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Is a Virtue

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Companion piece to "Seven". To the Holy Virtues. Sanzo/Gojyo

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Cho Hakkai, Genjyo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo, Son Goku - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2005-08-14 - Updated: 2005-08-14 - 808 words - Complete


The demon had an arm around his throat, tightening slowly and laughing in a way that sounded more like a bad cough. How the hell did this happen again? Gojyo thought in irritation as he struggled against his captor. Damn, he needed a beer.

Then there was a gun pointed at both of them and both demon and half-demon froze. "You think you can hit me before I kill your friend?" the demon hissed.

Violet eyes narrowed. "He's not my friend." click

Gojyo crushed the urge to struggle again and simply stood as the gun fired. He was already stomping up to Sanzo by the time the body hit the floor.

"You scorched my hair!"


They both gasped at the same time, Gojyo's turning into a moan by the end as his back arched. Sanzo simply shuddered as he climaxed, one hand tangling into long red hair and the other still wandering over now sticky flesh. The priest fell forward onto the other man when the rest of his energy seemed to leave him all at once.

They were silent, the only noise being still heavy breathing and the sound of sheets rustling. Gojyo tugged on the bandana wrapped around his wrists curiously. No give. He was not going back to his room with bound wrists. "Hey, Sanzo-"

"I'm too tired to move. Just shut up."

The arm around his waist tightened. Gojyo refused to look smug. Really.


"Ch...just my luck," the half-demon muttered, staring mournfully at his now empty cigarette carton. The one dangling from his mouth was burning down fast. "Fuck."

Hakkai smiled, looking over his shoulder for a moment before looking back to the road. "You should have gotten another pack when we stopped at that town yesterday."

"Yeah well, since when do I think ahead?" Hakkai laughed a bit and shook his head.

In front of him, Sanzo raised a hand. Gojyo and Goku were already ducking by the time they realized the priest wasn't holding his fan or his gun. Gojyo took the offered cigarette, resisting the urge to hug the other man.

"You owe me two packs at the next town."




"Why not?"


"What's the matter Sanzo-/sama/? Afraid?" Red hair was tossed, matching eyes designating a challenge.

"Look you sick kappa, I'm not going to fuck in a bathhouse. Just because you're depraved doesn't mean the rest of us are." Sanzo didn't think it was possible for eyes to smirk, but that's exactly what red eyes looked like they were doing. "Fine," he sneered, grabbing the nearest bar of soap. Looking thoughtful, his sneer turned into a smirk of its own.

" are not putting that where I think you're thinking."


Gojyo grabbed the soap away. He'd show him perverted.


The old woman smiled at the Sanzo party, one hand petting the multi-colored cat curled up on the front desk of the rickety Inn. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but we only have three bedrooms available. I could have one of my daughters lay out a futon in one of them if you wish."

Gojyo grinned, tossing an arm over the Sanzo's shoulders. "Naw. That's fine. Wouldn't want to bother your pretty daughters, now would we?"

He chose to ignore the monk's eye twitching.

And later chose to ignore the hard, cold floor he was sleeping on.


"I bet...I can outlast you," Gojyo groaned, arching back into Sanzo's thrusts. He hissed when the monk bit his shoulder.

"What are you betting this time? And don't say your ass. I already have that," Sanzo grunted, hair falling into his eyes. He shook it away irritably.

"Ha fucking haaa." The half-demon started to roll his eyes but ended up closing them. Now that felt good. "The carton I bought today." He felt the other's smirk against his shoulder.

Smug bastard. Didn't he realize whom he was going up against?

Then it was the redhead's turn to be smug when he felt the priest's hands tighten on his hips. A minute later they were both sprawled across the bed.

Before Sanzo could get his thoughts in order, he found a half-demon straddling him. "Best two out of three?"


His fingers itched, digging into the rough fabric of his pants.

His arm spasmed. Angrily, he forced it to be still.

He was strong, dammit! He could resist. He could be calm.

Eyes followed the path of one pale hand, then watched cheeks hollow and that perfect mouth form an 'O' shape.

This was ridiculous. "You basta-"" he cut himself off with a whimper.

Hakkai and Goku exchanged confused glances, taking in the glazed look of red eyes and the hand tightening around a beer can. "Ugh....Gojyo?" Goku said, unsure. "Are you...alright?"

The half-demon twitched.

Sanzo smirked, stubbed out his cigarette, and lit another.
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