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Crystal Waterfalls

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Yamucha has something to say. This is, without a doubt, the GREATEST THING I WILL EVER WRITE. Srsly.

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Yamucha was a lovely young man, and there was no doubt about it from anyone. Even with his scars and his occasional fat lip he was quite the looker. Girls everywhere would fall at his feet - even when he was loyally dating the Capsule Corporation's prodigy and future owner. Men of the fairer persuasion would give him looks that would turn most people into a sexy puddle.

Yet, he had no interest in them. Only one captured his attention as thoroughly as he had caught everyone else's at the club that night.

"Vegeta," he spoke, voice trembling at the idea of confronting the Saiyan. "I have to tell you something."

"What do you want, human?" the prince snarled in response, looking fed up with the idea of even being at the damned club in the first place.

Yamucha steadied himself, took a breath, and then said:

"Vegeta, you are the vegetable salad that sates the hunger in my heart."

The prince blinked, raised an eyebrow, and then growled, "And you are going to be one dead pretty boy if you don't take ten steps away from me within the next two seconds."

"But Vegeta!" Yamucha continued, growing ever more worried for his own wellbeing, "You're... You're the... shit, what was - You're the wind beneath my wings! The Sonny to my Cher! The, the..."

Vegeta continued to glare, and then his eyes flashed. With a swift movement, the man barely dodged the weak ki blast, gaping at the Saiyan.

"I said, two seconds."

Yamucha got a hold of himself and then shouted, "Vegeta, you are the unicorn who gallops through the crystal waterfalls of my soul!"

He didn't give the prince a moment to react - he simply turned and ran as quickly as he possibly could to the DJ booth.

He leaned against the booth, panting and holding his chest, blind fear and nerves forcing him into shudders.

A hand grabbed his, pulled it out palm up, and then was returned to him with a fat wad of bills.

"I didn't think you could actually do it!" Trunks crowed, leaning against Goten for support and laughing as loudly as Krillen and Tenshinhan.

Yamucha grinned.

"What can I say? I'll do anything for a buck."
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