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Freak on a Leash

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A peek at the origins of Ortista

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Title: Freak On A Leash
Author: LadyLissa
Wrestler(s): Randy Orton/Dave Batista
Content: m/m relationships, references to D/s, language
SLash/Het/Mixed: slash
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue
Distribution: KliqzCamelot, otherwise ask and ye shall probably receive
Rating: PG
Any Notes? This is actually a story from a shared universe that I write with Marguerite, though it stands alone well. It takes place while Randy and Dave were both in OVW.

They had been together for a while now. It had never been a secret, not from anyone. True, it wasn't the most orthodox of relationships, but then they liked it that way. They liked it private, they liked it personal, they liked being alone together, without anyone else interfering, misunderstanding, saying it was wrong, or perverted, or just plain dehumanizing.

It hadn't started out for love; it had started out for need. Randy needed someone to take care of him, to do for him, help him. Dave needed Randy's name, his contacts, and his knowledge of the business. Somewhere along the way, it had changed. At least it had changed for Randy. He wasn't so sure that it had ever changed, or ever would change for Dave.

Somewhere along the way Randy had gone from liking Dave, needing him, to loving him more than he ever had loved anyone else, even himself. He just wished that Dave felt the same way. How could he, though. Dave didn't even need Randy anymore, so what was left for him? At least before, while he didn't have Dave's heart, he had his body and his mind.

Now, though, now things had changed. Dave had all the contacts he needed, he knew the business as well as Randy did, and his own name was beginning to mean something. What did he need Randy for anymore? Not a damn thing, that's what.

And that would be the conclusion Randy came to as he sat on the bench in the OVW arena, waiting patiently for Dave to get back from his match with Maven so they could head back to the hotel. He just knew that Dave was gonna break it off with him soon. He needed to come up with something. Something to stop him. Something to make Dave need him, at least a little. He couldn't come up with anything, though.

Randy pulled to his feet a few minutes later as he heard Dave's voice in the hall talking to someone. Part of him wanted to drop to his knees and put his hands behind his back and stare worshipfully up at Dave as he walked into the room, but the other part of him knew better. That would not only be wrong, it would be presumptuous of him, and respect was a big thing for Dave. Randy did lower his eyes to the floor respectfully however as he heard the door opening, his posture becoming ramrod straight, his breathing even becoming quieter, calmer at Dave's presence.

Dave barely threw a glance in Randal's direction as he walked into the locker room. There was no need, as he knew exactly where he was. That was the best thing about him; he thought absently, the fact that as untrained as Randal was, for the most part, the boy was loyal to a fault and willing to learn. He didn't have to worry about him not doing something he was told to do, or being anywhere other than exactly where Dave wanted him to be at that moment.

Randal had a submissive streak that called to Dave strongly, allowing, even seeming to need Dave to take care of him, make his decisions for him, coddle him and protect him. What thrilled Dave the most about that was the fact that to anyone else he was an arrogant bastard, which made Dave even more entranced by the way he did as he ordered without question or hesitation. If only the boy were able to take the kind of pain he liked to dish out he would be perfect. Alas, that was such a distant possibility that Dave didn't really hold much hope of it being possible.

Oh, he had little doubt that he would be able to train Randal to take the pain. The boy was a professional wrestler, for fuck's sake. There was a big difference between taking pain, such as Randal did in the ring or the rare circumstance hereto now when Dave had been forced to punish him, and liking it. Dave didn't really want someone who would only be taking the pain, however. If he were to ever settle down he wanted a pet that would enjoy taking the pain as much as he enjoyed giving it. One he could, and would, own heart, mind, body, and soul.

Dave picked up the shower kit Randal had readied for him from the bench closest to the bathroom door and headed in to take a fast shower, returning moments later to find Randal still standing at attention, his eyes trained humbly on the floor as he awaited Dave's return. Dave took his time drying off and dressing before moving to put his shoes on, a small smile playing upon his lips as Randal moved gracefully to repack his bag for him and hoist it, as well as his own, up over his shoulder and move to stand by the door, all without a word or ever raising his eyes. A sigh unintentionally escaped his throat at the knowledge that he would have to leave Randal soon. It wasn't fair to either of them to become any more attached than they already were when he knew that they would never suit long-term.

Randy waited for Dave to walk out the door before following after him, moving unconsciously to walk two paces behind Dave and slightly to the right, his steps in perfect time with Dave's as they walked down the hallway and out the back door to the car. He wished that Dave would talk to him, tell him what was on his mind that had caused him that soul weary sigh he had given right before the locker room. He wouldn't ask, however. If Dave wanted to tell him, he would, if not, Randy would just wait. The longer Dave didn't tell him, the longer it was that they were together.

Besides, Randy had something much more important on his mind right now to worry about than the sigh that Dave had emitted, and that was the tense way Dave was moving. Randy wasn't sure if something had gone wrong in his match and Dave had been injured, which Randy seriously doubted as that implied that Dave wasn't absolutely perfect, or if Dave was bothered about something, which stirred mixed emotions in Randy. Partially he wanted to fix it, whatever it was, because Dave should never be anything but happy, or at the very least satisfied, another part of him was pissed at whatever it was that was bothering him for daring to do so, as irrational as that sounded even to himself, and another part was scared, because he had the feeling it was Dave trying to figure out a nice way to tell him to get lost.

Randy worried about it the entire way back to the hotel, though the look on his face never changed from the almost serene expression that he knew Dave liked to see on him. Dave didn't enjoy theatrics, hysterics, or drama for the most part, so Randy made sure to never give him any. He knew damn good and well that would be the fastest way to get himself shown to the door.

Dave led Randal up to their room once they were back to the hotel, not a word having been said between them all evening. The silence was uncomfortable, and that he thought bothered him more than anything else. Any other time there would have been a companionable silence between them, one that would have soothed Dave's nerves and made what was coming easier on both of them, but Randal had likely sensed his frustration and was echoing it.

"Have a seat, Randal." Dave murmured as the door closed behind them, the sound seeming to reverberate off the walls ominously. Randal dropped the bags quietly to the floor beside the door and moved to the couch, perching on one end and finally looking up at Dave. Dave glanced into his eyes for a moment before beginning to pace, trying to decide how to say what needed to be said.

Normally he would have just cut to the chase and told him in no uncertain terms that it was over, but something in Randal's eyes, his demeanor, refused to allow him to do so. He wondered if it was possibly the humble acceptance in whatever it was that Dave told him, or if it was possibly the respect coupled with submissiveness his body language exuded, but deep down he knew it was the love and hope shining like a beacon in his eyes. He didn't want to crush the boy, but he really didn't see how this was going to work. He thought that his best bet would likely be showing him why it wouldn't work, but that might not be the best plan, either. He really didn't want to go there with someone he wasn't going to keep. Besides, he wanted to at least keep a good working relationship with him, and beating the crap out of him wasn't the way to do that.

"Excuse me, Sir? Might I speak freely for a moment?" Randy asked quietly, still not raising his gaze from the floor. He knew he had to do something, he knew what was going on. He didn't know what he was going to do or say to stop it, but he hoped that he could come up with something that would do it, and if he let Dave go first, Dave was going to tell him it was over and then there would be nothing that he could do or say.

Dave paused in his pacing, turning to give Randal his undivided attention. It was rare that Randal would actually ask for permission to speak about something. The rare occasion when he had before had been because something important needed to be decided upon and he needed Dave to see to it. Maybe this would be one last thing he could do for the boy before sending him on his way. Yes, he had already acknowledged to himself that he was stalling about ending things, but for the life of him he couldn't make himself stop. That was yet another of the things frustrating him. "You may, Randal."

"I realize that I may be speaking out of turn, Sir, but I feel that I must tell you this. I love you. I love you so much, and I was wondering if there was any way possible for us to renegotiate our arrangement?" Randy asked, the love, longing, and desperation sounding clearly in his voice, though his expression did not change as he stared at the floor at his feet.

Dave looked hard down at Randal at his question. He couldn't believe that Randal had spoken the words aloud that had shone in his eyes the past month or so. He paused, considering for an instant before making a snap decision. He could tell him what he would expect, and Randal would run away screaming, and everything would be fine. "We could, but I'm afraid you wouldn't like that very much, Little One."

A shudder went through Randy's eyes as Dave called him Little One, though he wasn't exactly sure why Dave would call him that. He was almost as tall as Dave, maybe an inch or two shorter, but no more, and not exactly a cruiserweight. The name reminded him of someone tiny, like Brian or Shane, but something in Dave's tone as he said the name made him wish with everything that he was to be that for him. "I am willing to pay the price, whatever it may be, for you to be My Master." Randy stated his voice quiet, sincere, awed sounding.

"Look at me, Little One." Dave commanded. Randy didn't hesitate before raising his eyes and meeting Dave's gaze, hoping with all his heart that Dave would find what he was looking for in them, and evidently he found something, because Dave continued scarce seconds later. "Are you sure about this? You know what I'm like. I've never been that way with you, but you've seen me with Sean. Are you prepared for that? Because it's what you're going to deal with if I agree. Think carefully about it before you tell me anything. I'll go order us some dinner, and leave you to think." Dave told him.

Randy watched Dave walk away and considered it. He knew exactly what Dave was talking about. He knew that Dave was telling him that if he stayed he was going to hurt him the same way he hurt Sean, he was going to own him, for all intents and purposes. That he would never have free will again. There was not a bit of that he really minded, for the chance to be with Dave for as long as he could manage to please him. His only hang up was that Dave had totally ignored his profession of love. He wasn't sure that it was a good sign. He could handle anything that Dave gave him; he knew he could, if only Dave at least cared about him a little. But he loved Dave. He loved him too much to ever walk away, under any circumstances. He just hoped that would be enough. It would have to be. He would make it be enough.

The decision made, he stood to go find Dave and tell him his decision.

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