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Guilty, With No Regrets

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Andy's mind is tormenting him after the kiss...

Category: Breakfast Club - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Published: 2007-01-07 - Updated: 2007-01-07 - 1010 words

Andy just needed a drink. And not champagne. He needed something hard. VERY hard. He needed to drown himself. His mind was ready to explode and spill stupid juice all over the freshly steamed carpet. Instead of getting a drink, he ripped his shirt off and fell onto the sofa. He grabbed the remote and turned on the television to a hockey game and muted it. This was just too overbearing. He was so messed up.

The thing was, he kissed Allison. He'd been the one provoking the action, and she didn't pull away. He'd been the one caressing her face as he put his lips to hers. He'd been the one feeling around her waist as she dug her soft fingers into his sensitive neck. And he was the one engaged to be married, not her. Vanessa was going to hang him high for this. Of course he wouldn't tell her, but god forbid Allison come over to the apartment one day while she was there...

The past month with her (after getting over the clashing there was for awhile) had been the best month he'd had in 10 years. Before Allison, he'd been a black-and-white photograph. Realistic, monotone, and barely there. Allison splashed color into his world and mixed things up, her and her roommates. Now he was a vibrant, silly, abstract Picasso. Confused, mystified, out-of-focus. Andy had been sucked into her world and now there was no escape. Kissing Allison felt like such a relief. Like a drink of water after a dust storm in the Sahara. Like having Gatorade poured on him after winning a Superbowl. The other thing was, Allison was so mature, so wise. Her mind was constantly open and she listened. Money didn't matter. Heck, she'd just gained 30 grand in cash and yet she wasn't splurging much. She'd spend a tenth of it on rent for the next half year, another 1,000 on art supplies and fancy food to pig out on in celebration, and the rest she actually opened a bank account for (Aaron's suggestion, so it could gain interest over time). She didn't buy diamonds or fancy gowns. She didn't go on a vacation with it. Money was the least of her concerns. Allison's thing was being content. She would take being happy over a million dollars in a heartbeat. She was the polar opposite of his girlfriend, to whom he'd made a commitment to making a lifelong commitment. And Andy had kissed her.

The worst part of all was, he didn't regret it. Not in the least.

Lying there, his eyes gazing the ceiling, Andy knew he didn't regret the kiss. He still felt the spicy tingle on his lips Allison gave him. Vanessa never gave him that. He'd always thought a kiss was a kiss. No big deal. Tonight, Allison showed him what a real kiss was. It was a beautiful thing that left a mark on him. More beautiful than anything he and Vanessa had done. Suddenly, his physical therapy office wasn't important. Wedding plans weren't important. Nor were the scores of the Calder Cup Championships. Now his mind was filled with peace, harmony, and yoga. He naturally smelled incense in the air now. He now had dreams of dancing in the moonlight, of having snowball fights on rooftops, of swimming naked in the ocean at sunrise. Before he'd dreamed of Vanessa pregnant with his child, him teaching his son football or him driving his daughter to her ballet recital, his financially set family having a huge house in New Jersey and attending Sunday Church ice-cream socials like his own parents had done with him. Well, just look how that turned out, eh? No, Andy wasn't going to be his father. If anything came out of his reunion with Allison, it was Andy discovering there was a life beyond routine, beyond family.

On the other hand, Allison, if she ever did get married, would end up living in that gross loft apartment living off scraps, selling paintings to stay alive. Children needed care and safety. They needed to trust that their parents could afford to feed them supper every night. They needed structure, help to grow. Allison was a free spirit. Should she have kids one day at all? The baby would probably end up a stoner or a hippie! That wouldn't do. Vanessa brought in a nice chunk of change every month. She was a structured, steady girl who kept the straight and narrow path. Allison preferred the road less traveled. God knows what lurked in the shadows of the unseen paths.

God, Andy was turning into the basket case! He recalled Allison teaching him about Yin and Yang one day while she tried to teach him yoga. Yin was dark, mysterious, unseen, natural, spooky, unsure, danger, dreams, night, and fantasy. Yang was light, answers, visible, man-made, calming, sure, safety, reality, and daytime. Allison was pure yin. Vanessa and Andy were yang. So...didn't that mean he had to be with Vanessa...yin and yang were opposites, they didn't get along. Or did opposites attract in this case? Andy wanted to hit himself in the head and black out. He didn't need this.

He felt guilty about having no regrets. It didn't get any more confusing than THAT!

Andy groaned. Suddenly, Vanessa walked in the door in a pink satin evening gown.

"Catalina's reception was so beautiful! Too bad you were sick, Andy!" said Vanessa, walking casually over to her brainwashed sweetheart.

Fuck it! Go away, Vanessa! Andy wanted to say, but he didn't have the balls to.

"Andy, you know what? I'm in the mood! God I feel like a rebellious tiger who wants to be free and spontaneous! Let's make love! I am so passionate and heated up right now!"

Andy rolled his eyes. The LAST thing he needed was sex. Of all the nights for Vanessa to be horny! "Goodnight, Vanessa," he said coldly, getting up and walking into his bedroom, calmly shutting the door behind him, leaving Vanessa alone and bewildered in the living room.
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