to her and gave her a firm pat on the back; she didn't reply. Thoughts were now tearing recklessly through her head, and she could barely look at Silver without the voice screaming inside her.
/A Water-child. A Water-child or an Earth-child. /She had nodded then as she spoke at her reflection, bright afternoon day glittering off the surface of the pool. She hadn't known then that those moments of determination would fade into this night, where thousands of strange and confusing possibilities bombarded her.
"Uh... HELL-O. Silver to Blazey, Silver to Blazey, we've lost initial contact..." Blaze glanced up, not quite noticing that Silver was speaking to her. He spoke slowly, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her a bit as he carefully enunciated each word. "Blaze... are... you... all... right?"
A Water-child or Earth-child would be a nice balance for the crazy nature of a Fire-child. The people want to keep my mother's line going... I just have to have balance...
Blaze glanced up at Silver and blurted. "Marry me?"
The second the words flew from her mouth Blaze regretted them. Embarrassment was obvious all over her face as a strong blush spread under the thin white fur on her cheeks.
Silver's pupils shrank to the size of pinpoints; his arms drooped uselessly to his sides before he began to flail just a little bit. He stuttered, obviously trying to make sense of what she had just said. When it didn't calculate immediately, he blurted: "One second you're burning pants I don't even have, the next you're asking me to marry you? DAMN you're flighty!"
"By the Keeper, I'm so sorry!" Blaze hid her face in her hands, feeling prickly frustration irritate the space behind her collarbones. "I-I don't know what I was - I'm just - it's all so complicated-"
"WAIT." Silver's eyes suddenly alit with understanding; he gave Blaze a not-entirely-discernable look. "Did you just ask me to...?"
"It's not like that!" Blaze hit her forehead with her fist as if trying to knock her thoughts straight. "It-it's all politics. People think that I'll be a great ruler, but I... I just need someone to make sure I don't... make any rash decisions or anything. A Water-child or Earth-child. Someone who'll... you know... keep me in check..." Silver gave her a strange look, and she started a rapid explanation. "I want to take the throne! I do! I've always loved the idea of trying to make things right, of trying to lead people along a better path. I just can't do that without help! Don't give me that look, I already thought it all out! You should know how bad it would look to have an advisor that had to calm your rages and be that involved in your life! It's too intimate! It would be better if I just chose someone to rule alongside me. And it's not like people haven't gotten married at nineteen before; I can manage-!"
"BLAZE." Silver interjected, grabbing her shoulders firmly before rubbing them gently. "I didn't say a thing, and here you are just going off on me. Calm down girl; those flames of yours are getting out of control."
She nodded slowly. "I... I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. Just forget I even said anything."
Silver nodded, but she could tell from his expression that he was thinking. At last, he put out meekly; "My mom's an Earth-child."
Blaze gave Silver as close to a "grossed out" look as she could manage. "Ew, Silver!"
Still he continued. "And my dad's a Water-child."
"Your dad's /dead/." Blaze almost rolled her eyes when she realized what he was getting at. "Oh."
Silver smiled shyly. "Normally water and earth don't combine well, but... heck, it did in their case. So I have water and earth in me." He winked.
Blaze lowered her voice to a serious but pleading tone. "Look, I don't want to throw you into anything. You're my best bud... I wouldn't want to lose that. Ever. Not for anything."
"Me neither." He hesitated. "Think it over some more. And... once you've got everything sorted out, don't be afraid to ask me again. I won't disappoint you."
Before Blaze could grasp his words, Silver quickly planted a kiss on her cheek. Her mouth was slightly agape with shock as he pulled away, hot blush spread all over his face and slowly creeping into his ears. He turned and ran off, yelling something about curfews over his shoulder. She could barely make out a blue light as he used telekinetics to try to move faster.
Blaze stared after him before realizing what he had just said to her.
"I won't disappoint you..." She touched her cheek gently; she felt warm where his lips had momentarily touched her. Flames slowly rose from her heart, the power center of fire. It rose and spread throughout her, filling her with a reassurance that hadn't been there at the beginning of the day.
She'd sleep on her thoughts. And tomorrow, if everything worked out, she'd ask him again.
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