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Immortal Yugi

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Yugi dies while on vacation but that's only the beginning.

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This is not my story. It did belong to Sairai Nexus, but she has given up on it, and has given me permission to continue it. Hope you all like it, and I'm not even going to bother with a disclaimer as you all know by now that if I did own this stuff, I wouldn't be here, doing this now would I?

Yugi felt giddy as he laughed with his Yami. It had been a wonderful two weeks in which he and Yami had nothing to do but relax. Here, in a town just north of Domino, where they had finally decided to have their vacation, there were no ditzy fan girls, or duels, or homework to worry about, so finally Yugi had time alone with Yami. Yugi was forever grateful that after Yami had gained his own body, he had stayed with Yugi, who, along with Mokuba had 'puppy-eyed' Seto until he agreed to pay for their little excursion. They were headed back to the hotel when out of a dark alley: he sprung. Before Yugi could do anything, he found himself pulled in close to a strongly alcoholic smelling man, with a gun next to his head.

"Let Yugi go." Yami said calmly in his 'You'd better not do anything or you'll live to regret it' voice.

"Ah so your name is Yugi is it?" the stranger hissed into Yugi's face, making Yugi wince from the stench, "Well Yugi, you'd better tell your boyfriend to hand over his cash or any other valuables he may have before I decide to use this."

"Yami." Yugi said, his voice quivering.

Yami reached for his pocket, as if going for his wallet, only to switch at the last second to the pocket that held his duel monsters. He was halfway through getting the deck out, when the old man smiled at Yami and said, "Too late boyfriend." and shot.

Yugi stood for a few seconds, blinking unbelievable as blood began to pool over his hands, and then he sank to his knees in pain. The bullet had gone all the way through.

"Yugi my god no!" Yami yelled as he ran to his aibou.

"Yami, I..."

"Oh god Yugi, please don't leave me, please hang on." desperately, Yami whipped out the cell phone that Kaiba had lent him and called 911.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"You have to help me, my brother's been shot!"

"Sir, do you know where you are?"

"I have no idea!" he said

"Calm down sir, we've got a trace on your cell phone; paramedics are being dispatched as we speak."

"Did you hear that Yugi? They're coming for you. Please don't leave me." He said hysterically

"Yami, I don't think I'm going to make it. Please tell everyone that I love them and that..." He coughed, interrupting whatever it was he was going to say

"No my aibou, don't say such things, I can hear them now, please just hang on, they'll be here soon."

Yugi smiled as his eyes closed, while Yami was frantically waving down the ambulance. As they tore through the streets, Yami could see that the paramedics were trying everything they knew of, and as Yami watched, they barely made it to the hospital. He watched as they wheeled his aibou into the emergency ward, and sat down to wait.

In the emergency room, they were doing all they could for the young patient, and the doctor smiled as he finally started to respond. Then...


"He's flat lining!"

"Get the paddles ready! 50 milijules now!"

"ZAAP!" Yugi's body jumped, "BEEEEP!"

"Pump it up, 70 milijules now!"


"100 milijules!"


"He's not responding!"

"Do it again" still nothing, "Again!" still nothing, "Again." still nothing, he shakes his head sadly, "Call it."

"The patient died at 3:45 p.m."

The doctor left as the nurse began writing up the report. The doctor sighed unhappily, he had been trained not to feel for exactly these situations, but he can't help it, the boy was so young. Now came his least favorite part of the job, notifying the family. He finds the other boy, and gasps. He's an exact duplicate of the boy who just died. Gaining his professionalism, he regains his composure, "I'm sorry to say this but..."

The boy already seems to know what the doctor is going to say, and he screams loudly as he rips down the hall "NOOOO! YUUUUGIII!"

Rewind 5 minutes...

Yami paced angrily from one spot of the room to another, berating himself as he did so.

'Why couldn't it have been me?' He thought dispairingly, only looking up as the doctor entered the room.

"I'm sorry..."

He never gets to finish his sentence, Yami knew from the moment he felt the bond snap that Yugi was dead, but he refused to believe it,

"NOOOOOO! YUUUUUGIII!" his powers slip from his control as he runs, the shadows whipping out radically around him, striking at the walls and anything else that's in the way. He reached the emergency room fairly quickly, and one of his patented glares empties the room.

"Why you Yugi? It should have been me!" he yelled angrily as he slamed his fist into the wall. Tears were running freely now, but he had come to a decision. If Yugi was to die, he will as well. He began to form a shadow blade with his magic, and taking a breath, he plunged the blade towards his form only to have it stopped a few centimeters from his body.

"Please let me die, I can't live without him." He said angrily as he swiped at the figure of the Dark Magician who sidestepped out of the way easily.

"You must not do this master Yami."

"Why not?"

"Because it is selfish. What do you think would happen to us when you killed yourself hmm? Our lives are tied to yours so we would die as well. But it is not out of concern for my life that I plead you not to do this thing, but because of Yugi. Think of him. What do you think he would feel if he knew he were the cause of your demise? What about your friends? They would never get to hear Yugi's last words to him. And what about his killer? Were you going to end it knowing that the police of this world would probably never catch him and that he would go free, never to pay for his crimes? But then again, what does a mere Duel Monster know? You may decide what you wish to do Master Yami and I will not stop you, but I beg that you think about what you are doing."

Yami sighed, "You are right my old friend, I was not thinking. First I will tell Yugi's family and friends what happened, then I will track down the killer and make him pay." He left the dark emergency room, out to the hallway. Taking out Seto's cell phone he starts to dial.

"Hello?" An old voice says groggily on the other side of the line.

"Grandfather it's me Yami," He takes a deep breath, his voice breaking, "I hate to do this over the phone, but I have some bad news for you. Yugi is dead."

A long pause and then, "My Yugi dead? No, it has to be a joke" his voice gets hysterical, "Tell me this is a joke!"

"I wish it was Grandfather."

"Not my Yugi! No! It can't be!"

"I'm going to call Seto next to see if he can arrange for a funeral and a ride home. Yugi should not be buried in this strange place."

"My poor Yugi..." Grandpa trails off and Yami tells him he'll call back after he reaches Kaiba. His hands shaking heavily now, he dials the next person on the list.

"Seto, it's me Yami, I have some bad news..."

Meanwhile, in the morgue...

"He's such a young patient."

"And such a cute one too. It's too bad he's dead."

"Yeah well we'd better get started on the hard part."

He says a little prayer for the small boy as he begins to pull the sheet over his head. He's only half done when the boy's eyes fly open suddenly, scaring the two orderly's and sending them running from the room.

Yugi's eyes snapped open as a man he didn't recognize began to pull a sheet over his head. Seeing him awake, they ran.

"What happened?" he moaned, "Where am I?" He remembered being shot, but nothing after. As he looked around, his eyes widened, "Holly Cripes, I'm in a morgue!"

'But that would mean...'

To test his theory, Yugi picked up the small knife on the side of the table and grimacing, he slashed his palm. Blood dripped from his hand for about five seconds, and then a blue flashy light jolted across the wound, making it appear as if it had never been there.

"Ookay, so I was dead, but now I'm not and I have healing powers. I can deal with this. Stranger things have happened. First things first, must get out of here; find some clothes and maybe Yami? No! Bad idea! He might think I'm an evil spirit taking over his dead aibou's body, nope, definitely don't want him after me. So what to do?"

Shaking visibly, the first thing he did was get dressed. "I'll have to find something else to wear," he said as he looked down at his bloody shirt, "This might attract too much attention."

Praying that the dead soul wouldn't mind, he borrowed a clean tee-shirt from another dead body, and was on his way. Strangely, even though he could feel the weight of the puzzle bouncing against his chest, he couldn't feel Yami.

"Yami, are you there?"

There was a sense of extreme sadness and anger from the link, but nothing else. Sighing, he started to walk when he felt something strange; a tingling sensation began from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head. When he turned the corner, he ran into a boy who was dressed like a biker. He was several times larger than Yugi and several years older. Something inside Yugi was screaming at him to run, and so he tried, only to be blocked by the other boy's immense form.

"A new immortal, how interesting, well boy, are you going to stand there all day, or are you going to fight?"

"I don't want to fight, please let me pass, I have done nothing wrong."

"You are immortal and therefore are part of the game, if you don't know what you are yet, all the better for me!"

He swung a sharp looking sword at Yugi who just barely jumped out of the way. Four more times the sword came down, and Yugi dodged. Then he heard a gun being cocked and for the second time in his life, he found himself being shot. The last thing he saw before his vision left was the sword heading for his neck...

End chapter

I want to know, just because I'm an obsessive kind of person, is milijules what the use to zap patients when they're heart won't work?
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