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Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

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I know, I know. Another short chapter. I'm sorry, but those of you who read my message will know I hurt my wrist. So writing this was agony for me, but I needed to update. This is dedicated to Lexi, my favorite fucking reader ever. Heh. Lex, I'm actually going to try and put you in the story somewhere 'cause I love you so much. Teehee.

It had been a few days since I had opened myself up to Pete. I still couldn't get over the fact that I had told someone, but it felt nice to have it taken off of my chest. I felt like a huge boulder had been lifted off my shoulders, and that I didn't have to hide behind a mask anymore. I felt free.

Well, almost.

Pete had been trying to stop me from taking my drugs, but it wasn't going too well. He had enlisted the help of the other three guys, as Mike had gone on a business trip for three months. God damn him.

How dare he leave me alone with these freaks?

But Pete, bless his heart, was trying so hard. My heart wanted myself to stop, to control myself, but my mind thought differently. I think it was my way of coming to terms with what had happened. Coming to terms with the death of my mother.

A new day. Maybe I can convince myself to give up. Or... Maybe not.

I walked into the kitchen and jumped around to the sound of the CD that had been in my CD player for the last few days. The guys had given me their album as promised, and I must admit, it was pretty good. Patrick's voice was amazing. Although if you say that to him, he blushes madly and mumbles something about 'Plenty of vitamins.' Yeah right.

I switched onto my favorite song of the day, 'Saturday.' I jiggled around for a little bit, belting the song from my lungs.

"SATURRDAYYYYYY! WHEN THESE OPEN DOORS WERE OPEN ENDEDDD! SATURDAYEEEEE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, and danced around the kitchen like a complete moron.

"Great moves Tay." I span around on the spot, knocking over a bowl of cereal in the process. He ran over to me and helped me up. I giggled at the milk that was currently all over me, and the floor, and laughed when Pete slid and ended up on his arse.

"Thanks. I do tend to impress people with my MOVEESSS. I jiggled myself on the floor for a bit, making Pete laugh. He looked to me.

"You know, I was speaking to Patrick the other day, and his brother knows a person that works at a rehab center." My face turned and I glared at him.

"What? You want to send me to rehab?" I frowned at looked at the floor.

"No! No... This guy, he has support groups. He could talk to you about it." I laughed.

"Support groups are for nutcases." I put my hands on the floor, and attempted to hoist myself up. Failing, I fell straight back down again, but this time on top of Pete. I looked at him.

"Urr, Sorry." I rolled off of him, and stared at the ceiling, and closed my eyes.

"Don't worry. Look, I know you don't really want to go to this support group, but we think it would do you some good." I glared at him again, and jumped to my feet.


"Hey! HEY! Shhh! It's okay. We just wanted you to talk to someone. It would do you good..." He looked at me nervously. I looked at him again, and completely broke down. I cried on his shoulder, and he stroked my hair.

"Its okay..." He rested his head on the top of mine, and I sniffed into his chest.

"Sorry. I got your shirt all wet..." I poked the small wet patch and he laughed.

"Don't worry about it." I looked at his eyes.

Wow, he has nice eyes...

What the fuck?

You think he has nice eyes. YOU'RE FALLING FOR HIM.

No way. Shut the fuck up.

"Excuse me?" I looked at him. Haa! You said it outloud.

"Erm, nothing. Look, I think I will talk to that guy. Whoever he is. I don't think the drugs is my only problem..." I smacked my forehead and muttered to myself.

'Shut up. Stupid voices.'
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