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All's Fair

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A Sanzo/Gojyo gift ficlet. When Gojyo first started the game, he hadn't really expected to have any results...

Category: Saiyuki - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Genjyo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo - Published: 2005-08-14 - Updated: 2005-08-15 - 370 words - Complete

When Gojyo first started the game, he hadn't really expected it to have any results. Damaging as it was to his pride, there were limits to all men and eventually you reached them. It didn't stop him from playing though. Of course not. Because he hadn't reached that limit yet, not really, and hell if he was going to just lie down and quit while he was ahead. It was a knack of his and sometimes he wished he had enough blood in his body to keep both his brain and his dick functioning.

Then he'd realize how fuckin boring life would be.

So he played his game with random brushes against pale skin and accidental touches. A double-edged sentence, with just enough emphasis on just the right word. Half-hooded looks and lazy grins. All things finger-licking good and waiting to taken up on. Hakkai thought he had finally lost it, shaking his head over the redhead's actions and waiting to pick up the pieces. Goku thought Gojyo was developing an eye twitch from all the winking he seemed to be doing.

And Sanzo was oblivious.

Eventually Gojyo just threw his hands into the air and decided that being subtle would get him nowhere. As a result, Goku now thought his nervous twitch had extended to his hands. How else could he explain the amount of times the half-demon would drop something and bend over to pick it up?

"This sucks," Gojyo commented to himself, tossing cards into an extra ashtray. He was alone in the room the Inn had given them, hair tied back into a ponytail and boots tossed into a corner.

"No shit." The redhead hardly had enough time to register that Sanzo had locked the door behind him before the blonde was on him, mouth locked on his and snarling words about "damn kappas" and "about damn time." Then he was flat on his back, with fingers wrapped around his cock and a hand on his ass.

"Still enjoying the game?" Sanzo smirked, and something in his eyes glinted.

Gojyo smirked back. What fun. "It ain't a game anymore monk-boy."

And Sanzo's eyes could only widen fractionally when he suddenly found their positions reversed.

"It's war."
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