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How To Tolerate A Bitch

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Allison shows Vanessa who's boss!

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Allison made sure she didn't make the mistake of inviting Andy up to her apartment again, so she said goodbye to him on the front stoop to her building. It did feel nice being on good terms with Andy again. Once inside, Allison decided to take a nap. She was tired from all the fighting she'd been doing. But before she could lie down for more than 5 minutes, Helene woke her up.

"Allison, I need to head to the theater district to pick up some new sheet music, can you come with? You know how the alleys on Broadway can be this close to sunset," said Helene. Allison grunted and sat up.

"Fine!" and thus the duo headed uptown. Allison didn't like the theater part of town. It was full of wannabes and people who thought acting was the only way to live. Drama queens scared Allison. Those saps wouldn't last a minute in SoHo, although they wanted to play someone from SoHo. She never understood the acting world.

Allison and Helene wandered around for a while. "So Helene, where did you say this sheet music place was?" asked Allison.

"45th and Broadway," replied Helene. Great, another 20 blocks. All Allison wanted to do was crawl into bed. After such a big day, all she needed to do was sleep. She almost wanted to cancel her teaching job for the day in the Bronx, but she did need the paycheck.

But her mood was suddenly changed when she spotted the newest bane of her existence walking out of a pawn shop. Allison snickered and held Helene back.

"That's Queenie over there, the one I told you about who's engaged to Andy!" she said with almost a delighted look on her face.

"Want me to stab her?" asked Helene, pulling out a switchblade she kept on her for 'security' reasons (Allison sometimes wondered if Helene was related to the mob boss of some Belgian mafia somewhere around here). Allison held her back.

"This woman is so easy to manipulate, Helene. But..." Allison frowned. "I don't feel like picking fights tonight. I'm too tired," she said. Helene frowned and put the knife away.

"You never let me have any fun!" Helene pouted playfully.

"I'll make a voodoo doll of her and you can smack the shit out of it, okay, you sadist?" Allison laughed. Helene's destiny was to be a serial killer!

Helene rolled her eyes and snorted. Then both girls laughed out loud and began to move past Vanessa. But unlike Allison, Vanessa was all about making waves tonight.

"Oh god, the demon!" she squeaked from the steps of the pawn shop. Allison and Helene stopped in there tracks. Great.

"Helene, no knife, okay?" warned Allison. Helene nodded as they turned to face their enemy.

"Grow up, Vanessa," said Allison.

"This coming from a lawn gnome such as you?" said Vanessa. Allison rolled her eyes. This woman certainly couldn't insult for the love of god.

"Vanessa, listen to me. You're in love with Andy. He's...well, he's in love with you," Allison noticed how her voice softened when she admitted it. "So leave me alone and we won't have a problem."

"Why don't you go home and eat shit?" added Helene.

"Andy thinks I'm a liar, you know. Because of yesterday. He ignored me last night. He thinks I'm high-strung, and he wouldn't make love last night," Vanessa said.

Great thing to admit on the street, Princess! thought Allison.

"Oh, are you suggesting I 'bewitched' him? Because you know, Vanessa, there's a little word, I don't know if you know it, called 'sarcasm!' It means-"

"-I KNOW was sarcasm is! But I just need to tell you to keep away from him! He's mine! I don't want any shitheads from under the bridge fucking up my relationship!" said Vanessa.

"I'm hearing obscene words from such a pristine lady!" said Allison (she was to occupied to realize the origin of the phrase).

"Oh come on, it's the Beast talking to Beauty here!" said Vanessa.

"You see me as a threat, don't you?" asked Allison. Vanessa looked at her feet.

She does, thought Allison. I don't believe it! She does! Allison was almost flattered.

"Because it's extremely pathetic and a little beneath you, don't you think? Miss Strike-a-Pose is afraid of a common maverick stealing her man away?" Allison enjoyed saying that!

Vanessa flustered and embarrassed, walked straight up to Allison and spit on her. After wiping the saliva off her cheek, Allison found an involuntary nerve pinch her, and before she knew it, she'd spun Vanessa around and round-housed her in the jaw. Vanessa fell against the wall as a few spectators saw the punch. Vanessa looked up murderously at Allison.

"Wanna run that by me again?" asked Allison. "Because we can make this a show for the people; they pay they're taxes, I think they need some action for their dollar!" Allison felt like she'd been possessed by John Bender, that'd be something he'd say, not her.

Vanessa immediately tried to grab Allison's throat, but Allison delivered another blow, this time right in the nose. Vanessa was thrown back again. Helene cheered, but Vanessa took hold of her hair and pushed her against the brick wall behind them. Allison shoved Vanessa away.

"Leave my friend out of this. You're grudge is with me, bitch!"

"Allison, please. Look at us! We're fighting in the street like little boys! We're adult women! Let's end this! All you have to do is never see Andy again or come near him, and I'll leave you and your own mud-slinging way of life alone!"

"You wish, princess!" said Allison. Just then, Vanessa managed to get a good shot to Allison's gut. Vanessa's bony fist had gotten her right in her soft spot. Allison doubled over in pain. Helene jumped onto Vanessa's back and pulled her to the ground.

"Argh! You asshole!" Helene yelled. Allison's wind was knocked out of her. She could barely breathe. The owner of the pawn shop came out and helped Allison regain her breath. Vanessa's designer dress was ripped.

"You ruined my Ralph Lauren! I'll kill you for that!" she yelled.

"Bite me!" yelled Allison, kicking Vanessa's stiletto so hard the heel broke. Vanessa again tumbled to the floor. The people who'd gathered around to watch laughed. Vanessa angrily looked around, but Allison and Helene had by then disappeared around a corner, giggling in victory the whole way.
Andy was smiling blissfully on the couch. He was trying to reflect on the good times he and Allison once had, and in looking for photos he might have forgotten about, he'd found an old video that was shot in the days before Andy left. Brian's dad had a video camera (a huge bulky one by today's standards, they were just coming out then) and Brian wanted to make a Memory video for Andy to take away with him. Why had he never watched it before?

So far it'd been just shots of random moments the group had together. Claire slapping Bender for trying to get a peek up her skirt. Allison dancing and spiraling around in a down pouring rain. John giving Brian a swirlie because 'he felt like it!' Andy, Allison, and Claire goofing around in Andy's parents' clothes after getting a little drunk (Andy wore his mom's dress, Claire had wrapped a sheet around her head, and Allison wore his dad's business suit). Bender hurling rocks at Vernon's car. Bender spray-painting Vernon's car. Bender rubbing his naked butt on Vernon's car. Bender doing all the same to Vernon's NEW car. Then, the video came to a group of goodbye messages taped by each of the four other members of the Breakfast Club. Andy had to laugh at how dorky they all looked 10 years ago (including himself).

Brian's message was first: "Okay, um, so, I know it's only been a little while, but you've been an awesome friend, and a great guiding hand. I mean, if it wasn't for you, I would never have gotten to meet Gina Rosenthal, am I right? She's hot, so thanks for setting me up with her. I really hope we get to meet up someday when you're home from college and me too. Good luck at Ohio State!"

Next was Claire: "Hey Andy! Life the past few months certainly was a blast, and it wouldn't have been the same without you. Seriously, without you there to defend me against John that first day would've turned out to be absolute hell. My number is 783-4296, I'm taking some time off before college, so give me a ring! I really hope we can all stay in touch with each other. I'll miss you!" Andy smiled as Claire blew him a kiss.

Bender's started off with his naked ass being wiggled in front of the camera as he whooped and hollered. Andy snorted and blew up in laughter. Brian's voice could be heard from behind the camera: "John, please!" Bender then pulled up his pants and turned around, laughing: "Sorry man, had to do that. Anyways, it's been quite a ride, eh? I snuck some of my best stuff into your carry-on, so if you don't get caught by security on the way out you can live it up whenever you get stressed out. Hope you don't have to wear tights in college! It's been surreal!" and he gave a little salute good-bye.

The last image was Allison. Andy took a deep breath and paused the tape. This one was going to make him cry a little, he felt. He needed to take a breath, then he played Allison's message: "Look, Andy, I know you'll call me and stuff, but I just wanted to send you off with an image of me so you don't forget me and what I look like, I mean, god knows how a semester away from each other will change us..." Andy cringed. He felt like shit. "...I'll miss you so much. You're such an awesome shoulder to lean on, and without you I would never have made it to the end of senior year! I love you and can't wait until you come home for Christmas. Time will drag without you, I'm sure. Don't worry about me, ok? I love you so much!" Allison's tender smile was the last image on the tape before it turned to snow. Andy felt a single tear warm his cold cheek. Allison had been so sure he'd come home to her. He was such a prick!

"ANDY!!!!" Vanessa burst into the apartment like a bolt of furious lightning. Her dress was ripped and she had a bloody nose and a black eye. Andy stood up and ran to her side.

"Vanessa? What the hell happened? Were you mugged?" he asked.

" your whore-friend with the tattoo!"

"Allison? I seriously doubt that!" said Andy, sitting Vanessa down and running to get a pack of ice.

"I'm serious, I was walking out of a Chanel boutique, and she just jumped me! I begged her to have mercy on me, but she just yelled and said 'Get away from Andy! I hate you, you skank!'" Vanessa said. Andy shook his head.

"I don't see Allison doing that..." said Andy, seriously doubting what Vanessa said was true.

"Do you see my black eye! My broken nose?"

"It's not broken, just bleeding!" said Andy, putting the ice pack on Vanessa's eye.

"I don't want you near her anymore! She's out to kill me!" with that, Vanessa fainted.

Andy wondered. Did Allison really do this? How could she? How DARE she? Andy decided he would go set things straight in the morning.
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