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Scott's thoughts on Kevin

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Title: Forever
Author: LadyLissa
Wrestler(s): Scott Hall, Kevin Nash
Content: M/M relationships, language
SLash/Het/Mixed: slash
Disclaimer: don't own, don't sue
Distribution: Kliq's Camelot, otherwise ask, and ye shall probably receive (same with all mine)
Rating: R
Any Notes? Don't know where it came from, so I just went with it.

Scott's POV

I remember the first time I met Kevin Nash, the man I knew almost instantly I wanted to spend forever with. I was wrestling under the name the Diamond Stud in a federation called AWA when in he walked. All 7 feet of pure sexiness. Kevin had been in here before under some gimmick like Master Blaster Oz, or something, but we had never really seen each other because of scheduling. Neither of us were really big names yet, so we didn't have any say so about our characters. Because of this, we pretty much only saw people we wrestled. Then it happened. In he walked, and I heard Page say he was the newest member of our stable. God, life was good.
The next thing I knew we were hanging out together all the time, sharing a hotel room to save money, and generally getting closer. Hell that was exhilarating. Frustrating, yes, but exhilarating. I swear the man had no modesty. If he knew what I was thinking watching him wander around those rooms naked, he woulda killed me. No, scratch that, we might have actually taken our relationship to the next levels a lot earlier than we did. God knows, I was too chicken shit to make a move.
Yep, yet again, Kev was the one that had to make the first move. He went ahead and dragged my sorry ass along with him, as was a standard in our relationship for a long time. One day, we checked into our hotel, only to find they had lost our reservations. Turned out, they only had one type of room we could rent. A single. Kev told me we should go ahead and share anyways, instead of renting two rooms, just get the one and share the bed. I was so stunned; well, hard and trying not to let him see it actually, that I didn't realize what was happening till it was too late. We went up to our room, and I hopped into the shower to get my mind straight, well, jack off, before making a fool out of myself with Kevin. I got out of the shower, threw on some sweat pants, and headed out to our room. Kev was already lying in the bed, waiting on me so he could cut off the light.
I pulled back the covers and climbed into that bed with Kevin, and I swear, I don't think I had ever been more frustrated in my life than I was when I noticed that he was naked. Then, he had to go and make it worse. There I was, rock hard and aching, wiggling around to try to make more room for my erection in my sweats, and he just sighed before reaching over and pulling me up next to him and anchoring me against his body. Hell and I didn't think I could get any harder, right? Goes to show I'm not the most intelligent man ever created. I swear, it was painful.
He just held on to me till I accepted it, and then, he started to talk to me about a problem he was having. He was talking about wanting this person so bad, and not knowing how to tell them and I was so jealous that it took me about a half hour to realize that he was talking about me, not some nameless female.
After that night, we were officially together. We've had our ups and downs. I know the downs were usually my fault. I was hooked on alcohol and drugs. I was obnoxious. I took a lot out on Kev that I shouldn't have. But somehow, he stuck by me, and we made it through it. We tried to hide what we were by marrying women we didn't care about. We finally gave all that up and admitted what we were to all of our friends and family. Ya know what? Kevin Scott Nash is STILL the man I want to spend forever with.
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