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I just want to be loved

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He watched her, He wanted her..but for all the wrong reasons

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This was something that I have thought about for a while, never thought I'd go through with it though

He logged off of his computer and as he pushed his chair back he couldn't help but chuckle to himself: "Fan fiction...absurd" He didn't know whether he should be flattered or irritated by what he had seen, he defiantly however was very much amused.

Later that night he had gone out clubbing, a rarity for him, he hated spending time outside the comforts of his own home, a side effect of depression which seemed to stick to him till this very day. Pushing his way through the dancing bodies he sat at the VIP lounge with a drink in hand and observed his surroundings. He liked to do that ,to watch. The swaying of bodies, sweat dripping from their bodies from the extensive heat of the dance floor, yes he liked to watch.

Sometimes he would take one of the girls to a cheap motel nearby, and have his way with her; he never took them home though, as it would destroy the whole purpose of everything.

He lit his cigarette, inhaling the smoke, he watched out for potential prey. He saw her dancing among her friends, she was nothing special, but that's just how he liked them. He wanted an ordinary girl, less chance of falling in love...less chance of caring

Once again pushing his way through the crowd he stepped behind her, put his hands on her hips and started to dance, turning around she smiled, she was cute he thought, her lipstick colored lips had a fullness about them, her eyes were not anything special, but you could see the happiness in them. He wanted her.

"Let's blow this joint," he whispered into her ear.

She just nodded smiling, she knew who he was and was not about to pass the chance in "getting to know" Pete Wentz. It never occurred to her that even famous people have a dangerous streak

They kissed, passionately and clothes were quickly sprawled across the floor. He couldn't remember much of the sex, it was good, skin against skin, his mouth on her breasts, her moans of pleasure Yep the sex was good. As he lay there he knew it was time. Slowly sliding her sleeping body off of his own he crept slowly down the stairs towards his car and pulled out the necessary equipment.

He watched her sleeping body. So peaceful. He almost felt guilty about what he was about to do, almost.

The knife was glistening with cleanliness, he had to be careful. He made sure that nothing would be traced back to him. Slowly he crept towards her. His eyes wondering over her naked body, he loved this.

Her eyes fluttered open; she was tied to the bedpost. Before she could scream he had covered her mouth with his hands. Terrified she started to struggle.

"Don't make this any harder than it has to be," he hissed in her ear.

"Please let me go" she sobbed, repeatedly the same words over and over again. He did not listen, he just watched her, with his knife still in hand. Slowly he began to cut her, bit by bit, she had died the instant the knife had gone through her chest. He sat there admiring his work. "God she's beautiful" he said to himself.

And suddenly he began to cry, "Oh My God, What have I done," it wasn't supposed to get this far. Lying down in a fetal position, his naked body against the cold bloody tiles he wept, he wept until he could cry no more and then he blacked out.

Pushing his chair back from the computer, all he could do was laugh, "Fan Fiction..absurd"

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