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Author's Notes

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Author's Notes

Category: Zelda - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Sci-fi - Characters: Link, Zelda - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-01-11 - Updated: 2007-01-11 - 1894 words


Author's Notes, Thanks, and Trivia

I want to preface this by giving a very special thanks to everyone who enabled me to write this story. Thanks to blondie91, my first reviewer, and da marshmallow, Grey-X, Dragon Man 180, linkmaster2832, eventyraren who have been reading and reviewing since the beginning, and all the reviewers in between who just popped a note of appreciation. You guys are the reason I'm motivated to write in the first place. Also special thanks to my wife and my parents who didn't really help with the story at all, and frankly don't like to read this stuff, but without which, I would not be here. Also a special thanks to all the websites who freely offered data on these two great series that gave me the information to make this the story that was.

This story was started in 1995. That's two years after Link's Awakening and Mega Man 6. No, I'm not slow, I just took some very long breaks, which is why the first handful of chapters were very crappy and the rest were just regular crappy. This was what I intended to write after my Quake story. I wanted to try something less dark and serialized, an experiment for me. I've found that if I can just make the story long and meandering, it might be good. With no direction on where the story was going, I got up to chapter 4 in 1997, at a rate of about a chapter a year.Then Istopped and wrote most of the other stories you see on my profile. It wasn't until I got a (real) job in 2003 that I picked it back up again, so I had something to do at work during down time. I completed all the chapters at once, before publishing any, so I wouldn't be caught in a writer's block and have everyone forget the story and lose interest.

And now trivia and "behind-the-scenes" stuff:

-In chapter 12, the guard questions why Buzzy looks so short. Link replies "He's been sick," which has been a favorite line of mine in old cartoons and such.

-Originally, Link's prophetic dream sent him to the desert, (this was before I put it down for six years).Later, this didn't make sense for where I needed the lost woods to be. Plus moblins don't live in the desert. You can see they stick to wooded areas in most of the Zelda games.

-Noktwor's name comes from part of the magic spell in "Willow".

-In chapter 51, "Robot Fighting Time" was the catchphrase of the old show "Battlebots", where homemade mechanical robots fought against each other.

-In chapter 44, Link's civilan outfit is based on his clothes in "The Wind Waker".

-The RJ-202 Metonicle is the same name of one of the mechaniloids in Mega Man X (the big green one you fight in Sting Chameleon's stage).

-In Chapter 39, Link watches a TV clip regarding "The Rag Dogs". See my other story "ZerOthello" for an easter egg regarding this.

-Frankenstein and Pinnochio are two books featured prominently in Short Circuit 2, a movie about a robot trying to fit in with humans.

-The plasma cutter also shows up in Short Circuit 2, where it is used for cutting three-feet of titanium steel alloy. I think it's a fictional device, but who knows by now.

-Mega Man's rise after he emerges from the portal in Chapter 33 is meant to be like "The Terminator".

-"We are the reinforcements" comes from Vagrant Story, a favorite video game of mine.

-Chapter 39 makes a reference to the Creative Commons license. In the future, any creative work made by an author no longer living is put under this license, where it is free for use, making copyright infringement a thing of the past (I can dream).

-I think most of signs on Grizzled Jack's cabin ("Go Away! This means you!") are lifted from "The Wizard of Oz".

-The quote "I waste no time, only stalfos" comes from the game Worms.

-If you hit a chicken with your sword a lot of times (around forty, I think), a whole bunch of chickens will come and attack you. Link is scared of chickens because of this, just like David Boreanaz. I didn't really put it in there for that reason, just a coincidence.

-Link mentions "a rhino's bargain" in a metaphor. This comes from a quote from Magic: The Gathering.

-Captain Horatio's name comes from Captain Horatio Hornblower. Quite honestly I have no idea what that means, I just needed a quick pirate name.

-When Roll is being pursued by the Yellow Devil, the sound "Doom, Doom, Doom" reverberates in the space station. This is a reference to Lord of the Rings, when the Balrog comes upon them in the Mines of Moria.

-Impa is named for the Impa from Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Link, who was Zelda's nursemaid (this is probably where Impa in Ocarina of Time came from too, but they are all different characters).

-Throughout the story, there are many parallels between Link's world and Mega Man's world. For example, sources of energy (energy cores/potions), one-eyed enemies (cyclops/yellow devil), power-hungry super villains, etc. Can you spot anymore?

-In chapter 7, I mention the spiral of shame. This is lifted from Final Fantasy X (Spira).

-In chapter 25, Link tries opening a locked door with brute force, by slamming into it. I wrote that because, who hasn't been frustrated by constantly coming up to a door and hammering it with your sword in frustration?

-Carbonated caramel water is cola.

-In chapter 25, there is a quote about someone watching over someone "like a loving parent over a sleeping child". This is a quote from Magic: The Gathering, and also shows up in my original story "The Heretic".

-In chapter 48, someone is named Funaking. This is a homage to Inafune, director of Mega Man.

-Who is the voice that talks to Link in the chamber of history? Is it Kaepora Gaebora, the owl? The gods themselves? The mask salesman?

-In chapter 27, someone says "some whirlwind dropped him here". This is an obvious reference to the original Legend of Zelda, and the warping whistle.

-In chapter 43, there is the mention of Kaufman Cabs and the South Point Mall. Both of these are references to Grand Theft Auto.

-The gold/black shimmering pattern of the gate portals is exactly the same as the portals in Quake.

-In chapter 33, Link mentions he feels "frozen on the inside, but burning on the inside." This is a reference to Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

-In chapter 34, Mega Man tackles some small helicopter robots. These are based on a design from Teenage Mutant Turtles 2: The Arcade Game.

-"The way through is shut" is lifted from Lord of the Rings.

-In chapter 9, one of the passwords suggested is "Chris sent me". This is a homage to Chris Houlihan, a contest winner who had a secret room named after him in Link to the Past.

-In chapter 36, there is a character named Reno. This is named after a character in Final Fantasy 7.

-I don't believe there's a real drink called the "Fuzzbump", but it comes from the game "The Kingdom of Loathing", a browser-based comedy MMORPG. The "continuum transfunctioner" in chapter 45 is also from this game.

-According to various sources, Mega Man is actually 132 cm tall (4'4") and his weight is 105 kg (231 lbs.). For the purposes of this story, his height was increased to be the same as Link's - 5'6" (the average height of a Japanese male). Mega Man is actually slightly taller with his helmet.

-Zelda talks about being surrounded by "frickin' idiots", this is a direct homage to Austin Powers.

-In chapter 56, the lights turn blue, not green, because that is the way it is in Japan. Those of you who've played Resident Evil 2 see this quite prominently.

-In chapter 30, someone says "There is no knowledge, that is not power". This is another reference to Mortal Kombat (specifically, MK3).

-Throughout the story there are several references to Garfield, Ninja Turtles, the unabomber, and Homestar Runner. See if you can spot them.

-Roll talks about the advances in A.I. that have forced robots into slavery. She says "they made us too fast, too quick, and too many". This is from the movie A.I. which is also about robots.

-In chapter 11, Mega Man says "Now that's playing with power". This was Nintendo's old slogan, up to about midway through the Super Nintendo days.

-Link's internal questioning at the end of chapter 1 echoes the reflections made at the end of Mega Man X.

-In chapter 13, someone mentions Romani steak. It appears that the Termina ranch has branched out into more than just milk!

-Link's inventory throughout the story: a few magic bottles, boomerang, lantern, sack for magic powder, fire rod, ice rod, hookshot, bombs (obtained in chapter 7), fairy in a bottle (obtained in chapter 16), bow and arrows (given by Zelda).

-The news quote in chapter 2 is based off one of Isaac Asimov's robot stories, about a robot who went nuts because he had a strongly emphasized order to obey the third law, and a weakly emphasized order to obey the second. I always thought this was stupid because robots and computers operate in a very binary, on/off, this or that, way of thinking.

-"Licking main street" as a punishment comes from "Bruno the Bandit", an online comic strip.

-In chapter 41, the museum holds Rex, the first police robot. This is a reference to the Ninja Turtles cartoon.

-I contemplated putting Dr. Kossack's and Kalinka's dialogue into Russian using the Babelfish translator, but thought better of it for various reasons.

-In chapter 9, Dr. Light soliloquies that the adjustment of people's social mores "takes generations". And it's a "time he won't live to see". This foreshadows the main plot of Mega Man X.

-"We got the tools, we got the talent!" comes from Ghostbusters.

-Poppleberry wine is from Fraggle Rock.

-In chapter 56, the space elevator comes from the anime "Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040".

-The Zephos train is named after the Zephos of The Wind Waker, which in turn is named after the actual Greek god of wind (Zephyr).

-In chapter 48, Hikari Enzan's raceway is obviously named for the character in Mega Man: Battle Network (AKA Mega Man.EXE).

-In chapter 54, Link says "No one tosses a Hylian", an obvious allusion to Lord of the Rings.

-Finally, there was Gatecrash Jams. As anyone knows of my other writings, most of my major written workshave a soundtrack associated with them. I downloaded a whole bunch of music from OverclockedRemix and VGmix during the time of writing to help inspire me. I selected some of the best (along with two normal songs) to put on a sort of semi-soundtrack. Here is a track list and where you can find them.

1. Rage - Back in Time
2. Stage 3-1 - The Legend of Zelda Theme (VGMix)
3. Project X - Mega Man 2 Project X2 (Title Screen) (OCremix)
4. virt - Blood of Ganon (VGMix)
5. dj Fezik - Wily, plz (VGMix)
6. Gux - Mega Man 3 It's Boss Time (OCRemix)
7. K Praslowicz - Zelda Fear and Sufferance (OCRemix)
8. Beej - Fragments of Gold (OCRemix)
9. Flik - Kakariko Prom (OCRemix)
10. McVaffe - Gemini Salsa (OCRemix)
11. Prozax - Wily's Ambition (VGMix)
12. Pixietricks - Prayer (OCRemix)
13. Game Over - Cataclysmic Clash (OCRemix)
14. CarboHydroM - The Imprisoning War (VGmix)
15. Destiny, TheWingless - Eutopia Pegasi (OCRemix)
16. Dr. Asuul - Dr. Asuul (OCRemix)
17. Sukotto42 - Blue Balls (VGMix)
18. GaMeBoX - The Fifth Season (StS 2005 Edition) (VGMix)
19. DarkeSword - Ancient Hero (OCRemix)
20. Ra - Sky
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