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Birthday Night

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Even at a young age they were meant to be together, a special birthday changes everything

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Birthday Night

I don't own Naruto, or tear Sasuke.
Here's a quick little oneshot, its set when everyone is little. Before the massacre.
Pretty Please Update!

The sun had finally set, darkness filling the sky. Stars shone brightly overhead, illuminating the river and all the people who had come for the birthday party. Paper wrapping littered the ground, while children ran around laughing. No one noticed as a little girl no older then 7, with pink hair snuck away from the party , dragging a boy with raven hair with her.
Keeping one of her small hands clamped on his, she covered his mouth with the other, trying not to giggle at his warm breathe on her hand. Tiptoeing into the clearing she let go of his mouth .
"Sh.........." she whispered, smiling.
"What are we doing?" He whispered back, still not sure why he had let this girl drag him along.
"Catching fireflies, look at them all," she squealed.
Turning around she pointed. The river lay in front of them , the sound of running water faint. Fireflies filled the air , casting a glow over the blooming Sakura trees.
"Wow." He whispered.
Letting go of his hand she ran forward dancing among the fireflies, while soft pink petals blurred her vision.
Smiling the boy walked towards her.
The girl giggled, her green eyes shining with excitement. "This is my most favoratest place ever! Now it can be our secret place." She said proudly.
The little boy didn't know what to say, no one ever paid any attention to him yet this girl who he barely knew was inviting him to share her special place.
"Sakura!" A voice filtered through the trees.
Looking away from the fireflies the girl let out a giggle.
"That's my mom, she's probably looking for me."
Turning back towards the path she started running . Stopping abruptly she turned back and ran up to the boy. Standing on her tiptoes she, brushed his hair back from his face and kissed him quickly.
"Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun," she whispered, before running into the woods.
A small smile crossed his face, before running after her.

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