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It's Hard To Say I Do When I Dont: Introduction

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Tara Greene is currently dating Patrick from Fall Out Boy. But what happens when her secret love for Pete becomes physical? What happens when her secret isn't so secret anymore?

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Guitar Hero. Ugh. It was the last thing I wanted to do on a day like this, sit inside on the floor and watch him play Guitar Hero for the next three hours. Sure, I had no problem watching him shred on "Killer Queen," but it got annoying watching it all the time.
Patrick, I mean. We've been together for two months already. I met him in a grocery store. Seriously, I was standing there looking for HoHo's, and all of a sudden he nearly ran me over with a cart. I remember the exact look on his face. It was adorable, seeing him all flushed and embarrassed. I don't exactly remember what happened after that, except that there was a bit of flirting, then an invitation to dinner, and before I knew it, I was trekking across the U.S. with the rest of Fall Out Boy.
It's been a crazy two months, I can definitely tell you that. But for some reason, it's been amazing. All four of the guys have become the best friends I could have ever asked for, and even Dirty and I have good times.
I was distracted from my day-dreaming when I felt a huge thump on my lap. I smiled when I looked down into the wrinkly face of Hemmingway, Pete's English Bulldog. He threw his huge paws on my chest, and started dragging his fat slobbery tongue across my cheek. He slumped down into my lap again, resting his head on my knee.
I was just about to start complaining to Patrick about being bored, but before I could there was a knock on the door of the RV and Pete came in.
"Have you seen Hemmingway?" he asked. Then he saw him in my lap.
"Right where he always is," I smiled. "You know, you don't have to knock every time you come in."
"Just making sure you two aren't in the back getting nasty," he joked.
"Oh, yeah, we were totally just about to," I laughed. The truth is, Patrick and I haven't even had sex yet. And even worse, aside from a few make out sessions here and there, we haven't even come close. It's not like I'm desperately wanting to, but I couldn't help but feel like it was about time something should happen.
There's probably something else I should tell you about. It's hard to explain. If I said it without smoothing out the details first, I might come off as a slut. But I guess at some point this secret has to come out.
I'm dating Patrick, but I'm in love with Pete.
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