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The Alison and Jeffery Project!

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Ok, this fic will be located here until there is an official "Project Runway" category. Did you ever notice how cute Alison and Jeffery looked together during the show? I did. And I decided to ...

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Ok, please forgive me. I wrote this story a loooong time ago and I really don't feel like editing it. It is written very badly and I actually hate it. Regardless, you clicked it, so please don't flame it.

The Alison and Jeffery Experiment

It was the third week of the competition. Now, although the show is cut to seem like it is one challenge after another, the contestants get Saturday and Sunday off.

Sunlight was just peaking through the window as a light breeze rustled the carefully planted trees outside of the hotel.

The day had started especially for the petite young blonde.

Allison had gotten an early start today so that she could be the first among her roommates to read the paper. She brought a steaming cup of coffee to her lips and sipped it gently.

"Hmm.... Nothing good today...." She said to herself rather lazily as she flipped through the pages. "Might as well get dressed."

Alison sighed as she placed the cup onto the white countertop and folded the paper and laid it beside her cup.

She shuffled past the rooms with the other sleeping women, she didn't expect anyone to be awake as early as she. Considering that it was only 5AM, Alison's predictions proved true.

As the steamy water of the shower hit her body, she realized how incredibly lucky she was to be here.

This was a one-in-a-lifetime chance for her to show off her work. She grinned to herself as she rinsed the conditioner from her hair and exited the shower.

After toweling herself dry, she wasted no time in getting her hair straightened and fluffy.

As she put the finishing touches on her light make-up, she decided that perhaps she could turn that now luke-warm coffee from this morning into iced-coffee, which would taste much better than luke warm coffee.

"Ice Ice Ice Ice...Ice." She spoke softly to herself as she walked in her towel toward the refrigerator. Alison opened it, yet no ice.

"Ugh, of course, The ice is in that little machine in the hall..." She reached onto the counter and grabbed the ice bucket.

She tightened her hold on her towel and peaked outside, "Anyone? No? Good." She chuckled as she tip-toed down the hall. Alison rounded the corner that led to the little room with the soda machines, snack machines, and ice-dispenser. She froze in her steps.

"Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap........." She had seen none other than a bare-chested Jeffery attempting to put money into the candy machine, but the thing kept spitting it back out.

"God damnit take the dollar!" He hissed rather loudly.

Alison grinned inwardly and pretended that she had just come in. "Oh, hello." She said as she kept a firm grip on her towel, walking towards the rather bulky ice-machine.

Jeffery turned, he was a bit startled. "Oh, hey. It's you." He looked around for a moment before relaxing again. "I was afraid that it was Angela for a sec."

Alison smiled meekly as she began loading ice into the bucket. "Yeah, well, She's ok once you get to know her.....Anyway...."

She shook the bucket to fit as much ice as possible, "What are you doing up so early anyway? I thought I was the only one this insane."

He shrugged, a few tattoos on his shoulders moving with his surprisingly muscular physique. "I dunno, I guess my sleeping's just been messed up cuz' of how early we've been waking up for the challenges."

He looked toward the candy machine once more and kicked it, stuffing the dollar back into his maroon pajama pants pockets.

"Yeah, that makes sense. I'm so glad that today is Saturday, ya'know?" Alison replied with a half-hearted smile, her eyes momentarily meeting his. He grinned back noticing how awkward she felt considering that she was in just a towel.

She probably didn't expect him to be there.

"Well, I guess I should get back to the room before anyone wakes up and wonders where I have been." She said as she rearranged her grip on the ice bucket.

"Oh yea, right." He mumbled.

As she turned to go she accidentally caught her foot on the bottom of the door frame, causing her to fly forward, the ice bucket spilling, and causing her towel to become dangerously close to coming off entirely.

Jeffery quickly adverted his gaze so as to not cause her any more embarrassment.

"Are you ok?!" He instantly asked.

Alison slowly regained her composure and sat up. "Yeah, fine. That sucked...." She said with a slight laugh, her cheeks burning pink. She started picking up the spilled ice and placing it back into the bucket.

"Here, I lemme' help you up...." Jeffery helped her up, keeping his eyes glued to the ice and not concentrating on her creamy yet slightly tanned skin that was less than covered by her towel.

"You got it?" he asked, referring to bucket in her hands.

"Yeah, I'm cool." She replied with a grateful smile. "Well, I better be getting back before I'm missed." And with a wave of her hand, she disappeared around the corner.

Jeffery sighed and rubbed his brow. That was close. He said to himself. Everything happened so fast, one minute she was just, there and then there was awkward conversation and then there was her sprawled on the ground.

It was all quite confusing. He blinked a few times before regaining his composure and returning to room 36 B.
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