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Let the Games Begin

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Monday came and nothing changed. When five teens can't find the courage to like who they want to like, they are lower than ever. What happens when they land in detention again, one year later?

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Vernon glanced menacingly around the room; the time had come where he was ready to put his foot down and show these good for nothing punks that he meant business. He didn't exactly have a plan cemented quite yet, but he will. Oh how he will. He just couldn't believe his luck that he got placed in the position to supervise them again. Of course, he didn't think too much about it; thinking a plan in wide detail wasn't exactly his thing.

"So I'm glad to see you were all on time today. I wanted to go over a few things before we got started today. First off, no one - and I mean NO ONE - will be leaving their seats. I do not care if you are ready to shit your pants; you are not getting up unless I tell you to."

"What if I do shit my pants? Then what will happen, sir?"

Vernon turned to Bender and glared. "Shut up. If you shit your pants, Mr. Bender, you will be eating it for lunch; do I make myself clear?" Bender bit his lip and nodded his head mockingly.

Vernon sighed and straightened out his jacket. "Secondly, if I find anything damaged in this library today each and every one of you will be joining each other in detention every weekend for the rest of the year," He glanced at Bender before he was able to say a word. "Shut up. Lastly, you will be writing me an essay. 1000 words telling me EXACTLY what you think you did wrong. Now I will be keeping a very close eye on you today, so don't you think you will be sneaking around under my nose!"

"And what a grand nose it is!"

"Mr. Bender are you ready for those detentions already?"

John nodded. "I already planned on showing up."

Vernon snorted. "Not today Bender! You try anything, and I mean anything, and you will be bringing the rest of your buddies down with you!" Scoffs and grumblings were heard around the room and Bender just smiled a wicked grin.

"Who's says they're my friends, sir? I would more than happy to bring them down with me..."

"That's it! All monkey business will cease now!" He took a handful of pencils from his pocket and began to pass the papers around the room starting with Andy and Claire's table. Claire gave him a sneer - which caught Vernon's eye. "Is there a problem, Princess?"

Claire opened her mouth to speak, but John beat her too it, "Too many to count, sir!" She snapped her head around and glared at him.

"Fuck you!"

"Miss Standish! You care to be here next Saturday?"

She slumped her shoulders and sighed. "No, sir."

"Good...I don't think that would look very good on the Student Council President, do you?" Vernon plopped the last piece of paper in front of Allison and made his way back towards the front of the room.

"No, sir," Claire replied moodily.

"Good, now I am going to be right outside that door! If I have to come in here I'm going to be cracking skulls!"

Vernon gave one more pointed glance to the students in front of him and turned his back to retreat to the hallway. "And no messing with this god damned door!" And with that he seated himself in the comfort of his office.

... ... ...

Allison stared blankly at the piece of paper strewn in front of her; if Vernon was expecting her to do some essay he was horribly mistaken. She bunched up the pile of paper and threw it over her shoulder; distantly hearing it bounce off of the statue.

She folded her hands in her lap and nervously began pulling on her fingers; just this morning she was questioning her insanity, wondering just exactly what was wrong with her head. As soon as she walked through the door four minutes ago, she had decided that it was definitely an extra sensory perception. How did she know that something wasn't right about all of this? She was never assigned a detention to begin with; and she had been to other detentions last year after 'the one' and hadn't felt anything strange about it. But after the strange occurrence of her getting assigned to a detention, she knew something shitty was going to come out of the deal.

She glanced around the room at the people she once considered potential friends; things hadn't really changed too much. Claire was already telling John to fuck off, she was dolled up more than she ever remembered her being, and she even looked horrified to be sharing a room with them once again - of course Allison had the same reaction, but Claire more than likely had it for a different reason. The only thing that really changed about the red headed princess was the fact that her hair got a little bit longer. Well, that was all Allison could really tell anyways. For some reason, the first time she saw Claire, she envisioned this beautiful, flowing dress and a miserable, but pretty, face. Now Claire just looked more beautiful, and even more miserable. Thing was, Allison wasn't really sure if she really cared or not.

Brian looked a lot different. She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw him again; of course she had many opportunities to see him in the hallways, but they didn't take many of the same classes (for obvious reasons), and Allison tried to spend as much time as she could by herself, not scouting out people from a detention from a year ago. He was a lot taller; if he were to stand back to back with John she was pretty sure he would have an inch or two on him now. His hair was quite a bit shorter now, and rather then combed over, his hair was a blonde, tussled heap on his head. He had dark circles around his eyes, and didn't seem to be as cheery as he used to be. The one thing that Allison really noticed about him - other than the fact that he had definitely hit a massive growth spurt and filled out immensely - was that he seemed sketchy, almost strung out. She wouldn't have been surprised if stress played a major factor in his state based on what he had told them about his home life, and his academic roles. He seemed to be pushed too hard at the time; hell, he was obviously pushed a little too hard if he was willing to kill himself over a stupid grade. She thought it was kind of silly at the time that a cheery guy like him was so uptight, but then again she felt a little silly afterwards for actually judging them like that when she didn't even know them all that well.

She looked straight ahead of her at Bender, who was currently leaning back in his chair and smoking a cigarette. He was pretty much the only one that seemed the exact same; his hair was still the same, he still had the same coat, and he was still a smart ass. In fact, he seemed the precisely same. He still tried to act like an ass to cover his true emotions; she could tell when he walked in the room that his eyes were ready to bulge out of his head, he just had to come up with some witty remark to cover it. It had to have shaken them all too some degree; it was just strange. But then again, if he didn't make the save to knock them all out of their stupor then no one would have. Bender was still Bender, and she was beginning to wonder if he would ever change.

"What the hell are you staring at Sporto?" She heard Bender rudely interrupt the silence that was filling the room.

"Your ugly mug blowing smoke in my face, that's what!" Andy retorted.

"Why you want some?" Bender asked.

"Fuck you! I'm not about to fuck up my body because some prick like you decided to be a wise ass."

Bender folded his arms over his chest and flung his hair out of his view. "Well it seems to me that you didn't have a problem doing it last time...when everyone else did it, you just had to do it too." He took another long drag off of his smoke and blew a pool of smoke in Andrew's direction. Andy narrowed his eyes momentarily and huffed. "You don't know shit Bender! So don't start with me!"

"What's a matter Clark? Trying desperately to not be a sheep...a clone? You want to so bad, I can see it in your eyes. You want to give in, you can't stand pressure."

Andy readjusted his posture in his seat and gave Bender a pointed look. "No, I have more respect for myself than that. I think you're just jealous that I have that kind of respect. You're not strong Bender, you're a pussy and you hate that about yourself.

"Okay a smoke isn't going to kill your perfect little body, and John would probably care less if he had a gun up to his head. Who the hell cares, shut up so I don't have to sit in here next weekend."

Both boys spun around to face Brian so fast that Allison thought her head was going to spin. Both Andrew and John looked stunned that Brian piped up that way; hell, it surprised Allison too. She remembered last year when Brian tried to get in between one of John and Andrew's verbal spats; Andy pushed him to the side and John said that he was 'a parent's wet dream' and that he was a 'neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie', whatever the hell that was.

Brian had just let them walk all over him and now he put them in their places. Allison was proud of him for that. It seemed a little out of character for him, but at the same time she was happy he wasn't stomping ground for the other two boys this time around.

John hassled Brian and Andy a bit more before Vernon peeked his head in the doorway and silence over took the room once more.

Allison stared across the room at Andy, who appeared pretty pissed off from the prior conversation. He was always pissed off at something or another. When she had first seen him again earlier she couldn't quite pin point the emotion that she was feeling at the exact moment; anger? Discomfort? Regret? Sadness? Maybe even happiness?

He had given her a chance last year; a chance to let herself loose and feel good; a chance to talk her emotions out, and he listened to what she had to say. She felt great at the time; but once Monday, and then Tuesday, and then Wednesday rolled around she grew scared and uncomfortable. Then suddenly she didn't want anything to do with him. He tried - of course it was behind his friends' backs - but she had this funny feeling that he was trying to change her and she didn't like that. Come to think of it, she had no idea what his intentions were at all; for all she knew, it could have been all one big joke. Allison wasn't just the type of person to give out her trust for free; people take advantage of that kind of thing all too much. She wasn't sure why, but she had a funny feeling at the time that Andy was ready to take advantage of her trust - maybe turning her into something she didn't want to be, or worse, making her fall for him, and then him in return breaking her heart. She wasn't ready for that kind of confrontation so she just told him to take a hike. She realized at the time that she may regret that choice - and at times she did - but in the end she thought of it as a better choice.

She was never gonna forget the look on his face; how he seemed so upset and confused. But just like every other hard headed jock, he stormed off cursing and then never talked to her again. She figured that he realized she was a waste of his time, and she accepted that. That sort of thing happened all of the time; she got her hopes up, began to second guess herself, and then lost everything. It was the same damn routine every time something remotely good came along.

She looked at him one more time and then decided to pull out her sketch book; anything to get over that sudden wave of sadness that hit her.

... ... ...

Bender was fucking bored.

He looked towards the library and noticed Vernon stretched out in his desk reading a magazine. John figured it was probably a porno mag; his whole office was filled with scantily clad women and other strange objects and pictures. Not that they bothered John any, but he often wondered how he got away with being vice principal and having those things pinned up in his office for any visitor to see.

John guessed Vernon must have sucked enough cock around this place over the years to get what he wants.

He took one more glance at the library door and watched as Vernon's eyebrows raised and his smile widened. Yep, he was definitely looking at the porn. John sighed and got up from his seat. As soon as the sound of the wooden chair moving against the floor filled the room all four faces of the others spun around to look at him. He took in their looks of disapproval and worry and just shrugged. "What? I had a cramp in my left nut!"

Claire scoffed and turned back around in her chair. John loved that response from her; she just always seemed so repulsed, but he knew it turned her on. She loved it.

He took a look around the room and stepped up on his desk and sat, cross legged, on the top of the table. "So gained some weight in your gut area, been eating much lately?"

"Shut up Bender," Andy replied, obviously irritated. John loved that response out of Andy too; there was just something so appealing to pissing off the golden boy. He was everything John wasn't, and Bender didn't like him. He was an asshole then, and he was an asshole now.

He shrugged his shoulders. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Sporto. The older you get, the fatter and uglier you get too. It happens," He paused and grinned at Andy's glare. "I hope it isn't affecting your performance any."

"Shut-up!" Andy yelled.

Claire spun around and glared at John. "Who are you to make fun of the way people look, you slob!"

John smirked. "Well I bet the insides of your thighs still look as good as they did last year."

Her face turned a bright shade of red, so John continued. "I think she looks good, what about you Bry? Would you still do her?"

Brian furrowed his eyebrows and blushed slightly. "What do you mean 'still'?"

Bender rolled his eyes. "Well I remembered how you 'motioned' to Claire. It was quite obvious you wanted to have sexual relations with the princess."

Brian's jaw dropped. "Wha-? No! What the hell are you talking about?"

Bender laughed out loud and turned to Claire. "Hey - cherry," she turned to sneer at him. "Brian's a little bigger this time around, do you think his wiener got bigger too?"

"John!" Claire screamed in horror.

"Fuck off!" Brian yelled angrily.

"Hey!" Vernon's voice boomed from his office. "I told you I don't want to have to come in there! Keep it down or heads will roll!"

Bender grinned with delight; trouble was brewing already, and he had already succeeded in making everyone feel as uncomfortable as he possibly could. It was great. Well, all except one person.

He turned around in his chair and stared at Allison; her face was about two inches away from her sketch pad, and she was busy streaking the paper with her pencil; it was an array of madness and she wasn't paying attention to a single thing.

"Hey, whatcha drawin', crazy?"

Allison jumped up a few inches, and her pencil skittered across her page; creating a thick dark line through the centre of her piece. The pencil rolled swiftly off of the table and hit the floor with a small 'clank' noise. Her hair fell over her forehead and she instantly began playing with her hands again. "What?"

Bender smirked, and picked up the pencil. "You high or something?"

Allison opened her mouth hesitantly, but quickly closed it again - not quite ready to create a confrontation. She shook her hair in front of her eyes and stared into her lap. Bender cocked an eyebrow and looked back at the others; they were watching intently as he tried to talk to the basket case.

"You're just as crazy as you were last year, aren't ya? Damn, I ain't gonna kill ya or anything."

Allison shot her eyes up to meet his and she let out a low growl. Bender cocked an eyebrow once again and turned back around in his seat, "O-kay."

He noticed Andy and Claire staring at him strangely. "What, she's nuts! It ain't my problem."

Andy narrowed his eyes. "Why don't you shut up? She wasn't bothering you!"

Bender raised his eyebrows slightly. "I'm surprised, Sporto, willing to stick up for a girl who dumped your ass last year, huh? What the hell do you care what I say to her anyways?"

Andy swallowed and cleared his throat. "The past is the past, and it doesn't mean you should be bugging someone who isn't bugging you!"

John narrowed his eyes dangerously. "Now you're one to talk, aren't ya Clark? Larry Lester...Ben Murray? Doesn't that ring a bell, or have you gotten another lobotomy recently?"

"This is different..."

Bender snorted. "Yeah difference is I'm not taping her ass cheeks together in front of everyone!"

He turned to face Allison. "Now...did I hurt your feelings?"

She scanned everyone's faces. "I-..."

"Just answer the question," John cut in impatiently.

", not really."

"See! So stop trying to play superman, Sporto. No one gives a shit."

Claire huffed. "You know, you're a real jack ass John! He just didn't want you scaring her. You wrecked her picture."

"Oh how cute...Princess is sticking up for the jock strap; your bitch fight all of your battles for you?"

"She's not my bitch!"

"Yeah...only when you're not feeding it to her ass..."

"BENDER!" Vernon screamed from the doorway. "What the hell are you doing out of your seat?"

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