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Confused? Harry is

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On a site somewhere someone asked what if the writings of fanfic authors really affected the Harry Potter characters. This is my take on it

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter and other canon characters belong to JKR I'm only having some fun

Confused? Not as much as Harry is!

Harry James Snape Black Potter the richest, poorest, darkest, lightest, wizard, elf, goblin, veela, fairy, vampire, werewolf, half-demon in the world, looked over at his gay lover girlfriend shag buddy one night stand love of his life and tried to remember his/her name.

They had been shagging like bunnies while keeping themselves pure until they were married, and he had ejaculated gallons of love juice into him/her so much so that he/she had given birth to two sets of twins, a set of triplets and three single babies five days afterwards

/'Oh that's it' /he remembered, "you know Ron Neville Draco Severus Remus Sirius Hermione Ginny Luna Padma Cho Susan Hannah Blaise, sometimes I feel my life is like a bad fanfic."

Short and sweet, I hope you appreciate the warped sense of humour
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