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Chapter Two

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This chronicles the life of Marilla Cuthbert and before Anne came to stay. Please Read and Review.

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" Kathryn?" Julia Browne waved her hand in front of her friend's face impatiently. Kathryn blinked and focused on Julia.

" I'm sorry, go on."

" You haven't listened to a word I said." Julia complained," I was pouring my heart out but you're in another world. What is it?"

" Nothing. I'm just a bit-distracted, that is all."

Julia narrowed her eyes. She and Kathryn has been friends for as long as she can remember. Their parents were friends and it was a given their daughters became childhood friends.

" I know you Kathryn. You are not distracted by something. It's someone isn't it?" Julia smiled, " Who is it?"

" You know too well Julia." Kathryn smiled back, " But I'm not saying anything at the moment. It may not come into anything."

" Please tell me...don't keep your best friend in suspense." Julia pleaded.

" I like this person, but this person won't ever return my feelings. It is most likely a lost cause."

" Don't say that! Why won't this person return your feelings? Have you gone to dinner together?"

" No. We are friends, that is all." Kathryn said firmly.

" Is it someone I know?"

" No." Kathryn let the subject drop and they chatted about other things. Kathryn so badly wanted to tell Julia, but she might not understand. Surely Julia must wonder why her friend has not had many beaus? She wasn't interested in them; simple.

She was interested in the one person; but knew it was hopeless. She would keep her feelings to herself and no one would be the wiser.


Thomas and William Taylor locked up the store for the night. Or rather, Thomas locked it while William waited. Thomas was William's older brother. William had recently moved back to Avonlea from several years absence.

" Let's go." Thomas lead his brother down the road when William became distracted by something. Thomas followed his gaze. It wasn't something but someone.

" Tommy, who is that gorgeous creature over there?" William pointed to a familiar figure walking with Marilla Cuthbert. Thomas raised his eyebrows. Since when did they become friends? Had they always known each other?

" Kathryn Jenkins. She's a regular customer."

" Is she married?"

" I don't believe so."

" Wonderful." William narrowed his eyes at Kathryn " What do you know about her?"

" Not much."

William nodded and decided to find out everything he can. For he has found her, the one he has been looking for.


Kathryn fumbled with the parcels and dropped one. She picked it up and did some juggling.

The sounds of horse hooves trotted up next to her and a man in his buggy tipped his hat at her, " Afternoon miss," he greeted her, " You seem to be in trouble...would you like a lift?"

" I don't accept rides from strange men." Kathryn replied,
" I am fine thank you."

" The name is William." The man said as if his name was meant to mean something, " William Taylor. I believe you know my brother."

" Thomas?"

" Yup. So I'm not exactly a strange man." William pointed out, " Come on, let me give you a ride home."

" All right then," Kathryn agreed and he reached over to take the packages from her. He helped her into the buggy.

" I haven't seen you in these parts before." Kathryn said as she arranged her packages on her lap.

" I just moved here. I've been gone from Avonlea for a few years." William explained. Kathryn supposed he was handsome with curly black hair, and deep blue eyes.

He took her home and helped her down from the buggy. " So, can I interest you in dinner?" he asked.

" Um...dinner?"

" I hear Carmody Restaurant is swell."

" Oh, that's nice but no thanks."

/Playing hard to get I see/. William thought. He always liked a chase.

" All right then. See you around Miss. Jenkins." He tipped his hat again and drove away.

Kathryn frowned. Funny, she never told him her name.
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