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Some things aren't appropriate for the public eye. Crawford/Schu, Schu/...well, you'll see.

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Crawford twitched. Not much of a reaction, but Schuldig had been Brad Watching for the better part of his life. It was still something though.

He'd just have to try harder.




He could feel those eyes burning into him, watching as he worked his way from bottom to top. The telepath smirked around his mouthful.

His skillful tongue swirled around the object of his attention before he sucked on it, cheeks hollowing from the suction.

Was that a groan he detected?


Schuldig smirked and leaned a bit back. "Braaaad," he mimicked in the same tone. He got an annoyed but heated look in return. Proud of himself for getting such a reaction, the red head took another long lick. He watched as those coffee colored eyes watched his mouth with rapt attention.

Then he bit down. Hard.

Ha. Made you wince, Crawford.

"Oh for God's sake!" Nagi yelled in frustration. "That's the last time I buy popsicles!" Picking up his laptop, he glared at the telepath as he stormed past and into his room. The door locked behind him.

Schuldig tsked and leaned back on the couch. "The kid is so repressed," he muttered. Getting no reply, the telepath looked over to his fearless leader.

"Crawford? Craw-oomph."
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