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#63, Mooch

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Chapter conserning mooching

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Andromeda Tonks, Bellatrix, Narcissa - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-01-08 - Updated: 2007-01-08 - 101 words

63. Mooch

"Honestly, don't tell me that you spent all of your money at Honeydukes."

"Erm...well..." Narcissa stuttered, hiding her bag of sweet delights behind her back.

Andromeda sighed and dug around in her blue and black robe pockets, eventually producing a handsome pouch that jingled merrily.

"Here, I'll loan you a few galleons. But you really need to keep track of your money and 64 stop mooching off of me." She was about to drop it into Narcissa's hand when another swooped in and snatched the coin.

It was Bellatrix.

"Fair is foul and foul is fair!" She chimed, sauntering away.
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