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Oneshot, deleted scene: A Woman's Wrath

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What if Katrina had found bout about the prank Braum pulled on Ichabod involving the bridge and the flaming pumpkin? It's not that much angst but I had to choose a genre and it's not a great fit fo...

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Katrina sat in her father's parlor thumbing through on of the books Constable Crane had brought with him from New York. It was quite incomprehensible to her though she was able to follow the diagrams. They were not much more complex than those in her spell books. She was very curious about this newcomer and wished to learn all she could about him.
The loud laughter of Braum and his friends from outside arrested her attention. She went outside to greet them but then stopped as she heard what they were joking about.
"But the best part..." Braum guffawed, "was when I threw the flaming pumpkin. It hit him in the face and the scientific girl's blouse fainted!"
Katrina could not believe it. She had never been so angry with Braum in her life. She stormed into the kitchen and found a slightly rotten gourd that would most definitely be thrown out later today and struck a match against the table. "This will teach him."

The flaming gourd growing hot in her hands, Katrina marched into the yard and found Braum leaning against a tree still laughing at the young constable's expense. She aimed for just above his head and threw as hard as she could.
"Hey!" The "brave" man screamed as sparks and rotten vegateble fell on his head. He turned around and glared at Katrina. "What in the name of God was that for, Katrina?!"
"Oh! I beg your pardon, Braum." Katrina's usually gentle voice dripped sarcasm. "I thought you found that sort of thing amusing."
"Now look here, Katrina... you are getting just a little too friendly with this Constable Crane and..."
"He is a guest in father's house Braum, need I remind you? And even if I am getting a little friendly with him as you say, I have every right to. We are not married yet and if I continue to see more of this side of you we will not be ever."
Braum's face reddened in anger and he was about to speak again when a slender figure in disheveled black clothes emerged from the woods. Forgetting Braum entirely, Katrina hurried up to him. He was a little paler than usual and seemed to shiver a little in the quickening night.
"Ichabod...I mean Constable Crane, are you alright?"
"I am quite alright, thank you, Miss Van Tassel." He said though sounded uncertain.
"Are you sure you are not hurt? It took you a long time to get back out of the woods."
"I...I am not hurt. I...fainted." Ichabod admitted blushing a little over the pallor. Katrina heard Braum snicker and shot him an icy glare.
"You've nothing to be ashamed of. Braum on the other hand... well he was going to join us for dinner but I think it best if he made other arrangements." Braum scowled once more and left, to Katrina's relief,
Ichabod looked at her, his large brown eyes wide with surprise. "Miss Van Tassel, I..."
"Enough." Katrina said quickly. "We should go inside. You must be frozen straight through after what's happened."
"Well I shan't deny a cup of tea would come in welcome."
"I will put the kettle on as we wait for supper." She ushered Chabot Crane back into the Van Tassel home.
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