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Materia and other things

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Tifa and Yuffie share a moment before facing Sephiroth.

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Materia and the other things.

Copyright: Final Fantasy VII belongs to Square-enix, and I have no part in making the game.

This is a short story I wrote once, pretty decent in my mind.

This was supposed to be Shoujo-ai, but I failed in that.

Anyway, enjoy the story.

It was a great evening, the team had landed on Cosmo Canyon to refill their potions,tents and other important things. Tifa was sitting on one of the bigger rocks, admiring the sunset. It had been three nights since the total defeat of the Shin-Ra company. Very soon they were upto their most hardest task, defeating Sephiroth. She sighed, after all the mess they had gone trought to get here, it still seemed impossible. Suddenly, she saw something moving fast. To normal person, it meant nothing. But to a trained warrior like Tifa, it meant danger. She quickly kicked toward the sight.
"Owww", Yuffie's voice moaned from somewhere. Tifa looked around and noticed the teenager sitting down on the ground, rubbing her head.
"Sorry", She said, but Yuffie had other ideas. She jumped on the the rock Tifa was standing on and started to rant about hitting a ninja on training. There were some wutanian curse-words too, but Tifa didn't know what they meant. Instead, she simply hussed Yuffie. The ninja stared her like she was somekind of walking materia.
"Nice sunset", Tifa said, Yuffie looked very suprised, but nodded.
"Soon we will defeat that damn guy who killed Aerith!" Yuffie exlaimed enthousiastically, waving her hands up in the air. Tifa looked at the youth with a smile, for so young, she took these things well. Then again, Wutai was a totally different country.
"Hope he has lots of materia!", Yuffie said, smiling deviously. Tifa stared at the girl with total suprise. Was that all that kid though of? Materia. Then Tifa chucled silently.
"Whaat's so funny huh?", Yuffie said, Tifa burts out to laught loudly. Yuffie stared at the woman. Had she gone mad or something?
"No, it's just that you are so eager", Tifa said, Yuffie gave her a more suprised look than before.

To Yuffie, this was her big oppurtunity to get her country's pride back, of course she was going to steal all the materia the crater and the white haired freak had. Poor guy thought, never knowing his father and mother. After all that that tall and dark guy has muttered under his breath and howled to the moon, even more than Red XIII for god's sakes, Yuffie couldn't ingore the fact that that seraph guy's mom's name was lucrecia or something.
"Wonder when we will finally get into it?", Yuffie mused, Tifa shurugged, who knew. Cloud, Vincent and Nanaki were too interested in defeating the Weapons. Sure they said it was 'for the planet', but was it really so? Cloud's new sword was a little too familiar looking to be from anywhere else than,say, Ultima Weapon. Yuffie sat down and looked at the setting sun, if she looked hard, she could see Wutai's mountains. When she looked the other way, she saw Nibelheilm's mountains. Why they had snowtops when the neared cold-place was miles away*. Yet, besides the mysterious snow, they looked pretty same.
"Hey Tifa, ever wondered about the...", Yuffie started, but stopped when she saw Tifa. The woman was looking pretty sadly at the sun, and Yuffie wondered why.
"Uh, everythin' Ok?" The ninja asked Tifa, who shook her head like the feeling had shattered. Then she nodded, Yuffie didn't buy that.
"Yea right.. hey come on, tell me" Yuffie persuaded Tifa like a hyena, oddly having a similar expression on her face than the animal.
"Well...I just thought about what happens after we defeat him" Tifa said quietly.

"Uh, we have a party?" Yuffie said, Tifa shook her head. No, after that episode in the lifestream, she believed that it was far more darker and Budgehammer's information had even more furthered the idea.
"No,'s not like that I'm afraid." She said, trying to sound calm, but the fact still made her shiver. It wasn't just their little team, it was the whole human population. Everyone was going to die, and that was the heroic thing they were going to do. She silently sighed and told Yuffie about it. The ninja was so shocked she had to sit down, and stare.
"Oh my....thats what we are going to do? kill every human!?" She finally shouted, and bit her lip. No, that was too terrible. Far too terrible thing to do.
"..Yes, I'm certain. But if we don't, the planet will die", Tifa said, Yuffie gave her a rasberry. There was a long silence between them, Yuffie tried to swallow down the information. But it proved to be too bitter to ever swallow.
"I have...heard stories about heroes who do that, give their lives to the mission they have" Yuffie said silently, looking at the moon that had appered into the sky. It would have been calming, but the red glow of the meteor made it shine red as blood. A omen of the end in the Wutanian mythology. Well, indeed it was going to be, if Tifa was right. Suddenly Yuffie jumped up, shaking her fist at the meteor.
"I, Kisaragi Yuffie, will fight to the bitter end. No matter what!" She howled to the sky, looking determied. Tifa was suprised by the outburst but nodded.

The two looked eachother and Yuffie suddenly turned her head away,blushing slightly.

Author's notes:

* Nibelheim was the coldest place in norse mythology, so naturally nibelheim has the cold feel to it.
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