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To the seven deadly sins. Sanzo/Gojyo.

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"What did you say about my hair?!"

"You look like a girl, that's what!"

"Why you-" There was a brief struggle.




The fan vanished into a sleeve just as quick as it had appeared. "Stop arguing and shut up!" Sanzo growled, turning away from the idiots he called companions and closing his eyes for a moment as if that would make them go away.

"Like I'd listen to a guy in a dress..." a drawling voice muttered.

Sanzo twitched. There was a clicking sound.





/Mine/, the thought came unbidden to him as he stroked smooth skin and sharp planes. One hand tangled in silky hair, one hand touching and claiming and cursing. He heard the moans and wondered if those too were curses.

And then his world was surrounded by heat and ecstasy as strong legs wrapped around his waist, vision filled with crimson.

"Mine," he muttered without thinking before collapsing onto the body below. Snarling at himself, Sanzo glanced up.

The sly smirk he got in response was hardly comforting.


"We're lost."

"We are not."

"Then where are we?" Gojyo asked, annoyance mixed with a hint of smugness.

"I'm hungry," Goku moaned from his hunched over position in the backseat.

"In a second, both of you will be in Hell," the monk snapped. Violet eyes glared at the half-breed. "You're the one who lost the map."

"The stupid ape probably ate it," Gojyo said with a sharp smile.

"I did not!"

"Shut up both of you!"

Hakkai sighed and smiled. "Sanzo, perhaps we should simply ask for directions at the next town?"

"NO!" Two voices nearly shouted at the same time.

Hakkai sighed again as Goku laughed from behind. Men and their pride.


One finger traced the rim of a glass, lightly along the edge ever so slowly. Red eyes watched it with a bored expression, a tendril of red hair escaping from the rest of the ponytail. Gojyo absently pushed it back.

Sanzo stared. Even if he would never admit it should someone ask.


The monk blinked. Across from him, Gojyo sucked on his index finger with an annoyed flicker in his eyes. On the rim of his glass was a single drop of blood.

He stared more, idly wondering if he had somehow caught the half-breeds libido. It didn't even occur to him that his mouth was slightly open.

Gojyo paused and looked over at violet eyes, raising a slim brow in question. Snapping out of his reverie, the monk growled and, ignoring Hakkai's amused look, left the table for his own room.

If the half-breed didn't show up in ten minutes he'd castrate the bastard.


Occasionally Sanzo would look at his three companions and feel a tug of bitter something from within. As he stood frowning and miserable, he'd take in Goku's wide-eyed wonder of simple things. Gojyo's devil-may-care grin and easy swagger. Hakkai's polite nod and serene smile.

For a second he'd hate them more than he normally claimed he did.

Than he'd watch, not just look, but watch. Watch when Goku's eyes turned slightly dull and haunted. Watch as Gojyo closed in on himself when people stared too long and with too much contempt. Watch as Hakkai's hands clenched and his smile strained.

And then he'd just hate the rest of the world instead.


Gojyo was still for a few moments as he relaxed in the afterglow. Still, and silent.

For a moment, Sanzo's world was perfect.

"...So..." the voice began, slightly hoarse but sounding far too energetic. Arms tested the bonds Sanzo had used earlier to stop wandering hands. Both them and headboard remained sturdy. "...fifth times a charm, right?"

The monk groaned in an entirely different way than he had a minute ago.

The voice continued. "Come on, Sanzo-/sama/, don't tell me you're tired already. Where's that Buddhist concentration, or whatever. Or are you-mmph!"

Sanzo smirked as crimson eyes glared up at him, muffled noises coming from behind the makeshift gag. "I like you better with your mouth shut."

Gojyo rolled his eyes. The monk could just imagine his reply to that comment.

Luckily he didn't have to hear it.


The sun was merciless as it struck mid-day, rays attacking with more accuracy than most of their other opponents. There were no trees to act as shields, no clouds to battle the harsh light. Not even a slight breeze as Jeep trudged along the barren land.

And it was silent. Too silent.

"My, aren't you two behaving today," Hakkai commented, looking at the two figures in the back through the rear-view mirror. One appeared to be sleeping.

Red eyes glanced over. Gojyo didn't even bother turning towards his best friend. Grunting, his head rolled back on the side of the Jeep. It was too damn hot and his ass was too damn sore.

Fuckin Buddhist concentration.
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