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Avoiding the Past

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Once in Allison's apartment, Andy finds avoiding his mistakes of the past difficult.

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Andy was lost in the dark winding stairwell that led to the loft apartments. If it weren't for Allison right in front of him, he truly wouldn't know what was up or down. The air inside the building was crisp and chilly.

"It used to be a political building in the late 1800's, or so I've been told. Then all of the swank action moved uptown and it was deserted. Then during the beatnik movement of the 60's, it was renovated and stuff, and now it's a loft. Not a cheap one, though," informed Allison. "The reason we're even celebrating is because we found a loophole on how to cheat our way out of being evicted."

"Evicted? Really? Why?" was Andy's next question.

"We can't afford to pay rent. We can barely afford to feed ourselves. Aaron's last book check got lost in the mail, Helene's lucky she didn't get laid off, and my paintings won't sell. What's a group of poor people supposed to do?"

"Your roommates?" asked Andy, nearly tripping over a step.

"Yep," said Allison. Andy wondered why the hell there were so many stairs. But a second after he complained in his head, the stairs terminated, and the couple walked down a hall with several apartments lining the walls. Andy noted that nearly all of the doors had evictions notices on the doors. They walked up another brief set of stairs and approached one more door at the end of the hall. Allison twisted a small brass key in the lock and cracked open the door.

Andy was blasted with an incredible wave of a campfire-like smell mixed with floral scent, not to mention a blast of light.

"Oh good," Allison remarked. "Utilities are still on!" Andy was astounded. He'd never had trouble with paying rent or bills.

Allison stepped aside and let Andy go through the door first. When inside, Andy was standing in the living room. A very small kitchen was across the room. Off to the side was a small porch and window, and opposite that was a small hallway that led to two bedrooms and a bathroom. The entire living space was covered in painting by Allison and Aaron, and music sheets from Helene were taped to the wall to be considered. A guitar was leaning in the corner. A paint-encrusted old sectional sofa graced the remaining corner. And a tiny TV (no more than 10 inches) was opposite the couch on a small coffee table.

In the middle of the floor, two young individuals, one of each sex, were doing an elaborate yoga pose on two green mats on the floor. The smell had been coming from a small torch of incense over on the coffee table.

Allison rolled her eyes. "Helene, Aaron, get your 'nads off the floor and come meet my guest!"

Both roommates sprung up and came to them. Aaron seemed to smile at the strapping young man Allison had brought home.

"Andy, this is Helene and Aaron. Guys, this is an old friend of mine from Shermer!"

Wait, had Allison just called him her old FRIEND?! They went way beyond 'friend!'


"Nice to meet you!"

"Do you work out?"

Andy blushed at Aaron's question. "I used to be a wrestler in high school and college."

"I respect a man who wears tights in public!" he said. Allison smiled. Aaron was already taking to her guest. He seemed happier than he'd been in a long time. She could see Andy getting increasingly uncomfortable.

"I didn't wear tights. I wore the required uniform!" Allison giggled. Now, where had she heard THAT before?

"Which was tights!" finished Allison, only because Brian wasn't there to do it for her.

Only Andy didn't tell her to shut up. He just looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his face. Allison looked at her feet and blushed.

"So, Andy! Allison's told us a little bit about you! So, you abandoned her to go to college promising-"

"-a phone call on weekends and a visit every semester," Aaron joined in with Helene.

"But after a whole year of nothing," continued Aaron.

"She realized the bastard blew her off and moved out east!" said the duo again in unison. Andy and Allison began sweating.

"Guys, can we EAT?" begged Allison. They HAD to shut up about that! Believe it or not, when she'd first moved in with them, that was the mildest of what she'd had to say about Andy.

Aaron shut up. But Helene, ever the advocate for trustworthy love, had to interrogate more (she also had two cans of beer in her, which didn't help the situation).

"Are you seeing anyone now?" she asked. Andy looked at Allison for help. Allison was fuming red.

"He said he's engaged!" Allison said, speaking up for Andy. Allison wanted to wash her mouth out with soap. She admitted Andy didn't love her anymore. The fact that pained her and gave her a near-ulcer for ten years now had just been verified from her own mouth.

Andy nodded in gratitude. Allison seemed so calm saying that. As if he didn't matter anymore. Well, blowing her off for a model without warning wasn't exactly a nice thing to do. She seemed forgiving, however. It just made Andy feel more guilty.

"Helene, I bet Andy's REALLY hungry..." said Aaron. Helene nodded in defeat and took the bags to the kitchen.

"Oh, I didn't intend on staying for supper, I have to get home," said Andy.

"Come on! Stay! We're having soy burgers and onion rings!" said Allison. Helene squealed. Aaron licked his lips. Andy, ever the meat-eater, decided a change of diet for one night wouldn't hurt.

"May I stay?" asked Andy.

"No," said Allison. "We suggested you were hungry to send you out the door with nothing!" She rolled her eyes. Andy laughed. Some thing hadn't changed.
Andy eventually decided to stay the night with Allison and her roommates, only because Vanessa was out, and he was too tried to walk home anyways. He'd catch a bus in the morning.
Aaron asked Andy to stay with him in his room, but Andy immediately said he'd take the couch. Aaron sulked, but it was a playful sulk. Allison notice Aaron wasn't nearly as dark and brooding as he'd been. He was actually happy and outgoing, like he used to be. It was fun watch Aaron flirt and Andy sweat.

Helene and Aaron were asleep by midnight, but Andy and Allison were out on the sofa catching up. They avoided personal matters and kept trying to avoid getting into a brawl. Andy let Allison do a lot of the talking. He just loved watching her lips move again.

Allison talked a lot about her various jobs and experiences. Andy mentioned how he was a successful man with a nice lifestyle. Allison nodded.

"I have a successful life too," she said. Andy involuntarily snickered. "What?" she asked.

"It's not exactly the Ritz here, Allison," he said.

"It doesn't have to be," she retorted. "I finally have people who like me for who I am. I belong in this loft in this artsy section of town! I'm happy. That's all that matters!"

"You told me you can't pay your rent!" said Andy.


"I can lend you a few bucks for this month if you want," he offered nobly. Allison raised an eyebrow, she was good at that.

"I don't need your charity," she said blankly. "You have your head up your ass!" she said.

"Excuse me?"

"You think money should be the thing making me happy!"

"Being secure, being safe, THAT should make you happy!"

"Well, maybe I LIKE not being safe!"

Andy thought a minute. It wasn't really his place to get involved.

"I'm sorry. This really isn't my problem," Andy said, making a peace offering.

Allison wanted to say that it wasn't a problem at all, but instead she nodded and said, "You're right."

Looking at the clock, Andy turned back to Allison and said, "I'm really tired."

"Go get some sleep," Allison agreed. "Sleep tight," she said. Andy put his feet up on the couch and nodded.

"You too," he said. He'd drifted off to sleep before Allison even had a chance to turn off the lights.
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