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The Blind Man Can See: Part I

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Allison goes to her opening with Andy.

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The following Saturday morning, Allison got up at the crack of dawn for the first time in nearly 6 years. Andy wouldn't be there to pick her up until noon, so she had six hours to kill, and for once, she wasn't in the mood for sleep. She wasn't the least bit hungry either, so instead she decided to take a bath. Aaron and Helene were still fast asleep, so Allison closed the door and lit a stick of incense. Then she began filling the tub (hot water, now that they could afford it) and pouring bubbles into it. As Allison undressed waiting for the tub to fill, she looked at herself in the mirror completely naked. She hadn't done this since high school and Andy started going out with her. Ten years sure changed her. In high school she had curves along her body. Her thighs were plumper, and her flesh had a red undertone that gave color to her body. Now, she was fairly bonier. Life as a starving artist had literally eaten away at her. While she wasn't as scrawny as Vanessa, she definitely lost a few pounds since high school. Her pink undertones had given way to a creamy white all-over color. She looked not nearly as healthy as she did before. She needed to eat something rich one in awhile. Andy would be the one to tell her that, probably. He always seemed to like a girl with meat on her bones. That's what baffled Allison about Andy's infatuation with Vanessa, who could be walking down the sidewalk and fall through the air vents at any given moment. Allison ran a hand over her left breast. Her figure was diminishing. Allison used to love eating, especially strange foods that grossed people out. But after Andy cast her aside, she didn't seem to have such a love for food anymore. She wasn't a vegan until Andy left, and then steak just looked disgusting. Andy's abandoning her had changed Allison in so many ways. But she also noticed that in the month Andy was back in her life, she had been getting out and eating a bit more. Allison smiled. She could save her dissipating body yet! The boy was back in town!

Allison turned off the faucet and looked at the clock on the wall. It was only 6:15. Allison sighed and stepped into the hot foaming tub and let the hot water caress her body in every way it could. Allison moaned in pleasure. She'd only had lukewarm showers before now. Allison fell asleep lying in the tub, visions of her past with Andy lying in her head. The day Andy left Allison was a really hard one. If Allison knew how long the separation was destined to be, it would have been deadly...
I guess this day had to come sooner or later. I mean, a full-ride to Ohio State is a kick-ass opportunity, and I've never been more proud of my Andy. But I really hoped the world would end yesterday. Whatever happens to the dead soul is bound to be less tormenting than what is about to happen to my living one. Where IS Andy? He said he'd drive by on his way to the airport! I'm getting worried that he won't stop by. God, I hate Shermer. I need to get out of here! I want to seriously go with Andy, maybe get a job and an apartment with him, let him go to classes, and get all jumpy and excited when I hear him unlocking the door! But now that my dad's ran out on my mom, I just can't abandon her and my two brothers! I guess I have no choice.
Oh god, here he comes...

"Hey Allison!" Andy's saying from out the window of his car. He sounds horrible. He looks like he's been up all night. I feel like crying!

"Hey," is all I can reply before I begin squeaking and tearing up like I used to. Andy immediately jumps out of the car and tackles me to the grass, passionately kissing me. I kiss his neck (down near the little niche by his collarbone, it drives him crazy!) as he kisses my sensitive spot: my earlobes! We start rolling around until a car driving by honks at us. Then we come to. We shoot up onto our feet and look at each other.

"You WILL call as soon as you land, right?" I ask.

"I might even call before that!" promises Andy. I smile.

"And Christmas?" I ask.

"I'll be coming down your chimney for sure!" said Andy. I have to laugh. That sounded so wrong! But the brief laugh ends as I look at his car, motor running, awaiting his return. I begin squealing again. Andy grips me in his strong arms. The only place I feel secure is in his arms.

"I love you, please keep loving me," I whisper.

"I swear on my grandfather's grave that I will miss you constantly. I love you, Ally," he whispers back to me. Then he kisses me softly one last time. Then, as swiftly as he'd come, he hops in his car and drives off towards the airport. His old rust-bucket engine puffs out a huge cloud of exhaust that blinds me.

By the time the dust clears, all traces of my Andy are gone.
Allison woke up to find she'd fallen asleep in the tub, and the water had turned cold. Allison hopped out of the bathtub and pulled the plug. She wrapped a towel around herself and looked at the clock again. She'd been dreaming in the bath for nearly 3 hours (and she'd thought she didn't feel like sleeping)! Allison rushed out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Helene was still snoozing, despite the fact the alarm clock was buzzing consistently. Allison rolled her eyes and hurled a pillow at Helene, which was followed by Helene yelping.

"Get bent!" she moaned.

"It's nine you jackass!" Allison hollered. Helene looked at the clock and slowly eased herself to her feet. She nodded and trudged to the bathroom as Allison slammed the door. What the fuck was she going to wear? All she had were ratty old skirts and concert t-shirts!

Allison growled and sifted through her closet when she heard a knock on the door. Aaron walked in with a box under his arm. Allison yelled at him out of stress.

"Aaron! I have NOTHING! I don't want to go out to a museum uptown with Andy looking like a slug!" Allison whined. She sounded like a pretty-pretty princess!

"I know," said Aaron smugly. Allison turned around to face him.

"So?" asked Allison. She looked at the box he held. "What's that?" she asked.

Aaron smiled. "I figured even you would wanna look nice today!" he said, opening the box. Allison peered inside. She gasped. A dress was inside. It was a light purple, almost a sickly shade that would make her usually puke. But when Allison pulled it out, she found it was such a piece of work. It was strapless, but had a sweeping asymmetrical skirt that looked like Cinderella's. It was gorgeous, despite the color. "It was Gregg's sister's prom dress. I made some calls and she sent it over happily. It's your day, Princess. You aren't being inspired of today, you are inspiring!"

Allison felt a tear come to her eye as she hugged Aaron and took the dress. "Oh god, Aaron! It's stunning! Thank you so much!" Aaron smiled. Andy wouldn't be able to resist! He walked out slowly as Allison shut the door to get changed.

Three hours later, exactly, Andy knocked on the door. Aaron opened it and grinned. Andy had actually donned a tuxedo for the event of Allison's showing. Damn, he looked fine! Helene dressed up as well, but only in a simpler style of a dress in a light minty-green color. Andy sighed.

"It's a big day for Allison, eh?" he said. Aaron smiled.

"You ready? We're going!" hollered Aaron.

"I'm NOT gonna miss the free buffet!" yelled Helene. Andy giggled. He had a feeling Allison was going to break out of her shell and dress up quite a bit. Who wouldn't? But nothing on earth could have prepared him for who came out of the bedroom.

Allison, in a drop-dead gorgeous dress, slowly strolled into the living room. Andy felt his breath thinning and eventually slipping away. She wore REAL makeup, her hair was swept back. God, she filled out that dress so finely! Andy was almost in tears. She, for once, put Vanessa to absolute shame.

Allison felt Andy's stare on her. It felt like a warm wind on a freezing day. Allison felt beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.

"Ready to go?" she asked. Andy honestly wanted to just stand there and observe Allison. She was, well, perfect.

"You look amazing!" he declared. Allison blushed. Aaron grinned. "Yes! I have the limo warmed up outside!" Allison blinked. A LIMO? "Surprise!" Andy said. Allison blushed. Andy offered his arm to Allison, who smirked and took it. Helene took Aaron's arm, and the quartet headed outside.
The abstract exhibit was unveiled as Allison and Andy finished their buffet lunch. Among Allison's paintings were the one he'd witnessed being created (the girl and the tree), and two others that were totally abstract. Allison truly had a lot of talent. After Allison and the other artists in the exhibit talked for awhile, Helene and Aaron went to look at statues while Allison begged Andy to explore into the other abstract exhibits from the different eras. They discussed paintings for awhile before moving onto the next one. Andy couldn't help but notice how elegant and mature she looked. Andy felt like a middle school boy taking his older sister to a dance because he couldn't find another date. She outshined everyone else in the room.
The couple walked up to a painting by a lesser-known abstract artist from France named Pierre-Luc De Florette. His painting was deep bloody red, with splatters of wooden brown and lightning yellow jagged and broken shapes all over. Andy's eyes hurt from this one. He thought it looked like a baby could do it of given the right colors. Andy began to move on without a word. Allison, however, managed to grab his elbow and pull him back.

"What's the hurry?" asked Allison.

"I don't get this one, let's keep going," insisted Andy. Allison scowled. How could he not see it? But that was just it...

"No, you don't SEE it, Andy," said Allison. Andy shook his head.

"No, I definitely SEE it, but it's just a bunch of blots and broken shapes!" said Andy. Allison sighed woefully at Andy.

"Andrew Clark, there is a difference between LOOKING and SEEING!"

"I don't see much difference," Andy muttered. Allison rolled her eyes.

"A blind man can see without looking, Andy," explained Allison. "He senses feeling and emotion. But a man who doesn't even need glasses can only look at a work and not see it's depth and beauty," she finished. Andy rose an eyebrow. Allison grunted. "Look at the painting. It's a bunch of spots and shapes, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yeah, I told you," he answered.

"No, close your eyes, Andrew, and SEE it!" Allison ordered. Andy took a breath and did so. Suddenly, Andy got the vision of the painting in his head and felt hot, dizzy, almost angry. He opened his eyes and looked at the painting.

"I saw it! I felt mad, weak, hot, aggravated," he said. Allison nodded and grinned from ear to ear.

"Congratulations, Andrew Clark, you've jus seen you're first painting!"
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