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Obey Me

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Inuyasha's rosary is controlled by Kagome. But when Inuyasha gives Kagome a similar necklace, He's in control of her!

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Obey Me

Warning: Chapter will contain language

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize

A/N: Its gonna be a cheesy chapter, warning to you all. Its a little irrelavent, but work with me.

Chapter 1-To The Festival

"Where the hell is she?" Inuyasha the hanyou growled as he began a set of pacing again fifth time. "She said she would be here ten minutes ago."

"Give her time, Inuyasha," Sango, a close friend, assured the half demon, trying to cool his temper. "She has a life you know." Inuyasha has really bad temper issues with Kagome.

"So do I!" Inuyasha snarled, stopping and kicking up dirt with his bare foot. "This is pissing me off, we got things to do,"

"Calm down," Miroku the monk said, surprised at how selfish he was being. I thought he would have a little more consideration for Kagome by NOW...

"Stop being mean to her or she won't bring chips!" Shippo the fox-demon chimed in. "I thought you would've softened up around her by now!" He's probably gonna lie now, saying that he didn't.

"Me? soften up over her?" Inuyasha gave a loud, false laugh before he started up his rapid pacing. The truth was, he didn't know how he felt about Kagome. All he knew was he hated it when she happened to say 'sit', because the rosary around his neck jerks him to the ground painfully, leaving a crevice with his shape deep inside. I'm not softening up for anyone! Not even Kikiyo! Wait...will I?

"Hey guys!" A hand appeared out of the bone eaters well, and approaching the feudal era with a gigantic bag was a skinny, raven-haired girl.

"Kagome!" Shippo ran over to her. "Did you bring chips?"

"Yes, Shippo," Kagome said with a smile towards the little one. "I got your favorite, Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Sango and Miroku, I got you both the Cheddar Cheese Ruffles. Inuyasha, I got you the regular Lays."

"Why did I have regular?" Inuyasha snapped, "Because I'm regular?"

"You didn't like anything else!" Kagome said angrily back. "Hello to you too. I haven't seen you in nearly a week, and just because I'm ten minutes late, you're gonna treat me differently?"

"Yes," Inuyasha muttered, turning away from her. "You lied."

"Well, excuse me for having a life!" Kagome plopped down on the nearest tree stump, saying nothing else. Miroku, Sango and Shippo, who had been looking between the two like a tennis match, open their bags and crammed as many chips as they could into their mouths.

"What were we supposed to do today anyway?" She snapped at him. "You wouldn't tell me!"

"Wouldn't tell us either," Shippo chimed up, getting a hand clamped over the mouth by Sango afterwards.

"Fine! you wanna know?" Inuyasha sighed heavily, as if regaining calmness throughout his body, and continued angrily, "We were going to the festival in your time!"

Everyone stared at Inuyasha. Kagome's mouth hung open slightly, and her eyes went wide. "F-festival?"

"Yes" Inuyasha said through gritted teeth, crossing his arms. "I wanted to be the first to get on that roller cooster thingy."

"How'd you-"

Inuyasha interrupted her by whipping out a bright colored paper from his clothes. "This came out your bag one day. A flyer."

Kagome stared at Inuyasha some more, then smiled. "Okay then, to the fair we go!" She stood up and the others followed her to the well. That was nice of Inuyasha to suggest something fun she thought as she put a foot up to the well. Maybe he isn't so bad after all! When she was about to jump in, Inuyasha roughly brushed past her. "Hey! haven't you heard of ladies first?" Okay, I take that back.

"Where's the ladies at?" Inuyasha said with a smirk, before he pushed off. "See you on the cooster!" He yelled before disappearing.

"Its coaster, you idiot!" Kagome growled before pushing her way into the well. Sango, Miroku and Shippo all rolled their eyes before following, knowing that the two would fuss at each other the rest of the day.

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