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Aaron Knows It All

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Aaron helps push our lovely couple to a reconciliation!

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Aaron was honestly sick of all of the drama that'd been happening. He'd woken up to screams in the living room, and found Allison and Andy arguing again. What a surprise. Every time they met they ended up arguing. Aaron rolled his eyes, grabbed a sweater, and wanted to just go for one of his famous 12-hour walks in the park. He came out into the living room and saw Allison passed out on the sofa. The tequila bottle from Friday was in her hand.

"Psh. She never could hold her alcohol well," said Aaron to himself, beginning his venture down to the park.

Aaron rarely went to Central Park. But there was a small park closer to home where everyone there was artsy and open. Local concerts would play (Helene was an opener a few times) there during the summer, and during the winter people would flood the park and use it as an ice rink. Aaron needed a getaway. Allison's cute boyfriend comes back and now everything is crazy. They should just get married, then they'd be happy, or at least fight somewhere other than his apartment. They were so obviously in love. Plain as day! If it were any plainer, their names would've been Romeo and Juliet.

Taking a deep breath, Aaron wandered around the park for awhile. The air was crisp and cool, but the sun was shining. It was days like this that made him miss Gregg a whole lot more. It would've been probably about 9 months to a year by now since the horrible day Gregg's mother called from the hospital to tell Aaron (who would've become their son-in-law eventually) that Gregg had been beaten to death by homophobic thugs. It was a miserable day. For the funeral, Aaron had asked his parents (homophobes as well...imagine how they felt when their son came out!) to come, and for the first time ever, his parents we open-minded about it and came, which meant the world to Aaron. Helene played music she'd been working on and dedicating to Gregg's memory, and Allison had delivered an emotional eulogy. Other than post-office runs and walking for days at a time through the park, Aaron never got out. He just didn't have the light heart he used to have. Gregg had shared the apartment with him and the girls, and it was like one huge happy family. Aaron smiled ever so slightly when he thought that he only had a limited time before he could see his Gregg again...because he had AIDS.

Helene and Allison knew about it, but no one else, not even his parents knew about it. Aaron took AZT so he could prolong his life span, but after Gregg died, he wanted to stop using it. Allison was the one who convinced him to keep on with the AZT. She was such a good person. Aaron couldn't see how Andy could possibly have abandoned that sweet girl after high school. Aaron could've kicked his 'nads for that!

Strolling along, who should appear before his eyes but Andy himself, his head buried in his hands, sitting on a park bench! He had a bag of groceries at his feet, and he looked like he was regretting the fight, he appeared extremely distressed. Aaron felt horrible. He knew Andy and Allison were right for each other. Love was such a beautiful thing, and he felt somewhere in his gut that Andy was to Allison like Aaron was to Gregg. Aaron smiled and knew what he had to do.

"Hey Andy!" Aaron waved to Andy, who looked up and smiled mildly. Aaron sighed and sat next to him. "What a nice day out, eh?" Aaron wondered how long it would take before he got aroused. He laughed at the thought.

"What's so funny?" asked Andy.

"I'm the reason Allison beat up Vanessa!" he blurted out.

"Huh?" asked Andy.

Aaron smiled. Hook. Line. Sinker! "Allison didn't make the decision to smack down your fiancée, we were drinking and doping last night, and I told her to go beat the shit out of Vanessa if she hated him so much!" Andy looked like he wanted to smack himself.

"Are you serious? So...I just blew in Allison's face for no reason at all?" he asked Aaron.

"Go apologize to her, Andy. Go to her," said Aaron.

"No, I can't do that, it's not that simple!" said Andy.

"Why not?" asked Aaron.

"Because...I'm engaged to be married, Aaron. And said fiancée isn't fond of Allison! I'm torn! Besides, I just wronged Allison horribly. I can't go in there and humble myself at her feet. I'm not that kind of man!" Andy protested.

Aaron sighed. "You know, Andy. My boyfriend and I were engaged for a very short time about a year ago..."

"Oh?" asked Andy, only pretending to be interested.

"Yeah. He was killed in a hate crime."

"I'm sorry," said Andy.

"No you're not. People say sorry out of regret. How can you regret a death if you weren't involved?"

"I'm sor-I mean, go on," said Andy with a monotone voice.

"Well, his name was Gregg. He had such a beautiful soul! But, a few days before Passover last year, we had an argument. I was just like you. I never liked admitting I was wrong. I was always the more macho of the two of us (which doesn't say much, now does it?). I stayed my path and refused to give. Gregg didn't either, although now looking back on the past he was in the right. You know what happened? I never forgave him, but three short days later, Gregg was killed. I had so much of myself in him, when he died, I guess part of me did too..."

"What are you saying? Are you saying you think me and Allison?"

"You and Allison what?" asked Aaron. He wanted Andy to say it himself.

"That you think me and Allison still have a flame between us? That you think we each other?" asked Andy. Aaron smiled.

"And I thought you were all brawn! Good job!" said Aaron happily.

"Oh no! I don't love her anymore! I have a commitment to Vanessa!"

"Andrew, Andrew, Andrew! People get engaged and never get married every day!" said Aaron.

"Aaron I really hope you're joking!" said Andy.

"Go to her and apologize, Andy! You know she's lying stupefied and drunk on the sofa right now because she wanted to drink herself to death after you left!" Not completely true, but it was still a good dramatic tweak.

"Oh god! Did she really?" asked Andy, who suddenly shot up. "Aaron, you're right! I feel so bad...I need to go apologize right now!" Andy took off and ran down the street, leaving the bag of groceries behind. Aaron took out a bag of rice from the bag and opened it, playfully tossing rice after Andy as he ran.
Allison and Helene had lit some soft-smelling incense and were lying on the floor, trying to get rid of their hangovers the next morning. They wanted to spill how miserable their lives were to each others. The lights were out, the curtains closed. Allison and Helene took turns griping about life.
"I hate money. If money had never been invented, then the world would be a much happier place! Worries would be gone and this planet would live in harmony. Sounds like a dream, doesn't it?" slurred Helene.

Allison puffed out a breath of air that she'd sucked in.

"I mean, seriously, man! Money will be the downfall of humankind!"

"Money took my Andy away from me," said Allison. Helene growled and sat up.

"I'm going outside to have a smoke. I know you hate smoke so stay inside," said Helene, taking a small baggie of pot and walking onto the porch. Allison closed her eyes and willingly lost consciousness.

Suddenly, a light airy kiss on the cheek woke her up. Allison fluttered her eyes. Andy was leaning over her.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"My head is killer!" Allison moaned as Andy slowly brought her to a sitting position and leaned her against the sofa. "Andy? Are you seriously here?"

Andy smiled. "I'm so sorry. Allison. Forgive me, I haven't been treating you right!" Allison felt Andy take her hand and kiss it softly. Allison's heart fluttered. "I don't want you to tolerate me. I want us to be best friends. Screw what Vanessa says!" said Andy.

"You dumped her?" asked Allison.

"Well, no. But I won't let her rule every aspect of my life. You're my best friend. I won't hurt you anymore, I promise!" Andy declared. Allison smiled. He still didn't love her, but she was his best friend.

It was a start.
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