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A Little Change

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Some things should remain unchanged. And this was one of them. mild Crawford/Schuldig

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AN: This was written about a year ago, when a certain series was won and a certain election was going on.


"I can't believe I didn't foresee this," Crawford stated, disgruntled and surprised but grudgingly impressed. Schwarz was on hiatus, so to speak, in America for the time being. Crawford could care less about being back 'home' though his teammates were reacting the opposite way. All because of one little change. It annoyed him slightly. Because while he knew nothing really stayed the same, some things should remain unchanged despite all. And this was one of them.

"I don't think anyone did," Schuldig said from his seat next to him. He was wearing a baseball cap with the letter B on it, newly acquired from the last shopping trip, and was leaning forward with a look of rapt attention. Directed towards the TV. Crawford didn't think the telepath had blinked for the past half-hour.

"I did." Farfarello's voice carried up from somewhere near the vicinity of Schuldig's knee. The oracle spared him a glance, still unnerved by the sight of the Irish psychopath wearing Schuldig's beer helmet.

"Since when do you two root for the underdogs?"

"Since they got Jesus on their team," the redhead drawled, before swearing at the TV announcers. Crawford tried to soothe the telepath but was whacked at for his troubles.

Farfarello /smiled/. It was creepy. "The Red Sox winning will hurt God."

"That makes no sense whatsoever."

Schuldig finished swearing and turned half his attention back to the conversation. "Think of who you're talking to. And you're just mad that your home team lost. Now stop talking so I can watch the fuckin game."

Crawford wondered, briefly, why he hadn't gone with his initial plan of taking the team to New Zealand. What good was precognition if he got stuck with situations like this? Still...

When Nagi stumbled through the front door, arms weighed down by Indian take out food, he sighed in relief. "There are practically riots out there. And I almost got run over twice crossing the street." He stopped, seeing the zombie-like trance his teammates were in.

The same expression they had worn every night for the past week.

Dumping the food on the coffee table, he flopped onto a worn out armchair next to Schuldig and Farfarello. "And you people complain about me wasting time on my computer," he muttered. Getting no reply, Nagi grabbed a box of curry and a spork, leaving for the safety of his room.

"Go, Jesus, go! Give us a miracle!"

"Schu, his name is Johhny Damon. Not Jesus."

"Whatever, /Yankee/."

"Is that supposed to be an insult?"


Farfarello's cackle was cut off by the door closing. Nagi sat on his bed, wondering why Schwarz had suddenly developed a Civil War complex since coming to America. Everything seemed to become a meaningless argument that somehow related to sports or politics. The Japanese boy was beginning to suspect that this city drove everyone insane. He wondered if New York was any better.


"I'm not saying that. I just like him better." was the first thing Nagi heard when he walked into the kitchen the next morning.

"You like Bush better?" Schuldig asked with a raised eyebrow, somehow mixing a leer and a smirk perfectly.

"No, I like your ass better."

"Why Brad, was that a /joke/?" the redhead snickered.

"Fact. Though politically speaking, I prefer to vote Republican."

"I'm Green," Farfarello muttered around his marmalade-covered toast. Brad and Schuldig stared at him for a moment before turning back to each other.

"You're not actually voting, are you?" Schuldig seemed amused by the idea.


"You're such a Yankee."

Crawford groaned. "We have to get you out of this state. It's affecting your mentality and you're starting to skip of the letter 'r'."

"No I'm not."

"You turn everything into an argument."

"No I don't."

Nagi sighed. "You two fight like a married couple."

"No we don't!" two voices said simultaneously. The telekinetic smirked and left the room. He couldn't wait to go back to Japan, where things made more sense.

"Hey Brad, wanna fuck?"


"...I'll wear the schoolgirl uniform."


Nagi switched directions, heading towards the front door when a red and black blur rushed past him.

Some things didn't change.
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