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Guardian Angel

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When you love someone, your willing to do anything, even if it means standing in the shadows. Sak/Sas PLEASE REVIEW!

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Guardian Angel

He watched her quietly, red eyes with black dots rotating quickly capturing every detail. It had been two years since that night that had changed everything.
Sasuke-kun......... I love you........I'll scream
...........Thank You................
For Uchiha Sasuke it had been the hardest thing he had ever done, to turn his back on the only person who had truly given a damn about him. But he had had to, he was an avenger , his clan, his FAMILY deserved justice. Most of all he couldn't, he wouldn't take the chance that Itachi would return to kill him, and instead hurt her.
Her being a small thin girl with long pink hair and green eyes that would sparkle with happiness. Her being the girl that had gone on mission after mission standing loyally beside him. Her being Sakura Haruno the only girl (hell the only person) to EVER breach the invisible walls he had constructed around himself. The only person who made him feel.
Loneliness filled him though no emotions showed through.
I can never have her, yet for the last year and a half he had returned to the same place, watching the same pink haired girl while she slept.
I can never have her BUT I WILL PROTECT HER!
Until Itachi is dead there was no hope. For if Itachi ever discovered his feelings, his desire for a normal life, one without hatred or anger, one without murder or lies, one with her... he couldn't risk it, risk her.
I will not let anything happen to you my cherry blossom. I will be here to protect you until you breathe your last breath and even then I will follow you.
Maybe someday when Itachi was dead he would be able to show himself, show his true feelings.
He stood up to leave.
"Sasuke-kun" Sakura whispered still asleep.
He froze, a small smile lay on her lips a look of utter peace.
"My Guardian Angel".
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