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January 6th, 2007 x2...because I have nothing better to do

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God, you guys make me cry! Please read this. 'Tis short. Just wanna say thanks.

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So I'm sitting at home alone, trying to watch 'Elvis'. The one with Jonathan Rhys Taylor or whatever the hell his name is. But my mind is wandering, I figure I'll go re-read all my old reviews and ratings.

And, being Lexi, I start crying. Thank you so, so much. I got so many 'Moving' ratings, and my reviews were full of 'I love you's and 'You're talented's and all this wonderful stuff.

And, being Lexi, I start laughing while I'm crying because I know I'm being stupid.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who had every read my stories, who has ever encouraged me, who has ever bothered to leave me a review and who has ever wasted their rating points on me.

And a special thanks to Evie and Heather, because I really wouldn't write if it weren't for them. They are way better authors than I am.

And thanks to Bet, one of the best internet friends I've ever had, and Dayna, my big sister except for the fact that she's really not ^^

But thanks to everyone else. People like Kari and Kathryn and Izzy who always leave me reviews. Of course I'm, forgetting people, you know who you are. Thank you. I love you all. When it all comes down to it, my readers are the only reason I continue to write. It makes me happy to know I am making other people happy. It makes me happy that I am worth wasting review points on.

I'm gonna go finish my movie now.

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