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Forever and Always

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Title: Forever and Always
Author: LadyLissa
Wrestler(s): Kevin Nash, Scott Hall
Content: m/m relationships, mentions of m/m sex, language
SLash/Het/Mixed: slash
Disclaimer: don't own, don't sue...
Distribution: Kliq's Camelot, otherwise ask, and ye shall probably receive
Rating: R
Any Notes? Final installment in the Forever series...told in both POVs...weak ending, but...I might end up writing another one just to get a better ending. (Kevin and Scott muses begin jumping up and down ecstatically)

Scott's POV

Well, I just got back from the arena. Kev left the laptop open, so I guess he wanted me to put my thoughts in the diary he keeps for us in here. I read what he had to say, and I guess he's right, but somehow I just have a hard time blaming him for anything. Maybe I love him too much, or maybe it's like he says and I'm just did he put it? Insecure. I think that's what he said. I don't think so. I mean I know he loves me. I have no idea why he does, but I know he does.

I know why I love him though. I love him because he's Kevin.

To me, that says it all. I guess I should say it better than that so that you can understand me....I mean come on, you might have never seen Kev, and don't understand it. First off, let me describe what Kevin looks like.

Kevin is 7 feet tall, with long brown hair, this week at least, hazel eyes, muscular, without being overbearing, and pretty much sexy as hell. Doesn't sound like all that? Okay, let me try to describe him like I see him. Kev is big enough to make me feel protected, but doesn't come off as overbearing. It is sooo nice to feel protected. Let me tell you that is quite an accomplishment for someone who is 6 ft. 6. He has the most beautiful long brown hair. It is shinny, always clean and feels like spun silk. He has hazel eyes that you could lose yourself in. Extremely expressive, especially when he is buried inside me and he's looking at me with such an expression of love/lust/concern.

Tangent time. That's another wonderful thing about Kev. We have been together for almost 20 years, and he is still concerned that he might hurt me when we make love. He takes such care to make sure to stretch me out just right, and then goes so deliciously slowly just to make sure he isn't hurting me. How many men do you think would take that much care after this many years? Hell, after this long most men don't even want sex that often, much less wants to take their time about it. Kevin and I still seem to never be able to get enough of each other.

Okay, back to describing the love of my life. Kevin is strong enough to lift me and carry me around like a baby, but soft enough to make a good pillow. That is quite an accomplishment. I love the way it feels to lay my head down on Kevin's chest. It's so fuzzy, and just the right height so that my neck doesn't get a crick in it.

Well, Kev's out of the shower so I better get off here. I want to go help him get dried off. G

Kevin's POV

Okay, now I just gotta ask, wouldn't you love someone who was that poetically beautiful? I mean, Damn, Scotty! You make me hard just listening you talk about me. And before you think it, no I did NOT mean that in an egotistical manner.

Okay, first things first. We did the interview today. Scotty and I finally admitted everything to the world. Not like we hadn't already, I mean, hell, I married him, which is public record, but this is the first time we had said anything about our private relationship in a public interview. I was worried about what Vince would say, considering we just effectively killed off two of his major sex symbols, but, he took it rather well. Hell, he called me laughing about some of the things we had said in the interview.

Scotty even let me kiss him on camera. That was hot, let me tell you. I have been wanting to do that for years, as if you couldn't tell. I mean, come on, I pretty much did nothing BUT grope him during the whole NOW stint in WCW.

Before I go, I have to ask a question....Who WOULD NOT love Scott Hall? I know that I do.

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